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  1. PimpMyGame

    List of current users at bottom of home page

    This list seems to have disappeared - anyone know if it's my pc, a problem with the site or a permanent change? I find this list the best way of reviewing the recent threads that I have posted on, by clicking on my profile then find all recent posts. Does anyone have a way of reviewing their...
  2. PimpMyGame

    Crazy Dani banned for life

    Dani Koellerer has been banned from tennis for life for attempting to fix matches, according to the BBC website. Anyone got any more news on this breaking story?
  3. PimpMyGame

    What's like Beast XP?

    Hi all I haven't had too much experience with full poly set ups, but am currently liking Beast XP very much. So far, I have not seen it for sale in the UK so my question is a simple one - what string is similar to Beast XP that I can buy easily in the UK? Thanks in advance.
  4. PimpMyGame

    UK Users - any problems with sending rackets?

    Apologies for the long post but I need to do this situation some justice. For the second time within two years, I sent rackets to the successful fleabay bidder only to find that Royal Mail (RM) / Parcel Force (PF) have lost the package. The first time it happened the parcel went adrift...
  5. PimpMyGame

    Wilson Hollow Core Pro 17

    I bought a set of Wilson Hollow Core Pro a while back to try. Just strung my PSC 18x20 with HCP in the crosses at 56, and Alu Power Rough in the mains at 52. I will play with this setup tonight, and give first impressions, but I was looking for other people's thoughts on it too. I did a...
  6. PimpMyGame

    4WD / AWD Cars in the UK - which one?

    Since moving out of the city in September, it has become increasingly clear that my rear wheel drive BMW will not cut it on icy roads in the countryside. My company car is up for renewal in three months and I'm having a tough time finding a replacement, which for the safety of my family should...
  7. PimpMyGame

    Wilson PS 6.0 85

    I just got myself a Wilson PS 6.0 85 off of the bay for £29. It's cracked, so will spend £20 on getting it repaired. Signs of use would indicate a 6.5 - 7.0 / 10. Needs new grommet strips/bumper guard at £4.50 and a leather grip of which I have many. All in all to get this thing up and...
  8. PimpMyGame

    Anyone recognise this Donnay?

    Bought off the bay very cheap, 2 of them plus bags. All feedback gratefully received! Sorry about the rubbish pic.
  9. PimpMyGame

    MegaAge M1 vs M2

    I'm interested in these rackets as they seem to have a good reputation, especially the M1, and are going for a song on the net. I've done a search which also suggests good things about both models but I can't find any comparisons. I'm looking for a backup to my PSC 6.1 and the M1 seems to...
  10. PimpMyGame

    The Andy Murray Fan Club

    This thread is an antidote to some fairly brainless and puerile posts and threads made by forum members who just can't get over Andy Murray's continued success. Anyone who respects Murray as a world class player, and possibly the best tactician out there at the moment sign in. Flame me all...
  11. PimpMyGame

    Restrung for a friend but misweaved!

    Restrung for a friend the other day, he paid me for the service. Got a call a few days later saying the string job was great but there was a misweave. I was horrified at the thought that I let the racket go like that and immediately offered him a free restring. He says he's not bothered about...
  12. PimpMyGame

    Donnay Pro-One Limited Edition Stringing

    I write this after yesterday's stringing experience with my Pro-One Ltd Edition, although it may be relevant for any rackets with a similar removable bumper guard. After only my second hit with my Donnay Pro-One Ltd Edition I decided to restring it. Bought it off Fleabay for a low price but...
  13. PimpMyGame

    First tennis lesson in 21 years!

    In just less than an hour I'll be on court with a coach for the first time in over 21 years. I'm currently 36 years old, play mainly doubles but desperately want to do more singles, right-handed, 1hbh, all-courter, half-decent serve, happier with forehands but far too inconsistent. As for NTRP...
  14. PimpMyGame

    Just picked up a Dunlop Tour Pro 95MW and a 200g MW...

    Hi all. I just picked up a 2nd hand Dunlop Tour Pro 95 MW cheap from the big auction site. Going for £21 including postage so I thought I'd go for it. Trouble is I've got a bad knee at the moment so won't know for some time what it plays like. Managed to get it on the scales and it...
  15. PimpMyGame

    The nBlade (MP and OS): what went wrong (or right)?

    I've had my nBlade 98s for about a year and I remember at the time there was an element of excitement surrounding these rackets. After a brief demo I bought mine as the flex and reduced power suited me more than the APD I was using previously. The nBlade isn't without its problems - cracks...
  16. PimpMyGame

    Who would want to be a pro tennis player?

    I have just seen, for the first time, the ATP prize money leaders for 2007: Take #100, Robby Ginepri. His tour earnings were $264,765. In order to earn that money he had to...
  17. PimpMyGame

    Where did my thread go

    I posted a thread about a racket PJ for sale on a very well known auction site which has now disappeared. Was this considered too risky for the forum, or was there a technical hitch? If it was due to the former, can someone explain what the problem is? Now away on business with limited...
  18. PimpMyGame

    Wilson Triad 6 (in UK)

    Hi everybody I'm looking to get hold of Wilson Triad 6 rackets (the 95 sq in orange / black variety) for the right price. I'm based in the UK - can anyone out there help? It's discontinued (I think) and I've drawn a blank on all fronts so far. Thanks for any thoughts.
  19. PimpMyGame

    Nadal: do you love him or hate him?

    No one player on this board polarises opinion as much as Nadal. So many posters are outspoken so it's difficult to know what the general consensus is on this player. Is he a breath of fresh air? Does his ass-picking really irritate you? Do you even care? Vote on the poll and post your...
  20. PimpMyGame

    Number of Posts

    Can someone please explain how the number of posts are calculated. My user profile suggests 85 but I make it 187. I'll never get to be the GOAT if my numbers don't go up! Yours Confused from UK
  21. PimpMyGame

    Music - Guilty Pleasures

    Everyone has at least one...the band / artist you really like who are generally deemed as uncool. For starters I will say Level 42 and Crowded House. I like their stuff but it just doesn't seem right. My wife nearly died laughing at those two and then nearly divorced me for downloading a...
  22. PimpMyGame

    Old rackets - are they worth anything?

    Can anyone tell me if there's a buoyant second-hand market for "classic" frames? I've read some great threads recently about collecting old rackets and I have two original 200Gs sitting around doing nothing. Although I'm not considering selling either a friend of mine is keen for me to offload...