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  1. dParis

    Ask The Hitman

    Not good. What happened to Hitman? Great insights into both tennis and physical fitness.
  2. dParis

    Anyone seen the Joker ???

    I love those, everybody in the theater cheers, moments.
  3. dParis

    2019 Wimbledon - Women's Singles - General Discussion

    That was the big problem, likely. Some people thought being called a liberal snowflake was worse than calling others racists and sexists.
  4. dParis

    The real reason behind Roger's win today

    Very nice, very fitting tribute to Mirka!
  5. dParis

    Wimbledon 2019 SF: Roger Federer [2] vs Rafael Nadal [3]

    Just checking in to see how many "Fed is finished" posts there are in this thread.
  6. dParis

    NBA 2019-20: Fresh Champs, Fresh Faces, Fresh Places!

    I like how Conley is excited to be going to "the city of Utah!".
  7. dParis

    Women's World Cup 2019

    I forgot all about Hope "roast beef" Solo. Yuck. Wambach had to chime in to defend the over-the-top celebrations and make it about gender, of course. Re the criticisms: "Would you say this about the men? Didn't think so." So what? Good sportsmanship goes out the window?
  8. dParis

    Women's World Cup 2019

    Maybe they were just expressing relief that they weren't playing against a boys U15 club squad. Megan Rapinoe is quickly becoming a very unlikable figure in this WC.
  9. dParis

    Women's World Cup 2019

    Right, but Schumer was talking about the WC, specifically. There's only about a $3.5 billion difference in revenue, that's all. Lol.
  10. dParis

    Women's World Cup 2019

    Today I heard NY senator Chuck Schumer make a pandering speech calling for equal pay for the men's and women's national teams. "They sacrifice just as much, work just as hard..." Funny, he didn't mention that they achieve much better results than the men. There must be somebody at the WTA who...
  11. dParis

    2018-19 NHL Road To The Stanley Cup

    At the beginning of the series I asked if both teams could lose. I've developed a scenario that could be the next best thing. St. Louis wins the game in contoversial fashion, much like game 5 but worse. That's two tainted victories in the series that only homererest homers could call legit...
  12. dParis

    Gambino mob boss gunned down

    Nice, but what if it starts raining?
  13. dParis

    2018-19 NHL Road To The Stanley Cup

    Brutal no-call on the Blues trip just before their second goal. But Bruins just score to make 2-1!
  14. dParis

    Thiem has overachieved at this French Open

    Is this what passes for good troll now? Weak Era.
  15. dParis

    Federer responds to Mats Wilander

    You should find yourself one. A good role model, not a teenage boy.
  16. dParis

    Federer responds to Mats Wilander

    No, not in your clinical interpretation, but we know that's not exactly what I said. I don't know if Mr. 13 Languages can play world-class tennis one minute and soon after cut a dashing figure in front of the world's press, wittily and multilingually communicating with them.
  17. dParis

    I Stand By Roger: Flight of the Golden Eagle of Victory

    I thought this was a young Feliciano.
  18. dParis

    Federer responds to Mats Wilander

    I love how effortlessly he moves between three languages. Pure class. There is no Big 3. There is Roger, alone. Then Joe and Twitchy and then everyone else.
  19. dParis

    How do you buy custom wood?

    If the fp mantels otherwise work, you should be able to have someone rip the 6" pieces into two 3" pieces.
  20. dParis

    How do you remediate a neighbor cutting down your trees?

    Yes, something like this seems reasonable, or about the best you can hope for short of monetary compensation to the HOA.
  21. dParis

    How do you remediate a neighbor cutting down your trees?

    So this is "common area" that the strip mall developer disturbed, I assume. What has been the discussion among the HOA? There rarely is unanimity in their decisions - someone, at least, is usually unhappy. Do you have direct view of the situation from your dwelling? Those in the association on...
  22. dParis

    How do you remediate a neighbor cutting down your trees?

    Is your property a commercial property or your residence? Either way, how did they cut down a bunch of 100 foot tall trees and add parking to your property? Were you out of town?
  23. dParis

    2018-19 NHL Road To The Stanley Cup

    Chara is taking a beating by puck thus series. I think towards the end of game 1 he took a puck which split open his forearm, then last night's to the face. It had to be even worse than it looked if it kept him on the bench for the third period. I thought this would be Boston in 5 and if it...
  24. dParis

    NBA 2018-19: Dynasty Season 5; Can The Carrington Warriors Defend???

    There are fewer and fewer decent sports on-air or print personalities anymore, imo. It started wearing on me in the 90s with Jay Mariotti who was little more than a simple contrarian who would write and say the dumbest things just to get a reaction. Throw Skip Bayless in with him, too. Steven...
  25. dParis

    Which culture foments the toughest minds?

    Maybe you really are dumb but just mentally tough enough to move to Las Vegas and open a UPS store -or- Maybe you really are dumb and you aren't Jewish. Consider a DNA test.