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  1. jangotango

    Slinger tennis ball machine

    And the ball case... Gotta hold out hope!
  2. jangotango

    (*NEW*) Tenns Warehouse Playtest - Gamma TNT2 Fat Core XL 16

    Waiting for my sample to come in, love playing with synthetic guts as a sort of "pallette cleanser." I feel like you have to focus on how you hit your stroke more.
  3. jangotango

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Dunlop SX 300 Racquet Family

    First impressions on 300LS strung with Gosen OGSM 16 - A bit lackluster. Stiff but not jarring, very reminiscent of a Pure Drive rather than a Pure Aero. Very whippy though, easy power and spin. Feel isn't the greatest, I prefer the feel of my Prince and even Pure Aero.
  4. jangotango

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Dunlop SX 300 Racquet Family

    On the Dunlop, the spin grommets are only at 12 o'clock also. With the Pure Aero, the oval grommets are at 12 and 6. With the Pure Drive, the weird diamond grommets are all throughout I think?
  5. jangotango

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Dunlop SX 300 Racquet Family

    55lbs. One piece ATW, on a electric constant pull. Whenever I demo new racquets I always try it out with either Gosen Sheep or Wilson Synthetic Power at middle tension first. The middle crosses are much tighter spaced than my usual TT310, but I don't think it'll be much of a...
  6. jangotango

    Clijsters racket

    Did their name happen to sound like "Can Pittsburgh?"
  7. jangotango

    Raquet Demoing (Yonex)

    VCore Pro 100 is very underrated. UTR 8 #1 6A boys varsity player in my area uses it to perfection, and definitely the local young doubles specialist.
  8. jangotango

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Dunlop SX 300 Racquet Family

    Came home to a nice surprise, 300LS! Exactly what I was hoping for. I removed the little rubber band grip thing and took measurements. 286g unstrung 324mm balance (don't come after me, measured by hanging the racquet off of a table edge and ruler.) Will string it up with Gosen OG Sheep 16 to...
  9. jangotango

    OHBH Club!!

    In my experience, a high twist weight (or whichever one Novak has to help his serve return) and weight polarization help with stability and blocking back incoming heavy shots.
  10. jangotango

    OHBH Club!!

    Juggling between a TT310 with Gamma Leather, 2 half overgrips (weight equivalent to one full overgrip), and a brand spankin new Yonex AI 100 stock with overgrip.
  11. jangotango

    Ytex Hexagon X

    It's not my cup of tea. I got a sample set of the black Hexagon X and strung it up in a TF DC305 at 50 pounds even. It's soft. Really soft, for me, too soft. I couldn't feel or control the ball and shots were launching on me. I'd take Quatro Twist or Square X over it.
  12. jangotango

    Tourna Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour

    I had been going lower and lower gradually over time, reaching around 45lbs on my TT310. Just recently though, I was recommended to go 53lbs on the mains and 51 lbs on the crosses. Amazing! Same launch like 45 pounds but the control of 50.
  13. jangotango

    Breaking crosses!

    This right here. Element and PTP are relatively softer polys, and the dense pattern inhibits string movement, leading to a lot of cross wear. Another thing, strings are produced in batches and some may be more susceptible to wear in a certain direction than others. Tourna BH7ST is a great...
  14. jangotango

    Serena Williams blacked-out Wilson

    Specs are around the following for the limited edition black our racquet, unstrung: 304.2 gram static 32.6cm balance 304 swingweight 28.02 inches extended length Powerholes just like her old racquet. Very sus.
  15. jangotango

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Dunlop SX 300 Racquet Family

    I'm hoping for the lighter version, A) for stroke consistency and production, B) for customization. Lighter racquets should really be more popular. In Asia they're all over the place, primary racquet for more people. And if you need something heavier, customizing is easy
  16. jangotango

    Breaking crosses!

    +1. It's also really evident with Luxilon 4G, or with Poly mains and SG or multi crosses. If you're not a string breaker and using any other full poly, when you cut out your strings, you will notice the crosses are near paper thin.
  17. jangotango

    Prince Official - Racquets

    The undercoat seems to be a lot more durable than the gloss! Agreed, it's an awesome racquet. Love hitting a low knifing slice and high+heavy forehand with it. One of these days I'll get an ESP.
  18. jangotango

    What is the ugliest string you ever put on your racquet?

    More specifically the natural colored one... I bet they tried to copy Natty gut look.
  19. jangotango

    Prince Official - Racquets

    Got a Prince Tour 100 16x18 (orange and black O3 port before Textreme) in to string. A lot of the paint was chipped off, revealing a silver, metallic base. Is there an aluminum or other metal coating on this racquet? The TW review says 100% graphite, but with other racquets, paint chipping...
  20. jangotango

    post your shoes before the shoe warranty claim

    Latter half of 2019... I was disappointed, but it was only a matter of time before they figured out they were giving away money. Got a lot of good clothing and extra shoes with the voucher leftovers.
  21. jangotango

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Dunlop SX 300 Racquet Family

    Got my confirmation! So excited, first racquet playtest for TW. First ever Dunlop experience too :)
  22. jangotango

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Dunlop SX 300 Racquet Family

    Neon yellow/green = power + spin monster
  23. jangotango

    Team Black Bear Tennis is official!

    I think they're back! First Instagram post just went up from them since Miami Open 2019. Round claw is available now.
  24. jangotango

    Prince Official - Racquets

    Hi @Prince Tennis Official, I'm a newish user of the TT310. Perfect racquet, but I'm still developing my young game and sometimes wish I got the lighter 290 (if anybody wants to trade, hmu!). Could you shed some light on Iga Swiatek's racquet? Seeing she is one of the better prince players on...
  25. jangotango

    Tennis Warehouse playtest - Dunlop EXPLOSIVE SPIN 1.25

    The solinco and head thread is getting so much more attention, this one seems a little bare. Maybe easier to be a tester??
  26. jangotango

    Luxilon Big Banger TiMO 18 - Discontinued...

    New gauge of ALU which may be TiMo under a new name. 115 gauge ALU.
  27. jangotango

    Is this a honeymoon period?

    That's the problem I haven't even had the TT310s for a year yet and feel like moving on. The grip size of my TT310s is also a little bothersome. They're a L1 size, as I went with the belief I could get some more spin out of the smaller grip size. Whereas the Prostaff Butt Flare fits my...
  28. jangotango

    what is best tennis book you like?

    String Theory by David Foster Wallace is a great read, compilation of his several essays. I particularly enjoyed the Federer one and Tracy Austin portion. Have yet to read Open, but it's next.
  29. jangotango

    Is this a honeymoon period?

    For sure, but it's not like Babolat stiffness where it's just... Stiff. It's a nice firmness, one with equal control, power, and feel. I'm interested in the countervail version, since I took to the Blade CV quite well.