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  1. ibbi

    2017 french open nadal is most domiant slam run ever in tennis history

    It was very unlike all his other performances there really. Much more aggressive, played far quicker matches than usual, none of the old grinding. I would be amazed if he spent less time on court in any of his other marches to victory, even 08 (though again, Carreno Busta pulling out plays into...
  2. ibbi

    goffin vs nadal hard court slam match up

    His performance in that final was one of the great ones.
  3. ibbi

    goffin vs nadal hard court slam match up

    Goffin can beat pretty much anyone on his day. For a good example of this watch the first three quarters of his match with Djokovic in Cincy 2015. For a good example of why him being able to beat anyone on his day doesn't matter much watch the last quarter of his match with Djokovic in Cincy...
  4. ibbi

    2017 french open nadal is most domiant slam run ever in tennis history

    Borg 1978 coughed up just 32 games (a record) and none of his opponents pulled out like happened with Nadal here. He also played 4 top ten players in his last 4 rounds and dished out 3 breadsticks and 3 bagels to them.
  5. ibbi

    what is grigor dimitrov 's problem ?

    He's a loser.
  6. ibbi

    The Slam Record -what's going on?

    1. Homogenization of the game via surfaces and strings and whatnot. 2. Better athletes, longer careers. 3. The overall slam count actually being a thing like it was to nowhere near the same degree before Sampras came along. It was about how many Wimbledons you have, how many US Opens you have...
  7. ibbi

    Fedpo 09 USO

    I'll never forget Del Potro blowing the third set and sitting there with the towel over his head in despair and thinking to myself he was about to be just another scalp. The fact that he held it together mentally more than anything from that position is proof absolute of his greatness.
  8. ibbi

    If not for Fedal, do you think Djokovic will achieve this career?

    It's a good question. Without them around he probably wins a few in those early years (07 USO, he probably wins 3 out of 4 in 2008, etc) and he may never have had to get off the gluten and what not, and no, he probably never would have reached this level, because he would never have had to...
  9. ibbi

    coin toss is very important for who is gonna win this match

    If he did then that would be an anomaly. Given the way he was serving in that tournament it would be no surprise that he switched things up that way.
  10. ibbi

    coin toss is very important for who is gonna win this match

    Only recently has Nadal taken up the serving first philosophy. Dude always used to choose to receive until a few years ago, and it served him pretty well.
  11. ibbi

    david ferrer really that weak agianst nadal at his whole match ?

    In 2007 USO he played two intense matches with Nalbandian and Nadal himself, it's not like he was fresh as a daisy himself. In the 2012 one he was coming off the back of one of the best matches of the decade against Tipsy. Easy to have a let down after that. Anyway, I'm not arguing he's better...
  12. ibbi

    do you remember 18 RG QF djokovic vs cecchinato ?

    Yes, I remember. It was an amazing performance to cap an amazing run, but Djokovic, though on the road to recovery, was nowhere near back to his best. For more detailed coverage on this matter, see Professor Checkmate.
  13. ibbi

    david ferrer really that weak agianst nadal at his whole match ?

    16-5 is a better record than 26-6. Still, yes, the problem was primarily clay, and probably even more importantly (like those 3 guys have with all their fellow countrymen) no matter how high they climb the big 3 will always have them in some sort of mental headlock. Ferrer could go with Rafa on...
  14. ibbi

    What changed Stan's career?

    Literally^ Magnus. He took Soderling to another level, and then he did it for Stan to even greater success.
  15. ibbi

    What are your Top 3 (of the 5-set) matches among The Big 3

    Wimbledon 08 and Wimbledon 18 would be two. Not sure about the third one. Probably AO09, USO11, RG13 or AO17. Tough call. Rome 06 would be the true rounder outer of the trilogy if you included non slam matches.
  16. ibbi

    Fred out of Dubai/IW/RG

    I mean I know it was a long time ago now relatively, but last time he had to take time off due to surgery he came back better than he'd been in the better part of a decade.
  17. ibbi

    Fred out of Dubai/IW/RG

    He was going to play in Bogota?
  18. ibbi

    What's happened to Richard Gasquet?

    He's old by tennis player standards would probably have something to do with it. Never been the fittest, fightingest player on the tour anyway, so know in his mid 30s is even less likely to be a factor. Maybe his hair was the source of his magic because that's vanishing almost as alarmingly as...
  19. ibbi

    Highest level of tennis

    Agreed 100%
  20. ibbi

    Highest level of tennis

    For me it would have to be someone playing in a match where an opponent is also playing incredibly well. Of course you have to ask where do you draw the line when someone dominates someone else, is the beat down primarily because of how good they are, or how bad their opponent is? In a match...
  21. ibbi

    Does anyone remember this?

    Is this Monfils and Simon's moms? :-D Kuznetsova and Schiavone are the true womens GOATS in this regard.
  22. ibbi

    The renaissance of Gael Monfils?

    Meh. I think it was the USO in 2016 where he gave an indication that this was the case, that at 30 he had finally matured and was playing more sensibly. It didn't help him against a fading Djokovic then, and he hasn't really done anything since to suggest he's ever going to genuinely...
  23. ibbi

    What is your favorite current tennis rivalry outside Fedal, Fedovic and Nadovic?

    The genuine animosity between Medvedev and Tsitsipas is magic. It doesn't appear to be all that interesting a match up on the court, but considering how well the two of them have done at the highest levels of the game relative to their peers (I guess Zverev is sliding on in there now too) it...
  24. ibbi

    why nadal attend 2020 acapulco open ?

    They probably give him mucho dinero. I know he talked last year about how he loves it there, and prioritized it even over Miami. Definitely seems ridiculous to me that this old guy who gets bullied and beaten up by hardcourts his entire life is out there still playing 500s on them at this...
  25. ibbi

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 's biggest missed opportunity

    His biggest missed opportunity is obviously Australia 2008 because he didn't yet realize what a loser he was, and didn't have to overcome that issue. He was also playing Breadovic. He should have just slipped the dude a baguette for breakfast, and he'd have retired with, as someone once said...
  26. ibbi

    What changed for Djokovic from July 2014 to change career trajectory ?

    Came back in 2015 with an I'm guessing Becker inspired massively improved serve to back up his incredible return game, and enable him to hold so easily he could put even more effort into the part of his game he was already amazing at. Definitely isn't a summer of 2014 change, the US Open...
  27. ibbi

    Why does Rio always get ATP500 status on clay despite being weaker than the 250's on hard in the same week?

    As has already been mentioned, money probably has something to do with it. When you also consider there's 8 hard court 500s and 6 1000s, compared to 3 of each on clay that (ridiculously) slight balancing of the scales probably plays into it as well. Like Hamburg it is stupidly placed on the...
  28. ibbi

    The Highest-Quality Tennis Set of all Time

    Nadal-Monfils first set at the 2009 USO is one that has always stuck with me.
  29. ibbi

    Best performances in a losing effort?

    Nishikori in Madrid against Rafa that one year where he basically had the title in the bag but then Nishikoried particularly hard.