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  1. ps2dcgba

    How exactly is Medvedev gonna hurt Nadal?

    Rafa beat Medvedev soundly at Montreal, it was a complete total beat lose 6-0 .... However Medvedev beat Djokovic by some real gutsy tennis and played tennis that he doesn't play at all, going for winners too tired to run going for 2nd serves faster than 1st gave Novak...
  2. ps2dcgba

    Fellow Novak fans, would you be happy with Nadal having the all time slam record?

    The thing for about records..... they are meant to be broken.....maybe we won't be able to witness it.... so far the record, at the time this is being written, Federer has the record at 20.......10-15 years from now, possibly sooner, some player could smash the record, win 3 consecutive calender...
  3. ps2dcgba

    Nadal's chances to finish the year as No 1,if he wins the title?

    If I recall correctly if Nadal wins the USO he should be just 600 points behind Novak...... But .... Rafa should be committed to Laver Cup, Shanghai Masters and Paris Masters, then he is getting married...... No idea if he is interested in the YEC or the World No:1 ranking.... if he plays could...
  4. ps2dcgba

    Nadal - last man standing?

    Will wait till 8th September and see who will be crowned US Open Mens Single Champion, tennis is unpredictable, although it may seem the opposite. Nadal won't be saying he is the favorite. Grigor I know he has been working alot on his fitness, but how much does he have in the tank? Can he...
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    Better backhand: Nadal vs. Sampras

    Both their backhands are stuff Legends are made of, Nadal has 18 slams to his name, Sampras has 14.... They are consistent and lethal when they want to be. Are they as flashy as Wawrinka's or Nalbandian? .no
  6. ps2dcgba

    Nadal News 2.0

    I think thats a bit unfair and uncalled for.
  7. ps2dcgba

    Fake Barricade shoe?

    Just curious, this shoe has not yet been released in my part of the world yet, and there is a seller selling this shoe on his local FB........does this look authentic? The things that struck me as off were: The color of the eyelets, should be black not red. The shoe sole has a...
  8. ps2dcgba

    TW posters, post your videos - here's mine - add yours!

    Here is something recent of me, hitting with a friend.....
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    What tactics should Federer use should he meet Nadal in semis?

    Crazy ...... I won't write Federer as easily as everyone else. I don't think he will dominate, but if he is in the zone....he can easily win, however I think if Nadal reaches the semi's, he would of played himself into Championship form, those early rounds of meeting the youngsters and their...
  10. ps2dcgba

    TW Yonex Vcore Tour G Reviews are out

    Anyone know what strings they were using in the vid's? I kinda like that neon orange....and metallic silver as a logo....
  11. ps2dcgba

    How does an airplane disappear?

    Malaysia has asked a bomoh (also known as a Shaman) it is rumoured they paid Malaysia local currency RM1.8 million for the shaman to perform a ritual
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    Good advanced slice serve videos?

    My problem with my so so slice serve, is that when it lands in the service box it does not break as wide as I'd like.....I rarely almost never serve am Ace outwide......any idea's?
  13. ps2dcgba

    Post Pictures of Your Tennis Shoes!

    Real 'live' pics of the Adidas shoes Nole was wearing at the AO, please, thanks in advance.
  14. ps2dcgba

    This may be last and best chance for Federer for No 18.

    Honestly no one knows for sure, what Federer Grand Slam total will be, its just the start of the year and season. He could win all 4 grand slams in a calender year or he may not even win a slam this year. I am just here to enjoy the show provided by the ATP players, may the best player win.
  15. ps2dcgba

    AO 2014 SF Nadal vs. Federer

    Heheh I am going Fed in straight sets......worse case scenario in 4 sets. Nadal with a blister is a huge handicap......unless he plays exactly like he did against Monfils then only does he have a good chance.....if not lights out.
  16. ps2dcgba

    4.5 video vs 5.0 video

    I think they play quite well. I am guessing the video, when you watch it the balls looks slower by maybe 10-15%. Maybe for the majority of people, this type of tennis does not inspire...but I feel the footwork, play of the ball was ok. The only thing I would say that was not looking 5.0 cliche...
  17. ps2dcgba

    Final Video of 2013

    Looking forward to it, haven't seen you post in quite awhile, hope everything is fine and well. Thanks for sharing!
  18. ps2dcgba


    I had a mild case of sesamoiditis, it put a real dampener on my quality of life. I took 3 months of rest, no running, barely any walking, alot of swimming and gym work, upper torso. I bought some gel pads from amazon...
  19. ps2dcgba

    Nike RF Polo Fall Can anyone post exact armpit to armpit measurements regarding size L or XL....I need to buy this as a gift and my friends wife mentioned that his pit to pit is 23 inches, I would rather it fit him well...
  20. ps2dcgba

    Is it possible for a good serve to hit 7’ high on the back fence? Let’s settle this!

    I think I have a decent kick/twist serve it should bounce around 5'5 to 6'0 feet (highly dependent on the court surface) high when it reaches my opponent at the baseline.......I think a very small percentage of people besides the pro's or really advanced tall players over 6'5 feet with a NTRP...
  21. ps2dcgba

    so.. GR4 outsole is not close to Barricade durability :(

    Well first of all....I doubt there is any shoe that will beat the Barricade's in durability........the reason I mentioned the Prince T22 is that there are extremely comfortable ....for me, there was no break in period....the sole wear is maybe 8/10 compared to the Barricade's that score a 10/10...
  22. ps2dcgba

    so.. GR4 outsole is not close to Barricade durability :(

    Try the Prince T22 if you can, stay away from the Prince T24......
  23. ps2dcgba

    Summer Nike Shoes

    If you are referring to the 2012 Olympics.....Vapors and Court Ballestics 4.3 then no....the picture I saw was the like this: the above picture 4.3 the light grey replace that to a darker grey....all the neon orange colours replace that with a hot lava pink red color...the laces are also in hot...
  24. ps2dcgba

    Summer Nike Shoes

    I saw something very similar to this colorway ....its a deeper red but kind of pink (to me)...maybe call in lava idea if its photoshopped or not....but its for the 4.3 and the Vapors 9...
  25. ps2dcgba

    Djokovic Orthotics

    I read a while ago after Novak beat Rafa or Murray I can't remember, but Novak won, took the orthotics out of his shoes, and then threw the shoes in the crowd. Later there was a article, on why he took the orthotics out, I cannot find the article, but what I recall, is that it was expensive, and...
  26. ps2dcgba

    which side do you like to serve?

    I think my serves on the ad court are better....its easier for me to hit a kicker out wide than to slice it out on the deuce court....I have no problem with down the 'T' on both sides...just sayin...
  27. ps2dcgba

    Tecnifibre atp 10 pack ?

    Just checking any chance TW is gonna do video's of the new ATP Tecnifibre bags esp the 10 and 15....thanks.
  28. ps2dcgba

    Vcore 89 - The New Standard Bearer

    Hi guys, I am awfully tempted to make the switch!!! I am a current BLX Pro Staff 90 user, I really like this stick as it is smooth and not that 'harsh'...... my question I have read is the Yonex grip is smaller? I usually use a Wilson in a 4 1/4 BUT add 2 overgrips.....what grip...
  29. ps2dcgba

    Yonex racket with a round head??

    Hi, Yonex round heads are RX-32,RX-37 (both of which I have) RX-28 have seen but never played or owned.
  30. ps2dcgba

    iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy s3?

    Samsung Galaxy S 3......or try the up anc coming Samsung Galaxy Note 2...