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  1. logansc

    FT: Volkl C10 Pro 4 3/8 9/10

    I'm looking to trade a barely used Volkl C10 Pro (new Black version) w/ a 4 3/8 grip size. This frame has few scuffs no chips and has about 6 sets of tennis on it. I'm looking for a Babolat Pure Storm (Tour or Regular version) in grips 4 1/2 or 4 3/8. I'll swap pics upon request. If...
  2. logansc

    FS: 2x Babolat Pure Storm (Newest Model) 4 3/8

    I've 2 Babolat Pure Storms (Orange) for sale. I'm asking $100/each shipped or $180 for the pair. Both are grip size 4 3/8 grip and are in 8/10 condition with minor scuffs on the head guards. Please e-mail me, for pictures. I've got multiple references here on the...
  3. logansc

    Couch502= Great Seller!

    Just bought a couple of Pure Storms off of Couch502. Racquets arrived as promised and in fantastic condition. Definitely would do business with him again, a real credit to these boards and to classified selling.
  4. logansc

    WTB: Babolat Pure Storm

    I'm looking for 2007 version of Babolat Pure Storm in 7+ condition. Can be strung or unstrung, looking for grip size 4 3/8 but that's negotiable. Just shoot me offers w/ pics via e-mail as I check that often. Thanks!
  5. logansc

    Great trade with Hoodjem!

    Hoodjem was very cooperative and prompt in our trade agreement. I wouldn't hesitate to buy/sell/trade with hoodjem in the future.
  6. logansc

    Wanted: Prince TT Graphite MP or OS

    A friend of mine is looking for a Prince TT Graphite MP or OS in grip size 4 1/4 to 4 1/2. He's looking to spend around $40 dollars, anyone out there trying to unload some old Prince sticks? Please respond here or e-mail
  7. logansc

    Dunlop M-Fil 200 Plus Grommets?

    Will TW be carrying extra grommet sets for the M-Fil 200 Plus racquet? I did a search and it seems TW carried them in the past, just curious if there are plans to continue selling in the future? Cheers, S
  8. logansc

    Differences b/w Wilson Tour Line?

    Hey all, Asking for a buddy of mine, I told him about the deal on the nTour here at TW. Currently, he is demoing the K Tour and loving it. It seems from the spec they are pretty similar. Did a search on it and couldn't really find any info... He's looking to get the best bang for his buck...
  9. logansc

    Looking for Atlanta (Cobb Co.) USTA Teammates!

    Hey all! My hitting partner and myself are both former college club players looking to get into the league/tournament scene in Atlanta but we don't know enough people who are into league tennis! We're looking to put together a USTA team. We prefer to play USTA as both of us have a singles...
  10. logansc

    Steve F= Great Buyer!

    Great sale with Steve F, great response time, no hassle, wouldn't hesitate to do business again.
  11. logansc

    F/T, F/S AG 300, MFil 300, LE Agassi Rad, TT Warrior MP

    I have one of each of the following all grip size 4 3/8 for sale and or trade: Dunlop AG 300 8.5/10. New Leather Grip. Prince Lightning 16 $100 Dunlop Mfil 300 6.5/10. New Prince Duratac Grip. BB ALU Power 16 $50 Prince TT Warrior MP. 9/10 Hit with for 2 hrs. (I have two of...
  12. logansc

    TF320, MF200+. and Slaz NX One, are they same racquet??

    It appears to me these racquets come from identical molds. Outside of differences in weight and balance, they all list at a 64 flex, beam size and head size do they all essentially feel the same as far as frame response? I know the string pattern will make a difference but I'm specifically...
  13. logansc

    How to ? on Stringing @ home

    Hey all, first as a disclaimer, I am a complete noob on stringing racquets. I want to get a simple @ home stringer so I can start taking care of my own stringing needs A to cut costs and B because I don't trust most of the services around here. I usually string my 4 racquets or so every month...
  14. logansc

    Question on the TT Warrior...?

    Looking at this specs of the midplus it seems very similar to the newer PDish racquets, i.e. the APD, Dunlop 500T, SP Black but maybe slightly less stiff Does anyone have any thoughts as to this type of comparison or am I way off? It looks like a great racquet for a great price.
  15. logansc

    Summer Sale!! Babolat and Dunlops!!

    I'm looking to unload all the racquets just taking up space in my bag. No Trades please! References in the usual place. I currently have the following all in the grip size 4 3/8 and will ship to CONUS, also I will cut the strings out ahead of time upon request: 1x Babolat AeroPro Drive...
  16. logansc

    Smooth Transaction with Routine125

    Top notch transaction with Routine125, great communication, timely shipment of the racquets. Racquets arrived in better condition than advertised. I would def be a repeat buyer!
  17. logansc

    Nastase is a great seller!

    Excellent transaction with Nastase! Definitely a great seller!
  18. logansc

    FS/FT Dunlop AG 200

    Dunlop AG 200 in a 4 3/8 Grip, newly strung w/ NXT, in 9/10 condition. Will sell for $120 (shipping included) or best offer, or willing to trade for AG 300 in same grip size or Babolat Pure Storm (newer edition) in same grip size in comparable condition. E-mail:
  19. logansc

    ***Dunlop 200 Series Club***

    After seeing many threads with users of other racquets putting their setups, likes and dislikes, and comparisons about other racquets and lines I felt it necessary to start a thread for all of us 200 users. I just got an AG 200 and so far I love the feel, I've only taken it out once but so...
  20. logansc

    Wanted: Dunlop MW 200G

    Interested in the 95 headsize w/ a 4 3/8 or 4 1/2 gripsize. Please e-mail me at Thanks!
  21. logansc

    Aerogel 200 16x19?

    I've seen this racquet for sale on some foreign websites but I was just curious if anyone had any information on if Dunlop had plans to sell this racquet in the states? I'm tired of playing the lead game on the 300s but I can't get into the 18x20 string pattern currently offered.