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    Identify a Racket

    Can somebody help me to identify this racket? Thanks!
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    Babolat Sensor Dual manual and hidden settings

    Can someone send me (to a usermanual of the Babolat Sensor Dual or post it in this thread? Are there some hidden settings or hidden informations? And how can i calibrate the machine if needed? Thanks
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    Question Liquidmetal Paintjob / PT47A or fake?

    A client of me gave me a Liquidmetal Paintjob. He says it is a PT57A, but I'm not sure if this is a real PT57A. Here are some pictures:
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    Cleaning frames before stringing

    I coincidentally came across a Babolat video where they was cleaning the rackets before the stringing: Babolab - Step 2: Cleaning Zone If you jump to about 32 seconds they use a spray to clean up the frame/grommets. Does anyone know which spray the use? Maybe a normal cockpitspray? And...