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  1. Faithfulfather

    FS: 2X Graphene Extreme Pro

    Reduced for quick sale. $150 shipped for both.
  2. Faithfulfather

    FS: 2X Graphene Extreme Pro

    Racquet: 2 X Head Graphene Extreme Pro Item Description: Head Graphene Extreme Pro Grip Size: 4 3/8" Quantity: 2 Head Size: 100 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5 out of 10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): Used for roughly 1 hour of play *General...
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    Duable multi as a cross with shaped poly main

    NXT Max 16?????
  4. Faithfulfather

    Soft poly for tender elbow

    Gosen Sidewinder 17 Volkl Cyclone Tour Head Sonic Pro BHB7
  5. Faithfulfather

    What do you eat Before & After playing tennis?

    I literally laughed out loud (LOL) and woke up my wife. She sat up and said "WHAT THE F&@K IS SO FUNNY?" All I did was chuckle and profusely apologize. Thank you for the good laugh this morning, I appreciate it.
  6. Faithfulfather

    rogers new frame update,

    Who gives a rat's crap about the sound of his racquet? Not me.
  7. Faithfulfather

    A not so pleason experience with Faithfulfather

    What Ed is saying is very close to the truth. Notice I said "very". Let me start of by saying that my wife had to have an emergency hysterectomy the day after I contacted him. Once she came home she developed Pleurisy. That sparked the first of three different trips to ER within 1 week. I am a...
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    Wise install on Gamma x-6FC
  9. Faithfulfather

    frustrated with my Yonex bevels

    Kimony Leather Grips. As Light as a Synthetic Replacement Grip and thinner.
  10. Faithfulfather

    Tension diff when going from cyclone to cyclone tour

    This statement is debatable!
  11. Faithfulfather

    should we give up on nylon strings?

    99.5% of multifilament strings on the market are nylon.
  12. Faithfulfather

    BHB7/PLII Hybrid opinions wanted.

    I'm going to string up the first hybrid and see how it does. I'll report back here when done.
  13. Faithfulfather

    BHB7/PLII Hybrid opinions wanted.

    What do you guys think about a poly hybrid of BHB7 17 in the mains and PLII 17 in the crosses? What about BHB7 17 and Isospeed Baseline in the crosses?
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    Health conspiracy theories are widely believed

    May GOD have mercy on your soul! GOD allows bad things to happen, so we will become closer to him.
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    Secret of fast serve

    DING! DING! DING! We have a winner.
  16. Faithfulfather

    Best items you found at thrift stores (Goodwill)?

    I like to call Neurological Flatulence!
  17. Faithfulfather

    Aeropro: turn to the dark side?

    Babolat at the recreational level is so popular because of marketing. More often than not, someone purchased the AeroPro Drive or Pure Drive because they saw a player better than themselves using that particular racket.
  18. Faithfulfather

    Babolat Control Tour

    It is my new racket of choice.
  19. Faithfulfather

    What string combo to use?? List below?

    There is a lot you left out of the equation. Do you hit with a lot of spin, have arm issues, break strings fast, want more feel, or do you want more spin?
  20. Faithfulfather

    FS: Yonex AI 98 4 3/8" 9.5/10 condition

    Racket has been sold.
  21. Faithfulfather

    FS: Yonex AI 98 4 3/8" 9.5/10 condition

    It is grip size 2. 4 1/4" grip. I'm sorry for the Inconvenience.
  22. Faithfulfather

    Yonex Ai 98: tell me more about her

    I just could not gel with this racket. It is super comfortable, but just not for me. Mine is going up for sale.
  23. Faithfulfather

    FS: Yonex AI 98 4 3/8" 9.5/10 condition

    I only hit with the racket for about 20 minutes, so it only has one little scuff on the bumper guard. I have plenty of references here on the forums. Please contact me I am asking $125 shipped.
  24. Faithfulfather

    The Sad Racquet Epiphany :(

    I usually try not say too much on here, but your signature is really annoying. On my iPhone it causes every other post to be so small I can't read it. Is there any way you can put a break in that statement so all the posts on the page don't look like a pixie wrote it?
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    Might as well be speaking Chinese

    See if you can find a Stringer's Digest. That is what I used to take my certification. It will teach you the basics and some advanced techniques.
  26. Faithfulfather

    Might as well be speaking Chinese

    It will come in time. Just keep learning and practicing. Maybe put up a few examples and we can try to help.
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    Prince Tour 98 ESP revenge of the savage banana

    Feralis Cyprium
  28. Faithfulfather

    Prince Tour 98 ESP revenge of the savage banana

    What about "The Feral Cyprium"?
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    best shoes for wide feet?

    Wilson shoes have a pretty wide toe box.
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    Could this answer be any better? Wow! Perfect answer.