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  1. Larrysümmers

    What's up with everything being gluten free these days?

    I can't even get any gluten in my Coco pebbles :evil: Thanks a lot Novak
  2. Larrysümmers

    how can i make my resume look somewhat decent?

    i graduated hs in 2011 and have had 2 jobs. one was holding a sign outside a small business for a month and a half. and the other was a CSR job that sucked so bad that i quit after 4 weeks(im leaving that off of my resume haha) i put on that i volunteered for some tennis camps. should i put that...
  3. Larrysümmers

    tying off the mains on an 03 blue

    not sure what the problem is, but i cant tie off these mains. im stringing the mains with forten nylon 16 at 60lbs. ive been trying like a madman for a while in trying to get the string it. i had a piece of scrap string, and it slipped right it, but the string that i need to go through, just...
  4. Larrysümmers

    do you think Roger Federer will switch to a 'tweener'

    I was just sitting here eating some brownies and i had a thought, would Federer ever switch to a tweener like frame. I am talking a racket that's like the Steam or a pure drive like racket. I could defiantly see him using a less demanding stick in 5 years. and btw before anyone asks im not...
  5. Larrysümmers

    any community college coaches?

    just wondering if there were any on here. i graduated high school last year and i decided to take a year off. Well now i am looking to go back to school, but i really dont want to go back to the local community college. I played mostly 1 doubles or 1 singles from my sophomore year on. if...
  6. Larrysümmers

    the tennis 1%

    any ideas to spread the money throughout the tennis players? i mean unless you are in the top 50 or so, its hard to make money out there. i remember someone tweeted in like june er so, i think brad gilbert?, that golf had 60+people make 1million that year while only like 5 atp players made a...
  7. Larrysümmers

    FT: Microgel Prestige mid(1/2)w/leather grip 8+/10 for pdr(c)+ or adp(c)+ 1/8 or 1/4

    welp title says it all, i have a mgpm with a 1/2 grip that i replaced with a wilson leather grip. it is id say 8+ out of 10 just some scratches from normal play, never thrown slammed hit etc. i would really like to trade it for a pure drive roddick plus. or an aero pro drive plus. i dont...
  8. Larrysümmers

    are you more aggressive on Serve of on Returns?

    I am more aggressive on return because in my mind, i have nothing to lose and just want to pressure his serve.
  9. Larrysümmers

    Is Old School Tennis Still Do-able in today's rec game?

    the cont grip, hitting the ball low and flat, chipping and charging, serve and volley. The style that Ashe, Jmac, and other players of back in the day. Is that do able in todays game? With modern rackets do you think it would work for a 3.5 wanting to make their way up the NTRP ladder-also as...
  10. Larrysümmers

    The Tennis Channel Stinks

    How come when I look at the Golf NBA NHL NFL ect. that they show old classic games. The big thing I have against TC is that their version of a classic match was the Davis Cup a few weeks ago, or for the millionth time some Clay Court match that's been on non-stop. God-forbid even some classic...
  11. Larrysümmers

    how much is it to ship a racket to canada

    via usps- any rough estimate from anyone who has shipped a racket from the usa to canada? its normaly 10. i sent 2 rackets at once to Hawaii and i think that was around 20... thanks
  12. Larrysümmers

    Ft. Mgpm for k or blx 6.1 95 16/18

    Hi I have a 1/2 migrogel prestige mid at what I'd say 8.5/10 rating that I'd like to trade for a k or blx tour 95 16/18 in 3/8 grip. As long as there are no cracks or anything. I can send pics. Email is
  13. Larrysümmers

    a few sticks~cheap(prestige mid)

    hey. I have 2 tt warrior oversized. 3/8 grip but just bare handle-I dont have the grip anymore. 1 is missing a butt cap. Kinda banged up but no cracks or anything. I'm really bad with ratings so maybe 6s? I can send pics. 2 pro Kennex graphite saber 30 wide body. 1/2 grip- orig pk leather...
  14. Larrysümmers

    GoSurfBoy is great

    hes a great seller, great communication, shipped nexted day everything is A-okay
  15. Larrysümmers

    for your enjoyment.
  16. Larrysümmers

    anyone string their racket by hand

    just a thought. im thinking about sometime when i am bored to string some racket up just by hand. i am guessing that it would feel like a net and not produce any power at all, sorta like a racket with a snapped main.. btw, i dont mean as an all the time deal, i mean just wanted to try it once...
  17. Larrysümmers

    When is enough, enough?

    I know that tennis rackets are a big hobby for a lot of people, and that they like to use many different sticks because they are having fun and that they want to play with every stick under the sun. thats alright in my view, but what gets me are the people who go through countless demos, find...
  18. Larrysümmers

    ilie nastase graphite strings

    i was watching a world team tennis thing on the tennis channel, and the announcer said that Ilie strung his racket up really loose. and later said that the strings were made out of graphite and produced a lot of topspin. so what are these strings? were they the 1978 version of poly strings...
  19. Larrysümmers

    Western forehand Grip users.

    Who all uses the western forehand grip/and why do you use it? I use it because no other grip feels comfortable to me. ive tried using eastern, semi, in between; but i keep coming back to the western. Even with a mid size racket and 18*20 pattern, i love this grip.
  20. Larrysümmers

    old school string question

    hey i have two wood rackets and both have what looks like the same string in them. it is a "natural" color but one has a blue spiral twist and the other one a red spiral twist. i cant find any words on the string. so i was just wondering if there was a specific brand, or if the spiral colors...
  21. Larrysümmers

    microgel prestige mid

    :)looking for one in 1/2 size, as long as there are no cracks or fractured. looking to pay around 75 or so. just email me via my profile on TTW. thanks, Larry
  22. Larrysümmers

    Went back to the mid and...

    As one can see from my sig, i am using an oversized frame. Well for fun i played today with my old PK graphite saber 30 widebody. This is like 12.6oz and 90 inches sq. I am not sure of the rest of the specs. Talk about holy accuracy batman. at first it felt really underpowered but i was able to...
  23. Larrysümmers

    Wilson Extreme Synthetic.

    I strung this stuff at 70lbs and i am really liking the string. It is still soft even at a high tension. I am getting some huge topspin with it, too, but i am also landing my shots deeper. Even with it being strung so tight, i dont feel like i am losing any power, i am able to really rip the...
  24. Larrysümmers


    I opened a pack of Bab hurricane strings and it is so beyond tangled up that i am ready to punch something. i have ever in my life come across anything so tangled up in itself in my life. i have spent 15 minutes attempting to untangle itself, and it is still knotted up. gahhh. i really...
  25. Larrysümmers

    how much do you tinker with your racquet

    I find myself doing some little things like tinkering with some lead here and there, or messing with the grip using bare leather, leather and an OG, no grip and just an OG, playing with the tension. im not doing this to make the racket hit more spin or more power, but trying to make it feel...
  26. Larrysümmers

    Kevlar mains, Poly Crosses users.

    I was just wondering how many people on here have that set up and if they would share what they like about the setup and if they feel it has improved their game.
  27. Larrysümmers

    can someone tell/lead to a video to help me.

    how to string the racket like how Andre's was, with kevlar in every main except for the last two, then it switched to the NG, but in my case multi. thanks.:)
  28. Larrysümmers

    TT warior OverSize 3/8th

    if anyone has one that they want to get rid of, and for a reasonable price, i dont have that big of a budget, then please let me know, my email is thanks.
  29. Larrysümmers

    I played my first lobber

    I won but god it was not pretty. Every ball back was a friggen moon ball deep. It got to a point where I was bored. We played a 10 game pro set because it was non confrence. We were on serve until 2-3. I became relaxed and hit every ball a little slower but wit more topspin to the ad side. Then...
  30. Larrysümmers

    NXT and comfort synth

    so i am really liking NXT, i was wondering if comfort synth is anything like this, or if there are anything close to NXT but not as $$$, i am not paying 16bucks for NXT lol. thanks.