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    Laura Robson-new wimbledon girls singles champion

    Some people started informally renaming Henman Hill aka Murray mound to Robson ridge ! That didn't last long though.
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    Anyone interested in being e-mail Pen pals?

    Share your e-mail on this thread.
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    Your expectations and wishes for the rest of 2020?

    I agree. Due to rankings, thiem will have to beat both Rafa and Nole, which is a tough task. No one other than Big 3 have a grass court game to win Wimbledon. US open is the only hope. Go thiem!
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    Top 10 wins of each big three member's career!

    Murray defeating Murray in the 2008 US open : MuryGOAT
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    Which Tennis players have dual citizenship ?

    Dustin brown. Jamaica and Germany
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    Best final at each slam in this decade

    AO 12 RG 12/14 W 14 US open 13
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    Your favourite tennis photo of the decade?

    Rafa and Nole on their knees during the AO '12 presentation.
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    #HowSurprised are you......?

    Depends on how many 33 year old buddies Federer has.
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    2019 Meme of the Year Final Showdown

    The "40-15" option on this poll has 40 votes and the next highest option (berrettini) has 15. Can we not vote anymore?
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    BOAT Candidates

    Federer s triple major years were 2004, 06 and 07. Not consecutive.
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    The most successful tennis nations in OE?

    The golden age of Russia is long gone, as Joseph Stalin would tell you
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    What remains of Sampras' legacy?

    Please check edit on my OP
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    #YourThoughts- Murray Edition

    Of course she's the lucky one, to land one of the best tennis players of her lifetime.
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    #YourThoughts- Murray Edition

    Funniest member of the big 4 (check his Twitter). Did very well at commentary at Wimbledon last year (probably a first, where a player commentated prior to retirement). He hasn't let his ostrich-like face get in the way of landing a hot wife, getting knighthood, winning multiple slams and...
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    What remains of Sampras' legacy?

    He started out wanting to become a pro tennis player, then wanting to succeed at the highest stage. He promised never to choke, ever. He retired achieving all his goals, and that's something that can be said of very few athletes in history.
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    #YourThoughts- Nadal edition

    John McEnroe : " Is he going to play every point like that?" Absolutely F-ing Yes.
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    #YourThoughts- Nadal edition

    For someone who gauges success by the amount of obstacles they have overcome, Rafael Nadal Parera is peerless in his bounce-backs from multiple, often career-threatening injuries. He's the only player ever to win Slams on all surfaces in the same year. For someone whose style was touted as...
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    What remains of Sampras' legacy?

    Thank you, members of TTW, for proving the 'Cunningham effect' right. It states that "The best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question, it’s to post the wrong answer. " I played a...
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    Anyone else want to see a Djoko-erer match at Wimbledon.

    Andy Roddick on Federer consoling him after Wimbledon 2009 : "Yeah, you lost last year... But after winning five times! "
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    Anyone else want to see a Djoko-erer match at Wimbledon.

    It's been 4015 hours since we last saw them play.
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    What remains of Sampras' legacy?

    I didn't mean to be rude, but I can't help noticing that, in today's courts (rightfully slowed down to compensate for racquet speeds and technology), Sampras wouldn't have been half as successful as he was, in his era.
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    What remains of Sampras' legacy?

    For a player who was the most prolific Grand Slam winner of all time less than two decades ago and was hailed as a GOAT, looks like pretty much all of his records are shattered, in one generation. Most Majors? Broken thrice. Most wimbledons? Broken. Most weeks at #1 ? Broken. Being the only...
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    #YourThoughts-Federer Edition

    What a fantastic player and a great ambassador not just for tennis but for sport itself. Too bad my loyalties lie elsewhere, but that's not to say I despite Federer, because there's nothing despise-worthy about him at all.
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    Which player (non-Big 4) do you dislike for petty reasons?

    Fabio Fognini.... Just irritates me with his mere presence on court.