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  1. alonsin

    The TT Football Club

    Pellegrini always plays with a 4-4-2 and Xabi ALonso is the next to come, so the starting line will be something like this Casillas Ramos - Albiol - Pepe - Marcelo Lass- Xabi Alonso Ronaldo Kaka Higuain Benzema
  2. alonsin

    The TT Football Club

    Congrats. Well played, amazing display of defense and counter attack
  3. alonsin

    Usa All The Way!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations, you were deserved winners. I hope this helps making soccer a more popular sport
  4. alonsin

    The TT Football Club

    I've never seen Swansea play, but the spanish experts in British football talk wonders about Roberto Martínez. I've heard that Celtic are also interested in him.
  5. alonsin

    Football: C.Ronaldo to Real Madrid for world record!

    I don't like to discuss through the internet especially when the comments start to get personal, so this is my last post regarding this issue. Times of crisis are also times of opportunities. Fortunately to us, RM is able to get financing in times of depression, and if the banks loan the money...
  6. alonsin

    Football: C.Ronaldo to Real Madrid for world record!

    I really don't understand what the economic climate has to do with anything. Florentino Pérez has always defended that RM needs to increase their incomes by buying the most known players. It's a strategy that has proven itself successful and he's applying it.
  7. alonsin

    The TT Football Club

    The training grounds were in the most important street of Madrid. I don't think you'd give 32 acres in the middle of Madrid for free. The government has bailed out all the big clubs in Spain, obviously the bigger get the most, and that includes your beloved Barcelona. Enough with the hatred...
  8. alonsin

    Football: C.Ronaldo to Real Madrid for world record!

    Cristiano has registered the brand CR9 in Spain so I guess that's the number he'll play with
  9. alonsin

    The TT Football Club

    The royal family have a budget of 8 million euros per year. Even if they made donations (which they don't, because the information of their financial activities is public) it would mean nothing for Real Madrid. You must check your information before you post
  10. alonsin

    The TT Football Club

    I have ignored it the first times but now I have to ask. Where have you gotten the idea that the Royal family helps RM? Is it the name that confuses you?
  11. alonsin

    Football: C.Ronaldo to Real Madrid for world record!

    Lassana Diarra is definitively up to the job. He's like a 2.0 Makelele.
  12. alonsin

    Football: C.Ronaldo to Real Madrid for world record!

    Well, as a Real Madrid supporter I am glad that after five years of struggling we have again a team we can be proud of. It's obvious I'd rather not pay 150 million euros for two players, but if that is what it takes and we have the money what the heck. Besides, even if it looks like a ridiculous...
  13. alonsin

    Football: C.Ronaldo to Real Madrid for world record!

    What? Platini never played for Real Madrid, the only team he played for outside of France was Juventus of Turin.
  14. alonsin

    The TT Football Club

    I'm not so sure about that. Nowadays, if I were a promising young player I'd rather sign by Chelsea than by RM. It hurts to say it but it is true. Besides I don't think there is room for all the players the media say we're buying. Apparently we're after Kaka, Xabi Alonso, Cesc, Silva, Villa...
  15. alonsin

    Is Roddick popular in Spain?

    I can only speak for myself, but since I saw Roddick in the DC final USA played against Spain in 2004 I have great respect for him. He was extremely polite and sportsmanship. He may be a jerk with the umpires at times, but that doesn't change the view I have of him
  16. alonsin

    Madrid -Empty Seats

    Tomorrow is San Isidro, Madrid's patron saint, so starting today's afternoon I don't think you'll see any more empty seats. It's true that previous years there weren't any empty seats, but I think it is because the new venue has more courts so the public distributes among them. Tomorrow is the...
  17. alonsin

    Who is the most ripped player on the tour?

    After seeing Leelord's picture, Verdasco looks like a dwarf
  18. alonsin

    Will Nadal still be in the top 10 at age 27?

    I'm sure Nadal will be around when he's 27. Even if he could only play on clay and grass, he'll earn enough points to be in the top 10, which is pretty cheap. Nowadays, if you win a Masters Series you're almost in the top 10. Nadal might not be the unstoppable force on clay he's now, but I don't...
  19. alonsin

    Best returner in the means game?

    I'd say Murray. Nalbandian can be the best returner when he's on, but as we all know that doesn't happen that much. Federer is probably the best returner of a certain type of serve (ala Roddick) but with his shaky backhand we can't count him in at the moment. If we only take into account defense...
  20. alonsin

    Monte Carlo Final-[1]R.Nadal vs [3]N.Djokovic

    I think Nadal is going to win in three. I don't think he's reached last years level yet, I've seen him a little insecure this last matches. But his still unstoppable on clay
  21. alonsin

    top 5 favourite players of all time

    I've only watched tennis since the early 90's, so my list would be 1.- Sampras 2.- Edberg 3.- Nadal 4.- Agassi 5.- Rafter
  22. alonsin

    CASABLANCA 250 - 2009 Grand Prix Hassan II - Men's Singles

    This win is huge for him. Not only because it's the first one in 5 years (Madrid 04, when he was still no. 1) but because his participation in Roland Garros was in danger. With this win he pretty much secures it.
  23. alonsin

    Why isnt Federer Playing Monte Carlo?

    I know, I was just joking. It's unfortunate, because I guess several players are going to actually skip the tournament. Apparently the altitude does make a difference, even though it's only 600 metres, and there's only one week between Madrid and RG. At least I'm pretty sure all the spaniards...
  24. alonsin

    Why isnt Federer Playing Monte Carlo?

    Madrid is a must. A beautiful city, good weather, pretty ballgirls and above all me in the stands. I really don't see a reason to skip it
  25. alonsin

    Nadal doesnt feel he can beat Murray on Grass or HC

    I don't know much about English journalists, but I really hope Simon Reed is not one of Britain's top tennis commentators as it is said in the article. I though Eurosport was a serious channel. If this article was posted in this forum he would be banned for trolling.
  26. alonsin

    Nadal and his right hand

    I've always wondered how does Nadal play with his right hand. I find it really strange that there aren't any videos of him practicing with his right hand or doing it just for the kicks
  27. alonsin

    Can I bagel Federer if he was only allowed to hit backhand?

    I guess sarcasm is not easy to get
  28. alonsin

    Uncle Toni on Murray and Roger

    I feel the same way. Now coaches aren't allowed to express an opinion about players? I think sometimes we take this sportsmanship thing too far away
  29. alonsin

    How does Sampras fit into the GOAT debate from people who are not American?

    I'm Spanish and I place Sampras with the greats of all time, as I'm sure most people out the US will do (not Uncle Toni though) I mean, it's hardly debatable. Not being great on clay is what keeps him apart from being the undisputed GOAT, but doesn't prevent him from being one of the best...
  30. alonsin

    Lets get freakin to it. How in the hell do you beat Nadal?

    Well, I've seen him in the Madrid MS, but that doesn't count. I've been particularly unlucky when it comes to meeting Nadal. My friends met him in a disco a couple of months ago, and I wasn't with them that night, and the same friends made a trip to Amsterdam when Nadal was playing in...