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  1. ibbi

    For Federer and Nadal fans

    A joke, by Ben Rothenberg To be fair, I'm just watching the match now on catch up, and it seems every single one of those break points was in Delbonis' first service game of the match, right? :laughing:
  2. ibbi

    Kim Clijsters is coming back! Again!

    Watch out, Serena!
  3. ibbi

    2 things to ponder about this US Open

    1. Serena Williams is here, as a seed and one of the top contenders, TWENTY YEARS after winning her first title here. You have to go back to Rosewall to find something like that in the game (discounting the wildcard Martina took at Wimbledon in 2004). 2. If Djokovic wins the title he will break...
  4. ibbi

    Thoughts on Marcos Baghdatis?

    What a character, what a career. Even today giving one of the form players of the grass season something to think about.
  5. ibbi

    Sunday June 23rd 2019

    -37 year old Roger Federer wins 10th Halle title. -37 year old Feliciano Lopez wins singles and doubles at Queens, played the last 5 matches on court. -Sir Andy Murray comes back from hip surgery after being gently nudged into retirement and wins first tournament back. Who had the best day?o_O...
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    120 matches, 118 wins, 2 losses, 4 times taken the distance
  7. ibbi

    Novak's press conference is apparently very tasty

    Someone find out the deets!
  8. ibbi

    7AO, 11RG, 8W, ???

    Will Andy Murray win 5 more US Opens and join his fellow big 4 as the all time leaders at each of the 4 majors?
  9. ibbi

    What do you think Andy Murray should do?

    Struggle on till Wimbledon, have his last hurrah, maybe get surgery after, or get it now and maybe never play again?
  10. ibbi

    Which trio of victories was more impressive...

    Tsitsipas d. Thiem - 6-3, 7-6(6) Tsitsipas d. Djokovic - 6-3, 6-7(5), 6-3 Tsitsipas d. Zverev - 3-6, 7-6(11), 6-4 Khachanov d. Zverev - 6-1, 6-2 Khachanov d. Thiem - 6-4, 6-1 Khachanov d. Djokovic - 7-5, 6-4 ???
  11. ibbi

    Are there taxis anywhere around to get back from USO night session

    Or is the train the only real option? Help!
  12. ibbi

    Who will you be rooting for in Sousa-Millman QF

    Let's face it, it's THE dream match for the next round that will pack Ashe out for the night session. Who you got?
  13. ibbi

    Anderson-Federer/Nadal-Del Potro

    Pair of great 5 setters at this stage in a major is rare, especially on the same day. Thoughts on them? Compare and contrast? Preference?
  14. ibbi

    Nadal takes back world number 1 spot in Halle

    Whoever thought they'd see the day? :eek:
  15. ibbi

    So, Berdych is out of Wimbledon Sad for him, he's had a lot of successes there over the years, and he's one of the more dependable ones on the surface. Does this make Federer the favourite now?
  16. ibbi

    Which performance was more impressive?

    Fernando Verdasco blasting 95 winners past Nadal at the Australian Open in 2009 but still going down in 5. or Gilles Simon extracting 100 unforced errors from Djokovic at the Australian Open in 2016 but still going down in 5? (I know this is a stupid question with an obvious answer, but it's...
  17. ibbi

    Happy (belated) 50th, Boris Becker!

    Boom Boom hit a half century on the 22nd. Favourite memories/matches?
  18. ibbi

    Pancho Segura (1921-2017) One of the great underrated players in the games long history, notable for everything from his diminutive stature to the two handed forehand, to having won the US Pro on 3 different surfaces (something his great protege did at the USO!)...
  19. ibbi

    Milan off to a great start

  20. ibbi

    Milan off to a great start o_O
  21. ibbi

    Federer vs. Argentina

    Assuming Kohli isn't about to pull off a miracle comeback... How do we feel Papa Rog will handle the entire nation of Argentina having come to New York? I guess it won't quite be the same on Ashe as it has been for Delpo and Diego on Grandstand, but you have to think they'll make their mark.
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    I don't see this anywhere yet. How is this possible? Do I have someone on ignore?
  23. ibbi

    Rod Laver

    This guy is almost 80 years old, is anybody else amazed by how year after year he seems to show up to all of the slams? I can barely stand a 7 hour transatlantic flight, I can't imagine the amount of hours travelling this guy must rack up year after year. I guess he's special in more ways than...
  24. ibbi

    The last point of Konta-Halep

    :| those gigantic dumbasses made the Ashe night crowd looks civilized.
  25. ibbi

    Do you think ball kids feel safe on Centre Court right now?

    The match no ball kid wants to work, no?
  26. ibbi

    Peter Carter and Roger Federer Lovely read :')
  27. ibbi

    Rome 2006, Wimbledon 2008, Australia 2017

    Roger and Rafa have obviously played a lot of great matches, and you could say other matches they played featured better tennis, but in all other cases they were either piddly little best of 3 sets, never went to a 5th, or had blowout 5ths. However on these three occasions, poetically one on...
  28. ibbi

    What was Stan doing on match point?

    I mean... That forehand was going out, wasn't it? Even if not, what the hell was he trying to hit a drop volley from the baseline?? Someone help me out here.
  29. ibbi

    Winners/sets played from Roland Garros 2017

    by all of the mens and ladies quarter finalists (plus Milos Raonic, and Venus Williams) 01. Jelena Ostapenko - 299-19 02. Stan Wawrinka - 272-23 03. Kei Nishikori - 215-20 04. Milos Raonic - 211-14 05. Andy Murray - 210-23 06. Dominic Thiem - 208-18 07. Pablo Carreno Busta - 197-17 08...
  30. ibbi

    Watch out everyone

    He's coming.