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  1. MurrayisBEAST

    Which players have grown on you this year?

    Fish is starting to grow on me.
  2. MurrayisBEAST

    Anyone else think Andy Roddick is playing some of the best tennis of his life?

    He's definitely playing some of the best tennis he's played in a long time, but not of his life. I bet he won't be looking as impressive when he plays Ferrer.
  3. MurrayisBEAST

    Is Djokovic carreer over?

    Before I clicked on the thread I thought it was serious haha.
  4. MurrayisBEAST

    Murray's career.

    Do you still think Murray's career is over now, haters? I'm makin this thread because I was reading the threads after Murray lost to Anderson and they were all saying that Murray's career is "over". Well, he just beat Djokovic ,#1 in the world, and an article I was reading says "Murray could not...
  5. MurrayisBEAST

    Nadal's injuries....surprise no thread about this?

    Nadal's carear just keeps getting closer and closer to being over :D
  6. MurrayisBEAST

    Do you rotate rackets during a match?

    I switch racquets if the strings are feeling too loose or if the grip is slippery too. Or if I'm playing bad I switch racquets.
  7. MurrayisBEAST

    Another <sigh> Rafa excuse!!!

    I had to take laughing breaks during reading this haha. Greatest thread ever.
  8. MurrayisBEAST

    Dimitrov backhand

    Maybe his backhand isn't as powerful as a lot of other players in the top 100 or maybe even some of the better college players, but his placement is just amazing.
  9. MurrayisBEAST

    How to play someone who's playing their best?

    Well, one time I played a kid I train with and I usually win easily. So he came out in the first set hitting great shots and playing out of his mind. He got up 3-2 and so I knew no one can hit that great shots through-out a whole match so I just started lobbing to his backhand and making him hit...
  10. MurrayisBEAST

    low powered, low spin and comfy

    XCel is soft.
  11. MurrayisBEAST

    I said, "the ball was out."

    yes, you were helping by telling her it was out and it's against the rules.
  12. MurrayisBEAST

    Christian Harrison

    I think Christian has played some challenger pro tournaments, but I think he only won a round or two.
  13. MurrayisBEAST

    Funny player/umpire arguments Harrison is too cool to let the umpire have a word haha.
  14. MurrayisBEAST

    Murray is finished...

    Just cause Murray gets upset twice means he's finished? No, he's not finished; Far from it. He's still young and he has a lot of talent. Just cause he lost doesn't mean he's done. God, I hate these threads where people say players are done just cause they have a bad beat!
  15. MurrayisBEAST

    Murray is finished...

    I could say Nadal is just unlucky to be in the same era as Ivan Dodig ;)
  16. MurrayisBEAST

    What rackets do you think the top pro's will use in a few years?

    That commercial seems really overdone haha. Just cause it's 2083 doesn't mean you have to roll on the ground to your next shot and wear masks when you play.
  17. MurrayisBEAST

    What racket is this?

    Dunlop Biomimetic 300 Tour.
  18. MurrayisBEAST

    What is your ranking?

    My section is Missouri Valley and my highest ranking in the 12s was 40. I just aged up to 14s and I'm 65. I have a partial sponsorship Babolat.
  19. MurrayisBEAST

    Isner second serve bounce height

    When he was playing Fish, I saw it kick over Fish's head and into the stands. The backboard thing was at least 7 ft. at that tournament btw.
  20. MurrayisBEAST

    Zoo Predictions!

    I just looked at the live feed. It's raining and it looks like it'll never stop :/
  21. MurrayisBEAST

    What did Babolaters use before Babolat???

    Roddick was using Babolat when he was 14. I know that much. Maybe he used prince earlier on?
  22. MurrayisBEAST

    Donald Young with Prince EX03 Tour.

    I noticed this right when I turned on the tv. I was so surprised, he's been with Head since...what? Forever? haha
  23. MurrayisBEAST

    Which top player do you think simply loved tennis the most?

    I would say Monfils. He laughs a lot on court and pumps up the crowd and just genuinely seems to be enjoying himself. Especially when he gets to show off his athleticism haha.
  24. MurrayisBEAST

    Who has best 2nd serve on the tour?

    I gotta give it to Isner. He ,by far, has the nastiest kick 2nd serve.
  25. MurrayisBEAST

    Isner makes a top 100 list..

    Whoever made that clearly doesn't know as much about tennis as he does other sports. Bleacher report is wack. They listed Brett Favre as the best QB ever haha.
  26. MurrayisBEAST

    Zoo Predictions!

    I have Jack Sock for 18s and Spencer Papa for 16s.
  27. MurrayisBEAST

    Young is doing just fine

    I always knew he is a good player. Hopefully his play only gets better from here on out.
  28. MurrayisBEAST

    Smartest players ATP and WTA

    Agassi, Murray, and Brad Gilbert.