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  1. Van Der Skljo

    What Slam count will insult your intelligence ?

    20, 25, 30, 40, 50.... ?
  2. Van Der Skljo

    Call me when Rafa, Nole or Andy win Wimby having acute sinusitis

    Without dropping a set ! :eek:
  3. Van Der Skljo

    This was the lamest Wimbledon ever

    So many players with injuries and retiring, so many players out of form, many mistakes by organizers, and as icing on cake mens final was (as expected) one of worst in recent history. Can't wait for UO 2017 :rolleyes:
  4. Van Der Skljo

    Federer could achieve CYGS

    But he decided Nadal is too much for him on RG. I wish I could see them playing on clay but it seems Fed will not play clay unless Rafa gets injured ?
  5. Van Der Skljo

    Unprotected and disrespected champions

    We know what happened yesterday - Nadal and Djokovic were scheduled to play on Court 1 instead on Centre Court like Andy Murray /one time champion/ and Federer are ALWAYS scheduled. Further more, Djokovic is again victim of make-believe stories about his adultery while participating in GS that...
  6. Van Der Skljo

    Who would be considered greater with the same Slam count ?

    Imagine Roger, Rafa and Nole* have the same number of Slams at their career end, how would you rank those 3 players ? *lets not waste our time is it possible, just focus on - what if
  7. Van Der Skljo

    Where does Nadal find that constant hunger for trophies ?

    He just never gives up, even when he was on the ropes for 3 long years, he is just so damn focused on his JOB that he does the best. I bet Roger and Rafa are not thinking of retirement anytime soon, while Djokovic (as their stumbling block) has pretty much drained all of his drives. So, fight...
  8. Van Der Skljo

    Fed fans, is Nadal back on track with threatening ?

    Who can come to the rescue ? Soderling and Djokovic are gone.
  9. Van Der Skljo

    With their careers near end, what would be best for them to win ?

    Federer: Is it one more Wimby or is it project 20+ ? Cements his GOAT status, leaves Laver behind. Nadal: One more RG or AO and RG combined ? Climbs closer to Federer or maybe equals him, leaves Djokovic behind. Djokovic: One more RG or NCYGS ? Equals with Nadal or with Federer and leaves Nadal...
  10. Van Der Skljo

    How is this selling nowadays ?

    Just curious.
  11. Van Der Skljo

    If we take Nadal's logic...

    ...for a sec, and erase first 5 dominant players of today, who would have the biggest fanbase and who would have most trophies among given options ? or someone out of blue ...