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    Injured good Samaritan Ticketed for Jaywalking Tell me what has happened to this world?
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    Tension Loss...

    Does anyone notice that after about 1 or 2 weeks of hitting that the main strings experience a significant tension loss or is it just me... the ending mains on each side move like 1 meter (exagerated for reasons) when I mishit, and in the contact point about 5-6 mains shift left or right...
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    Alpha or Eagnas? (Dont flame me...)

    Okay, so i looked at the Alpha Pioneer DC+, and everything looks perfect to me, except one thing: the ugly price. I dont have a job and as a result i want to get a cheaper machine, which is where Eagnas comes in. Should I save up for the Alpha, (btw, I live right next to the company...
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    Wanted: Wilson K-Factor KPro Super Six Bag (Black/Gold)

    Like stated in the title, im looking for a black/gold Super six, good condition, please send pics or give me your e-mail. if you have an offer. Thanks!
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    Racquet PJ (Another Question)

    Okay guys, I've practically given up trying to sand out all the primer, im planning on priming my racquet in a couple hours, but i was planning on making my grommets gold. Question: do you think grommets will need primer?
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    Racquet PJ

    Hey guys, recently i've made it my mission to give my K90 a new makeover, but theres a little problem, ive applied paint stripper 3 times now, but the white primer wont come off, i've also tried sanding with 220 grit. Should i just leave it, or get a different grit for sanding, and yes, its...
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    Scratches on a K90

    Alright guys, so I just bought a K90 with so many scratches, SOME of the KEVLAR in the racquet is showing. Can someone tell me how the hell im going to be able to fix this? is there anything we can add to it? I i'll post pics to let you guys see how bad it really is.
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    Assistance with hybriding!

    Alright guys this is urgent, i've got a couple hours until i gotta get my racquet restrung. Question: Should i String my K90 with Ashaway Crossfire II with the synthetic gut that comes with it, or string it with Tecnifibre Pro Red Code, i'm looking for durability but i was wondering which...
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    Thoughts on Kevin Trudeau?

    Sorry, didnt know where to place this, but down to the point, Kevin Trudeau is an entrepeneur who supports natural cures for a healthier lifestyle for the community. My question (and poll) to yall is: do you think he's a fraud, scamming our money, or is he the real deal? I've read his...
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    How long are they going to be on sale? I dont know if I can buy them until after new years... :(
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    Thinking of Using Kevlar...

    So, ive gone through about 3 poly strings (2 Luxilon Big Bangers) within 3-4 months, the weird thing is, i break crosses, and im planning on getting kevlar, but whats the damn point when the synthetic is on the crosses? Help is appreciated, I guess what im asking for is full kevlar in sets, ive...
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    Fed's Racquet

    Okay, first of all dont flame me, and second, sorry if this was discussed already, as i have been around for a while and i havent seen this topic going around, but has anybody noticed that Fed's racquet is basically the colors of his country? Just wondering if it was on purpose or just a...
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    Check it out

    Federer loses to nadal in wimbledon and tons of noobs flush out and start sh** that nadal should be number 1, i respect nadal, but he needs to keep his fans in check
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    Demoing Racquets

    Hey guys, just wanted to share my experience with some racquets, so please bear with me. so i went to ********* a couple weeks ago and began demoing, and picked up a dunlop AG200, and after hitting a while, it just didnt seem right. Anyways, after that i took the K90 out for a spin and didnt...
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    Chinese racquets?

    Hey guys, my uncles going to china in about a month, are there any good racquets because over there theres alot of fake racquets, thx for the info.
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    nice strings

    found this link and was wondering if anyone would like a set of this for their strings.
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    what kind of racquet should i get

    sorry guys, ive been doing a lot of research for a racquet for me, and im about to demo some, but yea, just looking for any opinions. Forehand: Lots of topspin, usually i hit very heavy balls Backhand:usually a slice, but can put topspin on it. Serve: flat, generally hard, sucky 2nd serve...
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    Does anyone know...

    Why on my Head racuqet it says that it is 1/3 Head Light while on TW its 3 points head heavy? also its weight is 9.7 oz unstrung, all other factors are the same except these 2, does anyone know why? dont tell me i bought a fake racquet :evil:
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    Which racquet to pick...

    Hi, i was wondering what my new racquet should be, currently i have a Flexpoint 6 mp, but im deciding to get 18x20 strings, i understand i should demo, but im just looking for what others have to say. These are what im looking for (all 18x20) and could anyone recommend which one to pick from...