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    Power potential perceived vs measured as in the learning center

    So TW testers , the big hitters among you( I will let you self identify) I have always wondered on the discrepancy between the power score as perceived by the testers vs the actual intrinsic power as listed on the learning center for example the new pure strike 18 x 20 3 rd generation has a...
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    TW reviewers the standard length racquet that generates the most MPH on serve

    Was scanning you tube and saw a segment where Michelle , Troy and an unidentified male were having the MPH clocked on serves So obviously you have done this with multiple rkts I m getting up there in years still fit but my game really needs that big serve, currently seem to be struggling here...
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    New PS 18 x 20 specs

    So as above captioned the 3 rd Gen Pure Strike 18 x 20 almost identical specs , to the previous Head light 4pts , weight 11.4 But the swing weight, the sweet spot size all major advantage to the new gen 3 increased SW and much bigger sweet spot Confused as to how this can be. Very interested...
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    New pure strike reviews

    I see video review up on pure strike 16x 19 3rd gen. So when are the other new strikes to be reviewed. Interested in the pure strike 18 x 20 3rd gen and the pure strike tour 3rd gen
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    New pure strike

    So when will you have the new pure strike in Will it be 98 head size and 16 x 19 and also 18 x 20 offerings
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    TW play testers questions on yonex

    So Troy,Sean, Chris all Yonex enthusiasts at one time All have commented on the extra power from the plus Yonex racquets However during the videos on the current V core 98+ the forehand speed for Troy actually less for the V core 98+ depth less thane his preferred core 97 pro 330. Sean more...
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    Most lively tennis ball

    So recently called with question what is the liveliest tennis ball you sell at TW Received a very ambiguous answer, “regular duty any brand” The any brand comment interesting, question if true So maybe a little more help from the TW play testers Specifically the fastest/ liveliest ball ,play...
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    Question for TW reviewers on yonex

    Currently playing Yonex Vcore 97 (330) My background 4.0 senior player but gym rat lots of strength but obviously not the foot speed of yester year , 2 handed backhand can slice one hand, eastern forehand. Decent serve probably my strength So looking for rkt to optimize my strength (first...
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    compare the Rodger Federer autograph black version vs the tuxedo version

    Question TWU has the black and white more powerful . I have hit with both and tend to agree , however hampering my decision is the black strung with solinico hyper g 17 and the black and white with Champions choice so probably influences the outcome Would appreciate any feed back, any...
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    Question for Michelle

    Michelle I know your a big fan and currently use the RF 97 autograph So TW university has the black (2016 circa) and the black and white circa 2018 as different playing racquets The black and white more powerful( intrinsic to the racquet) Currently I’m playing and enjoying the Yonex Vcore pro...
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    Nike shoe size

    I have played the Vapor 9.5 tour 91/2 size. So questions for male play testers the Vapor X same size ? I have heard go up 1/2 size Question 2 :I have liked the ASICS in the past the resolutions bit high off the ground bit heavy so the speed FF on paper sound ideal but customer ratings...
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    Best serving yonex

    So play testers, I have been enjoying the free points I get from the Yonex EZone 98 +. However has been bothering my wrist ,best I can tell length related . So what standard length Yonex producers the best serves. Thanks in advance.
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    Yonex enthusiasts Chris, Troy , sean

    It seems you three have listed Yonex racquets as a favorite or in your top 3 So I currently have really enjoyed the Yonex E Zone 98 + the crisp feel on ground strokes , the serve advantage, however seems to cause lateral wrist discomfort. I don’t believe it’s the weight as if I take several...
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    Yonex EZone 98+ vs Yonex EZone DR 98+

    Chris I know the DR 98 + was a favorite of yours and Andy’s So if had to play a tournament and only options were the old DR 98+ or the new EZONE98 + What would you pick and why
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    White Tennis shorts

    So still hot and humid where I am, so perspiring an issue, with some white shorts transparency a big problem, as I recall true for Nike shorts. So my question what brand of white shorts can I wear ,perspire heavily and not get locked up for indecent exposure
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    Question on string

    So any play tester, I’m 4.0 senior player , gym rat so still quite strong , obviously speed is not the same. I have begun to play the Yonex E Zone 98 + and have previous version the DR 98 + Question is what would be the optimal string for these racquets Rating as above eastern forehand, two...
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    Shoe recommendation from any of the shoe reviewers

    So 4 th toe from old injury raised an prone to blister. So looking for light shoe like ASICS gel solution speed or Babolat Jet the former I have and rubs the toe. So I need light shoe with raised toe box. Any recommendations.
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    where is Andy.

    I believe I read Andy has moved on to other endeavors. However I see he is listed in the Players profiles . So curious is he still wth TW? Reason I ask is I sometimes have questions specifically directed at one player over another. So if he is still responding to queries , I was curious why...
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    A little help on retrieving old rkt reviews

    so may pick up a Head Graphene XT Pro for cheap price I would like to access TW review on this any help appreciated Time sensitive so quick response greatly appreciated Thank you in advance
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    Federer shoes as seen while playing INDIAN Wells

    so sorry if this has been asked a lot of post with Federer name attached to a shoe and then numbers and meaningless letters So those of TW at IW and seeing Federer’s shoes will you be carrying them
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    Resurrecting the post on racquet preference to Chris or any TW testerfor the beat ( )(

    I appreciate your reply. However competitive ,as you noted and therefore I would like to quickly or finally just hone in on one racquet, and not go from match to match with different racquet. Currently when I do this I get no definite answer, reflects very busy work load and therefore lack of...
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    Question for Chris on racquet preference

    so currently enjoying 2 racquets 1). Yonex Dr 98+ at one time your go to racquet ( I know you have moved on) 2) BABOLAT so called project one 16x19 pure strike ( 2016) So my game 4.0 senior still move fairly well but not 30 anymore Strength is my serve , then forehand, tend to baseline play...
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    Project one modification

    so any TW players ,those who play with the pure strike 16 x 19 2016 the so called project one have any of you modified it and if so how
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    So have not been on TW for awhile. I don't see a connection for the VLOGS, are they done. How can I access the old ones Thanks
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    Chri's opinion on tennis balls

    So Chris I know you have posted that TW will not be carrying Slazenger Wimbledon tennis balls I have found these balls to be superb, lively, great bounce ,Taylor made to my game hard first serves with a lot of action on the ball and kicker second serve that bounces off the court. These balls...
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    Tennis balls

    So TW recently purchased some slazenger Wimbledon Ultra Viz balls and find them superb. Always like to interact with TW ,so do you plan on carrying these balls.
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    Tennis Bags and protection

    Since realistically I cannot carry my racquets into my workplace and frequently play at club near my workplace after work concern re racquet more likely string adverse effects when leaving racquets in tennis bag in the trunk. Live in the Philadelphia area and in the summer hot and humid is the...
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    Best serving racquet

    Andy , Chris et al : Andy in your review of the pure Aero plus you quote said this is the best serving racquet period, this was before you reviewed the DR 98 plus. Do you guys still think so or has the DR + moved ahead. I have not used a plus racquet for years, but now looking for some free...
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    Racquet customization

    Question for TW Professor: I have two new Head Pure Strikes( play wonderfully parenthetically) 1) Is 11.8 oz strung , overgrip, dampener 2) Is 11.5 oz. ". ". " Both identical balance point So to get 2 to equal 1 with no change balance...
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    Comfort of the 2014 Wilson RF autograph 97

    So the reviews by TW give this a high score 89 for comfort. However I am experiencing some discomfort forearm to lateral elbow I have played all sorts of Babolats Pure Drive Roddick Areo Pro etc with NO problems . So first question has anyone had this problem and is so did you find a similar...