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    Racquet help for tennis elbow.

    I also had TE problems in the past, Berastegui style forehand as well, extreme topspin attacking baseliner... I recommend changing strings to extremely soft polyesters and hybriding them with synthetic gut. My favourite combo is Dunlop Black Widow mains/Volkl synthetic gut, 23/24kg (50lb?) or...
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    Leaving RF97A for ...

    Don´t change the RF - try a soft poly/syn gut hybrid. After switching to Dunlop Black Widow mains 50/ Volkl synthetic gut crosses 52 I can play for hours...
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    My New tennis racket (RF97A black)

    I have 2 red-blacks and 1 tuxedo. I tried the black one also but didn`t find it worthy of spending extra 200 euros. The red one is my favourite, heavy and powerful.
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    Two identical racquets - different feel

    I have 3 RFs, two red-blacks, one tuxedo - all feel different. What a joy.
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    String Combos in RF97

    After a couple of years searching and trying different setups I found my perfect combo - Dunlop Black Widow 23kg mains, Volkl Synthetic Gut 24kg crosses. It has a soft feel, gives tremendous spin, BW really bites into the ball after 30minutes of play that consists of a heavy topspin forehand...