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    WTB: Wise 2086 Tension Head

    Looking for a Wise 2086 tension head... maybe you'd like to upgrade to the newest version and I can take your old one off your hands! Thanks!
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    Stringing natural gut...

    Hi guys, I'm a new stringer... just did job 10 today and really enjoying it. I'm working up to doing natural gut and had a specific and a general question. The specific question is about starting the crosses. I just cut out my old natural gut set that came from the pro shop. For the crosses...
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    Machine advice

    I know people constantly post asking for advice on a machine and I'm just one more but I'd love to hear from the forum. I'm interested in buying a relatively simple but high quality machine for family and friends. Probably only 5-8 racquets a month so don't want to go crazy. Had decided that a...
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    WTB: Gamma X-2 Stringing Machine

    Looking for a used Gamma X-2 or equivalent - local pick-up in New England would be ideal. Email:
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    Wanted: Tennis Stringing Machine - Fixed Clamp Drop Weight

    I'm looking to buy a used drop weight stringing machine with fixed clamps. I'll consider all offers but would rank my preferences as: Gamma X-Stringer X-6FC Gamma Precision II 602FC Alpha Pioneer DC Plus Any other drop weight with a fixed clamping system? I'm in New England so we will...