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    Another Plantar Fasciitis Thread

    When I got back into tennis this year and went to replace my shoes I got some cheapo Adidas off Amazon. When I last played ~5 years ago I was younger and fitter, being a d3 swimmer and tennis player. Added a couple of pounds in the meantime I'm working on cutting back off, but an unforseen...
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    Where do you have Thiem in FO2020?

    After this AO what odds are you giving thiem against the field at the FO? I'm feeling like: Nadal 40% Theim 30% Djoko 10% Field 20%
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    D1 doubles formations?

    Went to watch some D1 doubles (was looking for an example clip of triangle movement at high level) and was surprised by the formations. Only browsed around quick, but is two back when receiving really the current go to at most schools or did I just look at too few data points? I looked at like...
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    Ford Oliver good dealings!

    Traded @ford oliver some orange vc 17 gauge for a pair of shorts. They came promptly, as described, and he even threw in a tracking number!
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    Weighted Vest in Doubles

    Anyone have any experience wearing a weighted vest in doubles? Pros cons? Chafing? Thinking about it because most of the tennis I play ends up being doubles, and I wanna up the calorie burn if possible. Saw a couple threads on hypotheticals about doing so but wondering if anyone has actually...
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    Prince Textreme beast o3 98

    Specifically looking for an L5 grip. Don't mind wear and tear. Can negotiate a trade or pay up to $50 (they're like $80 new right now)
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    Specs? yonex ultimum rq ti 1500 long

    Anyone know/able to find the specs for this racquet 27.5in I weighed it at 300g although there might be some weight under the handle. Guessing 105in² from some of the bay listings I've seen. Kinda curious about the stiffness on the frame as the guy I know who I'm stringing it for has had TE in...
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    Serve and volley in the women's game

    I was just wondering if anyone has any experience serve and volleying in the women's game (league, tourney, college, etc). I have a friend who's picked up tennis almost exclusively off YouTube and watching pros. In about 6 months she's picked up a better serve than I've ever seen from a woman...
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    Did Someone Forget to Tell Nishioka He's a Pidgeon?

    Nadal's kinda having a tough time despite pulling out the first set from down a break. Lots of unforced errors from rafa, but some beautiful shots on both sides, go watch it if you're not already.
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    Advice: First Time League Captain

    I'm likely going to be a league captain (as long as we can get 8 people in men's 4.0). I've only played one combo league in my life so I'm just looking for any advice on things that may not be obvious which will fall under my purview. I've read a couple threads about the struggle of managing...
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    "disguise" on the serve

    Still travelling for the holidays and haven't gotten to hit at all :'( but my mind's on improvement and here's a thought I was having. What dictates "disguise" on the service? How important in your opinion is it to disguise kick serves from flat serves (as I feel the pronation motion kinda gives...
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    New Racquet, backhand problem?

    I switched from some very weighted up volkl dnx 6 Attivas (100in² thicker beam. 11.5oz strung) to volkl vsense 10 Tour (98 in²) with almagro setup (leather grip and some lead tape, got mine to 325g (unstrung). Also upped a grip size, but had been playing with 2 overgrips before and doesn't feel...
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    Volkl Cyclone

    I know it's a really popular string, but what are peoples' favorite ways to use it? Do you hybrid? If so main or cross? Tension? Black or colors preferred? Hope much do gauges differ? Right now I have some if the orange 17 gauge gonna throw it in my vsense 10 in a week or so. Thinking full bed...
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    VSense 10 Tour Club! (probably just me talking to myself)

    Just got these racquets and wanted to leave a review since there's not many out there. Got them and volkl leather grips. Put 4" lead on the hoop following the almagro specs. Racquet came a couple grams apart and off balance so I adjusted to make them match and put on some overgrip (alien pro)...
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    When do you consider racquets to be matched?

    I've got two new racquets trying to match them up before I hit with them (and match some pro specs given for the frame by tw). At what point do you consider them matched? I've got them the same weight and 1pt off on balance, do I keep messing with it? Would you rather have same balance and...
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    Volkl cyclone vs cyclone tour popularity?

    Idiot that I am I didn't think to order vibrastops and a tennis bag (I desperately need both) when ordering a racquet on black Friday. Now I'm trying to fill out the order to another $150 order for the discount (INB4: Obviously I'm spending more money this way and could just not do so.) Figure...
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    Volkl VSense 10 Tour - Mod?

    I've seen multiple threads and the two review mention that they liked the racquets modded up with a leather grip and some lead. I got volkl leather grips and 2 of these with the tw sale today (was holding off on new racquets; black Friday price was right and I had some unexpected cash). I came...
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    Wanted: klippermate or similar CONUS

    Looking for a starter stringer for a friend. Offering $100 shipped (based on shipping services I've checked should be ≤$25 to ship). If you're reasonably close to Clemson SC and want to meet up you can pocket the full $100. Will need to at least include clamps and stringer but am willing to...
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    Cold Weather Service Speed

    Is there any chart or formula that gives serve speed conversions based on various conditions such as weather, altitude, etc? Just used the "tennis serve tracker" app to get my serve speed for the first time. Only recorded one for the test run and got 156k/h (~96 mph). Curious what that would...
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    UTR Question?

    I just signed up for UTR and am trying to put in the results of a USTA doubles tournament I was in yesterday. I found the opponents utr profiles and entered them, and added my partner and the score (he doesn't have a utr). When I submit this it brings me to a page saying: "YOU PLAYED SOMEONE...
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    Important serving question for all of TT!!!??

    Inspired by a more serious thread
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    Advanced drills for serving?

    Just curious if anyone had any advanced drills for upping speed. I'm already a good server and if I guessed I flat serve in the 90s to low 100s. I think most of the improvements I need from here out are repetition and strengthening more so than any drastic technical changes (although I may post...
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    Clubs in Boston?

    My girlfriend just got a job in Boston, I'll be moving up once I finish my masters degree in May. Was wondering if anyone had a resource or insight in local clubs and parks with good groups. I'll probably hit parks for summer while I check out pros and cons of clubs, but I'm particularly...
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    Dealing with constant bad calls?

    Technically park tennis not league, but I could maybe see it occurring in league as well. I play park doubles with a group of (mostly) guys and (a few) gals, pretty much every day. The overall group is maybe 30 people but on any given day 6-10 of us make it out. In general things are friendly...
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    Poll: Question on string durability/ play time?

    So I often see people post hours of playtime as a standard, but obviously doubles will extend play over singles and clinics probably even shorter play (maybe not though because fewer serves). When you say a poly maintains playability for 10hrs before tension loss is to great what does 10 hours...
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    Technifibre XTC Tfight 315

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Technifibre XTC Tfight 315 Grip Size: Size: 4⅜ will throw on a new overgrip for free if desired Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 98 in² Condition: shows some signs of use cosmetically (scratches from hard court) but is generally in good condition...
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    Stringing every other on mains?

    Do people tension every other string on mains with a dropweight? I thought I saw something on another thread about it but can't search without all the threads about the crosses getting mixed in. Obviously there'll still be friction around the turns, but is it negligible at that point? I...
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    Pros hitting with even balance?

    I was curious if there were any well known players who hit closer to even balance? I'm playing around with my racquet specs as I've gotten to the point my 270 gram, 1pt hl racquet was consistently getting deflected by some of the bigger hitters I play with. I added 4x 6in of lead tape starting...
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    My Racquet/ String Setup(s) and Thoughts

    I just wanted a place to log the strings I've tried out and figure I might as well do it in the forum so people can access it if they're looking to use any of the same stuff (if this isn't allowed my bad and mods can delete). Others are welcome to chime in with similar feedback on their own...
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    Shoulder Injury: Crosses Poly Versus Gut

    A friend who I string for recently got a new racquet and has developed a shoulder injury (prince exo3 98 iirc). I strung it for him with: 16L pros pro hexaspin twist mains @50# 16L pros pro intense heat crosses @48# as I've been experimenting with lower tensions and he gave me...