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    Forehand grip teaching your child (3-5)

    I taught my 4 year old eastern because I am a Federer fan. Now he is almost 6 and playing green dot. His grip has migrated to semi western. I will correct him if he goes even more extreme.
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    Online tennis coaches - Leaderboard

    My problem with Essential tennis is the lefty coach is like a 4.0 player. I like my coach to be at least a 5.0. Check out RacquetFlex. These guys are legit.
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    The Perfect Tennis Lesson

    For her level, a coach's success is measured by her tournaments wins. It seems like this girl hits big but is inconsistent therefor the rope to force more top spin. A perfect lesson is one that addresses the shortcomings in her game and I think this coach is doing exactly that.
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    Do ROGY kids know how to handle high balls?

    Back in the days when kids learned tennis with regular yellow balls, for the first few years of their playing life, all they see are high balls and moon balls. They got adept at hitting balls over their head and shoulders. The good ones eventually learn to crush these balls. Now with the ROGY...
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    Feels Like Table Tennis Hurting My Tennis Game: Tips & Recommendation Pls?

    I have the opposite problem. My pingpong forehand is all forearm and not enough wrist. I am a penhold.
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    Junior Team Tennis

    Regarding the cost of joining a junior team tennis team... is it the same from team to team (as in price set by USTA section) or does the coach set the price?
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    Big changes coming to coaching certification

    As a parent, USPTA coaching license means very little and is not the first thing I look at. The following things matter more: 1. You have coached someone to top 50 in the section. To all coaches, book lessons for your best students when the club is busiest... this is free advertisement. 2. You...
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    Volkl C10 Pro - new vs previous version

    Is the build-in dampener inside the grip just for C10? This is my first C10. I had powerbridge a few years back and don't remember this build-in dampener. Anyways, I don't like the muted feel of it.
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    Volkl C10 Pro - new vs previous version

    I don't like the new C10 Pro's dual dampening thing inside the grip. It kills the feel and gave no feedback on how a shot was hit. I think the smaller sweetspot feel you mentioned is caused by the build-in dampener. When I get some time, I am going to open up the buttcap and take that thing out.
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    Matching the right racquet for a 10yrs old

    You must not know how to slice then. If you do, you would know that Babolat racquets suck at slicing.
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    RF97 vs Gravity Pro

    My everyday racquet is RF97. I demo'd Gravity Pro. Swing weight wise there was little adjustment to go from RF to Gravity Pro. I am not going to comment on how it played because it’s as much a function of string tension as the racquet. On that same day, I also demo’d radical pro and Wilson clash...
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    Matching the right racquet for a 10yrs old

    Just to give you an idea, my 5yr old moved from a 23" to a 25" 3 months ago. It took him about two weeks to get used to it. It hurts now when he nails me with the ball. Personally I would get a 27" graphite if your son is going to play yellow ball tournaments, most kids playing yellow will have...
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    I keep coming back to the RF97!

    I used Wawrinka's racquet for a while and now I am back with the RF97. My serve is faster with the RF and my ground strokes are more penetrating. Wawrinka's racquet slices better though (able to keep the slices lower). If you use an eastern forehand grip, it's hard to top a RF97. I never...
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    The Coolio High Performance Method

    5 days a week of tennis plus two hours of privates and all the physical training is too much if a kid wants to go to a good college. You will get the same results with 4 days a week. They need to hit the books on the other three days. The goal is not to play for any Div 1 college, it's to play...
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    Jannik Sinner

    I have been watching the Next Gen ATP final. Really like this kid Jannik Sinner. His backhand reminds me of Berdych/Djokovic. Good athlete, possess an ideal height for a tennis player. We might be looking at a future top 10 here.
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    What up now with these "tennis aid" ?

    Eye coach is definitely not trash. After we got it, I showed my kid and wife how I can hit the ball and make it spin without making the arm move. They were facinated by it. So they started practicing imparting the spin while barely hitting the ball. A few days later, my kid was hitting more top...
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    Coach search

    I am not going to ruin my son's life by "properly managing" him to become a pro. I am not going to hire him individual coaching in other sports just so he can be good in tennis...don't have extra money and time to burn. Tennis is just a hobby that he will be really good at. That's all.
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    Coach search

    This is misinformation. The best 18s are from that same pool of the best 12s...just that all the pushers are now ranked lower. I agree on playing different sports casually. Don't agree on getting him individual coaching in scoccer just so that he can be good in tennis.
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    Afraid to take group lessons

    To me having good strokes and not being able to use them to hit winners against other opponents, they are robbing the kid all the fun he could have had. I didn't want to say anything, I was hoping one day their kid and mine could be sparring partners...if they ever let him play a real match.
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    Coach search

    This is very true. Kids who have parents that play have certain advantages. But I do see value in having a professional who has the experience developing young players provide a second voice. Most parents think their kids are the greatest, especially parents that play tennis. I am trying to not...
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    Afraid to take group lessons

    I recently got to talk with the parents of this boy. The boy is 6 years old, has beautiful strokes. I ask the parents why don't they put him in a group class where the kids play points and rally. They said they are afraid that the boy would pick up bad habits. I was like "bad habits"? Like in...
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    Coach search

    He has a two handed backhand. And it's already very good. A coach once thought he might be left handed because he was hitting backhands so well. As much as I like Federer, I am not teaching him one handed backhand because the limitations with high balls. Will teach Federer's slice later when he...
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    Eastern grip to Semi Western for hard is the switch?

    Ambidextrous! Does he still hit with two forehands?
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    Coach search

    The two coaches don't like each other so I don't think the upper level coach is guiding the lower level coach. In fact, the lower level coach has a more advanced USPTA certificate then the upper level coach. I talk to both and I can tell there is some kind of rivalry going on.
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    Struggling with Moonballers...

    Instead of trying to hit shots back hard all the time, I tell myself that these moonballers can't hurt me so what's the hurry to end the point. I get into a few rallies with them and wait for the right shot to attack. And don't avoid these players. The more you play them the better you get at...
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    Coach search

    My expectation is very clear. Teach good strokes for now. Anything that comes later is just icing on the cake. If he wants to compete fine, if not, I am happy with him playing weekly doubles with me in my local league. You people seem to think/assume teaching a 5 year old tennis is too early...
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    Coach search

    He tells me to shut up when I talk too much. Instead of shutting up, I start to talk like Disney characters and that usually brings a smile to his face and reengage him. Regarding developing a love for the game, I don't think you need to go out of way to develop "a love for the game". Tennis is...
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    Coach search

    Badmice2, I don't know if you agree. The hardest thing I find about coaching my son is NOT teaching technique or knowing what drills to run. I watch enough tennis to know a good form when I see it. I'm a 4.5 player on a good day so I know how to feed balls and explain concepts. There are also...
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    Coach search

    Really good point on picking a coach you respect. Yes if I didn't respect him, I would probably be second guessing his methods/approaches.
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    Coach search

    Good point on "When you are a good coach you get to pick who you coach. "