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    Is John Isner the most boring player in tennis?

    These guys are all excellent tennis players, otherwise they wouldn't be in the top 10-20-30, but they just don't project, like sometimes they are bored and cant wait to get off the court. I wont watch Isner, Raonic, Nishikori, boring beyond belief , no facial expressions, heads hanging, etc...
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    I strongly advise you to watch Andrei Rublev ..

    Shaloin, you got that right, what a dour, sourpuss, and attitude, him and Baby Brat Murray must have went to the same tennis camp.
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    Sara Errani worst serve ever?

    Mousy, irritating, unable to watch. wasn't she on the Ed Sullivan show in the 60's?? Oh wait a min, that was Topo Gigio
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    Geneva Open Commentator

    Think it's Marion Bartoli, she's a sweetheart when talking at press conferences, but as commentator she is beyond brutal.
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    Madrid, No women's semifinals

    I am in Ct, so far they have showed it 3 times since yesterday , and i wasn't even looking for it cause I lost my earplugs. (some ref should grow a pair, and tell Shriekapova to give it a rest already )
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    Whoaaaaaaaa, is that Aggie for real?? I changed my mind, unless photoshopped.
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    Commentating at Indian Wells

    Dondropshot Right on, cant stand any of 'em, I watch most of the matches ESPN3 live streaming, luckily most not T.C. commentators. Courier is insufferable , Annacone is one of the most boring tennis players, coachs, commentators, I'm surprised someone doesn't check his pulse once in awhile...
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    Where is Wawrinka?

    At the dermatologist's office.
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    Not Ready for Prime Time

    Easy to tell, Ana is the real pretty one.
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    No Towels

    Murray, Anderson, Paire, put the towel(blankie) to their face for 4 seconds after every point, even, if the guy across the net double faults, the refs should grow a pair. (or pairs)
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    Compared to Raonic, David Ferrer is the most exciting player in the world!!!

    Hope Raonic doesnt decide to play doubles with Isner, they would clear the stadium, both brutally boring.
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    TV channels broadcasting ATP matches

    note Bobby Norwich: I live in Ct.USA have had the tennis channel for years, hardly a week goes by that they dont have live tennis tournaments, sometimes a couple of them, and I wouldn't call 'em minor. They have hours of live coverage A.O., U.S. Open, French Open (which they own). For 9 bucks...
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    Fabio Fognini - where's the love?

    You see him pi$$$$ing and moaning yesterday, lost first set, down a couple games in the second set, moping, no time delays called by cowardly ref, yelling, etc, he's been this way every match I have watched him in, I aint got no love for him, hope he loses first round this week. The kid...
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    vera zronareve

    She's a head case, cries after losing points. Hope she finds a different career, sad to see her so "spastic" in each match she plays.
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    You own the Tennis Channel...

    Fire Chubby Brett (I will give you the stats of these players since he/she was 3 years old during every match I call) Haber
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    Earthquake in California Indian Wells

    Spiderman123, I just got back on my chair, too funny, and I like Serena, you made my day.
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    Nadal: “The 25-Second Rule Will Harm the Fans”

    Rommil--Now that is funny, you made my day..Robert
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    Will we see a different Wawrinka in 2013?

    I hope so, Stanley played a great, exciting, fun to watch match.
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    The likelihood of Ferrer defeating Djokovic?

    I will never watch tennis again if he does, and I am not a big fan of Dok.
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    Unfair Ruling for Janowicz

    I am not a big fan of Almagro's but hope he smokes this guy. I have seen outbursts, but this was a bit much. And to add insult to injury T.C. repeated the whole match today, and just showed highlights of the other entertaining matches.
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    25 Second Rule being enforced

    What do they do with the player who takes longer than 25 seconds to argue about it with the ump? double penalty??
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    Winner of the 300 towel wipes in one match

    Wait it is a tie: Isner and Anderson. Surprised they dont wipe between 1st and 2nd serve. Refs should grow a pair, and tell these guys to play tennis.
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    Has Bartoli lost the plot!!

    She's a sweetheart in press interviews, and really pretty..
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    Is Agassi still gonna do guest commentary for the US Open Final?

    Please dear God, noooooooooo, he came in the booth couple years ago, when Rod and Fed playing, Agassi didn't shut up for over an hour, finally left, and I put the sound back on.
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    With no Fed in the final

    Enberg semi retired, or retired, I think he will turn 100 on Sunday, boring Bill is the voice now:
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    Corporate Insignia on Nets at US Open

    Thanks to Mercedes Benz for staying with tennis all these years, they can hang their logo anywhere they want as far as I am concerned. Maybe if it wasn't for them we'd be watching a few hours of tennis on PBS couple times a year, like in the old days.
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    Great news about Tennis Channel on Comcast

    Talked to Comcast many times, when I had analog, paid half the price, they went total digital, gave us dta's and or box,thats when prices went up. Going down to their office after U.S. Open, and ask em again why such an increase just to get ESPN-2. thanks for advice.
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    Great news about Tennis Channel on Comcast

    Breakpoint. Tis all redundant now (boy Comcast is fast), but if they threw the TC down with Golf, ESPN2 etc , which I dont have now, that would throw it up another tier to digital starter which for me would be about $180 a month, vs the $103 I now pay with digital economy plus the sports pkg...
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    Great news about Tennis Channel on Comcast

    They are cutting it over (or putting it next to the golf channel) Sep 7. They are also keeping it in the Sports Pkg, which is good for me, cause I have digital economy plus the Sports pkg, otherwise it would cost me additional $80 per month to watch it.
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    US Open Qualifying on TV

    Too funny WestCoastAce, even if I am an old fart. I had a good laugh. I get it on chan 1721, so slow in punching the nbr , that when I get to the 2, some dumb station comes on. So I programmed it with my "favorites", now all I have to do is remember my "fav" button on my remote.