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    Sydney Badge Tennis

    Hi I am looking looking at moving to Sydney at some stage but interested to know how you go about joining a team and entering the Badge Competition. I will be living in the Eastern Suburbs and am interested to understand which clubs are suggested or if not how you go about joining a league...
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    Hi I have just moved to Singapore and keen to play some tennis. I'm a 5.0 level - keen to have a knock. Anyone around? Cheers
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    Under Armour Tennis Shoes

    These are under tennis on the website Do we think they are tennis shoes?
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    London Summer Dubs Comp

    Looking for a couple of players to join our Premier tennis team - think you would need to be LTA 4.1 and US 4.5/5 level. It's seven doubles team matches over June/July against the best players in London. You would need to join club - which costs but won't have to join the waiting list. Let...
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    What would U do...........I did something Im not proud of

    Im Playing a league doubles match in Premier League in London. Its 4-4 and I'm serving 1st Point - ace out wide - go to retrieve balls and to serve at 15-0 and its called fault. My Partner who I will say is calmest guy I know asks the question - I then double 0-15 2nd Point - Serve comes back...
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    Murrays Davis Cup Under Armour Shoes
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    Murray Underarmour shoes for Wimbledon

    Just saw these photos
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    Pistol Pete at World Tennis Day - London

    Does anyone have any know the racket Pete was using in London - It was blacked out with a non branded buttcap. I thought maybe Wilson Blade. On a side note it was funny to see Andre Agassi come out just holding two Head Radicals and Pete with a small Nike Bag and two rackets. No Monstercombi...
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    Murray offered Widcard for Auckland

    A great attempt by Auckland to give Murray match play but can't see him accepting
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    Is Andy Murray Changing his Team

    We all know Andy Murray has a strong core as his team but is he making changes? I just heard that Andy Ireland (physio) has left the Andy Murray camp - Does anyone know of any other changes to his team
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    NZ Davis Cup Argy Bargy

    Does anyone know what happened
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    Djokovic and Donnay

    Could there be any truth to rumour djokovic hit with new Donnay Pro One - loved it and wanted to change for US$1m but Donnay could not afford it
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    Who will stop Federer's new streak

    Federer went 36 Grandslams making the QF or better - now he has gone two Grandslams without making the QFs - when will Federer make another Grandslam QF Its sad to see a great champion decline...........
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    Do we want a final without any of top 4 in it

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    grigor dimitrov will lose

    He wants to get on the same plan as Maria
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    Nadal Exhibition

    Just heard from a reliable source that Rasol v Darcis exhibition being organised for MSG, NY
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    Azarenka out of Wimbledon

    She just called me - its official
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    Henin retires
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    Murray's Nightmares

    Is Federer still haunting Murray because this guy just seems to have lost his competitive edge after Federer gave him a lesson in Australia
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    Serena's Victory Speech

    Did anyone else think it was terrible and embarrassing
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    Anyone else Preorder the YT Prestige

    I have just preordered 3 YT Prestige's, anyone else looking forward to getting these bats in their hands
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    Pros using YT Prestige

    Hi All have you seen any photos of the Pros using new YT Prestige Stanisla Wawrinka is on ATP site and I saw Evgeny Korolev using one verse Federer Anyone got any photos as I cant upload yet Cheers
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    Youtek Prestige and Extreme Europe

    Available to pre order at
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    Does anyone know the UK release date for YT Prestige

    Hi I have heard dates of Dec, Jan an June Anyone know exactly when these bats will drop Thanks