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  1. Vegito

    Copa América Centenario final: Argentina vs Chile.

    Which team will win? The final will be played in the MetLife Stadium, in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Does this tournament have coverage in USA? Make your prediction. Comment the match! The Copa América Centenario (English: Centennial Cup America)[2][3] is an international men's association...
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    How important is this forum in your life?

    How important is this forum in your life? How much time you spend on this forum? How much important are for you the opinions of other users about your favorite tennis players?
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    Baghdatis tried to be number one in 2006.

    But he was just stopped by Federer, Nadal and an unbelievable Agassi in some key matches. Against Agassi it was in the US Open 2006; if Baghdatis had won that match, maybe he would have reached the final. If it was not for Federer, Nadal and Agassi; Baghdatis would have been the number one in 2006?
  4. Vegito

    Will Nadal beat the Southamerican Champion and Panamerican Champion?

    I say Bagnis will beat Nadal.
  5. Vegito

    A 17/18 years old guy playing a World Tour Finals...When that will happen again?

    I think Michael Chang has the record, he played the Tennis Masters Cup being 17 years old. Wilander and Agassi played being 18 year old. Hewitt at 19 years old. Nadal would but he was injured for the Tennis Masters Cup 2005. Djokovic and Del Potro at 20 years old. Now it´s usual to hear about a...
  6. Vegito

    Acelino Freitas vs. Jorge Rodrigo Barrios. What a round!!

    Is this the best round in the history of boxing?:
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    Tinotenda Chanakira thread.

    This thread is to support this player that this week appears in the "last" position in the world rankings, share news and comments about this player. ATP site says his weight is 0 lbs and his height 0'0". Apparently he appears in a videogame...
  8. Vegito

    Question about Safin US Open 2000 and Hewitt US Open 2001?

    I didn´t follow tennis in those times. Which of those victories has been more surprising? Were those victories unexpected or "shocking"? How well was Sampras playing? Who played a more spectacular tennis in those finals: Hewitt or Safin?
  9. Vegito

    Lleyton Hewitt 2001-2002 vs Lleyton Hewitt 2004-2005?

    For those who followed more than me the Lleyton´s career; which was the best version of the australian champion?
  10. Vegito

    ATP must make this trophies again.

    I think those trophies are much nicer than the actual big cup that the Year End No 1 holds. What do you think? Also, I saw in a documentary that apparently Hewitt had the trophy in his house. I don´t think players are left the big cup. I´m not sure how that works anyway.
  11. Vegito

    Step by step to become the world number one?...

    If you have to give a guy-kid some tips/instruction he has to follow to become in the future the world number one. Which would be those instructions? Guessing economy is not an issue. If this guy follow all the tips strictly; he had big chances of being number one; or at least surely become a...
  12. Vegito

    Really cool video of Vilas in a tennis clinic.

    Funny-cool clothing of Vilas. -He hits some great shots and shows great defensive skills. -He tried to hit a shot between the legs. -A kid drops unintentionally his racket. What do you think about this video?:
  13. Vegito

    Luis Horna doesn't like the style of Djokovic.

    He prefers a thousand times watch Federer's or Nadal's matches. :eek: Edit: Translation: -I'm a number one fan of Federer and number one fan of Nadal. Since I have use of reason they are the two players I most liked in tennis. I think the fact that they are so different makes it so...
  14. Vegito

    Vilas should have attacked more Borg in the 1978 French Open final?

    Watching that final I see Vilas was using his slice all the time, like in the US Open final against Connors; but that was not working. When he attacked and did some risky shots, he caused troubles to Borg, for example when he breaked his serve in the third set; but after that he started to use...
  15. Vegito

    If Wawrinka had won the 2014 US Open...?

    It´s hypothetical, but that could have happened. What could have been different for Djokovic and Wawrinka in their results for the rest of he season? There would have been a discussion about who was the true number one?
  16. Vegito

    How good Nadal played in French Open and Wimbledon 2010?

    Specially compared with his level in French Open and Wimbledon in 2008. Did he look unbeatable?
  17. Vegito

    What do you think about this goal in soccer?

    This goal was scored by Federico Higuain, brother of the famous forward Gonzalo Higuain. He played in the team of my neighborhood. I think it was a great goal:
  18. Vegito

    Will you cry out of emotion if Diego Schwartzman win the French Open this year?

    Will you cry out of emotion if Diego Schwartzman win the French Open this year?
  19. Vegito

    Mats Wilander French Open 1988 vs Rafael Nadal French Open 2014?

    Who wins this fantastic match?
  20. Vegito

    New Punch Out trick discovered 29 years later.

    Did you hear this news? I have this game and it´s the first/one of the first videogames I have ever played; I love it. "Basically, everyone knows you can knock out Piston Honda and Bald Bull in one hit when they attack, but there's an easter egg in the background of the game that indicates the...
  21. Vegito

    Vilas vs Connors in Frejus 1980 and Montecarlo 1981.

    Typing error. It´s Montecarlo 1981!! Two great matches recently uploaded!:
  22. Vegito

    Peak Puerta vs peak Djokovic at the French Open?...

    Who wins? First, I believe in the innocence of Puerta; I read the full history of his doping cases and I think he was innocent. He was extremely motivated and playing his best tennis in the French Open 2005. He was close to beat Nadal. Then, who would win a match Puerta vs Djokovic in clay, or...
  23. Vegito

    Does anyone has played this video game?

    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - PC
  24. Vegito

    Denis Indondo, the African Champion.

    Gold medalist in African Games 2015:
  25. Vegito

    Do you think Guillermo Vilas will win in the trial and be recognized as number one?

    Maybe the word is judge and no trial. I´m not sure... I don´t know if the judge started or when it will be; but I heard he has hired a lawyer. Then I guess he is going to challenge the ATP! He is still fighting for the number one!
  26. Vegito

    LLeyton Hewitt missed those two golden chances.

    Being Hewitt a so patriotic player; I think skipping the Olympics Games of Athens 2004 and the 2010 Commonwealth Games; he missed important chances to win gold medals for his country in these events. He really would have had chances of winning and that would might have made his career even more...
  27. Vegito

    Importance of these events for Tennis(Panamerican Games, Asian Games, etc)...?

    Since the importance of Olympic Games for tennis has been debated here some times; I want to ask you how important do you think it´s winning a medal in an event like the Panamerican Games, and also others as: Southamerican Games, Bolivarian Games(the event is open to athletes from Bolivia...
  28. Vegito

    Does someone here uses Yahoo Answers?

    Does anyone here use Yahoo Answers? I used it with a big freqency years ago, lately it looks different. Apparently there is less activity in that website. What are the reasons? I don´t like how Yahoo Answers looks now.
  29. Vegito

    Archery vs. Shooting?

    Which of those competitions that are included in the Olympic Games do you think is better? Or which one do you like more?
  30. Vegito

    Horacio Zeballos God Level...?

    How high could Horacio go in the rankings if he plays constantly at his "God level"? I´m referring to the level he showed against Nadal in the Viña del Mar 2013 final. Zeballos just outlasted Nadal. Could Zeballos be number one?