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  1. sixone90

    RF 20 GS Celebration Cap

    Can't seem to find it on the TW website?
  2. sixone90

    Wilson will release RF85

    Same old PS85 mold but with a blacked out version of the original paintjob. Instead of red and yellow lines, it is grey and silver lines with pictures of Federer's face above the handle where his signature is on the RF97. I have photos but won't post them for obvious reasons.
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    Babolat Pulse Tennis Sensor

    Anyone seen this? It's like Babolat's version of the Sony Smart Sensor
  4. sixone90

    EZone DR98 Nick Kyrgios Edition

  5. sixone90

    Wilson releasing Pro Staff 97S for Dimitrov (specs. included)

    Previous thread got deleted because of the downgrade back to the old forum. Head Size: 97" Unstrung Weight: 310g Unstrung Balance: 335mm (no that is not a typo!) String Pattern: 18x17 Beam Width: 19.5mm Flat Beam Cosmetics: Same as on the Pro Staff 97 except the W above the grip is...
  6. sixone90

    VCore Tour F

    Comes in 93 square inch and 97 square inch. Replaces the current VCore Tour 89 and VCore Tour 97. Lleyton Hewitt is playtesting these right now
  7. sixone90

    Wilson Mystery Prototype (pics!)

    No idea what it is but it plays phenomenal! 340g 310mm balance 19mm box beam
  8. sixone90

    Nike Atomic Green vs Cyber Green

    Is there much of a difference between these 2 colours?
  9. sixone90

    Head Wimbledon 2012 Bags?

    Never seen these before. Will they be released and widely available? Looks like a Wimbledon thing. Can't find any other details about them online. I emailed them and they told me they ship internationally. I hate to admit it but I quite like the MS Court Bag...
  10. sixone90

    Cleaning racquet bag

    How do you guys clean your racquet bag? I've got some stains on the outside of my Wilson BLX Tour Federer Super Six Bag and don't know what to do to get it off. Any suggestions?
  11. sixone90

    AO12 Rafa Shirt vs AO11 Rafa Shirt Fitting

    How does the Nike Rafa Finals Crew Top fit in comparison with the Nike Rafa Fearless V-Neck?
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    Federer US Open 2010 Day Shorts

    Looking for Federer US Open 2010 Day Shorts in size Medium as seen here:
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    Wanted: Nike Fearless Woven Shorts Grey

    Wanted in Size M Shipping to Australia
  14. sixone90

    Fed and Nadal wearing FO2012 outfits Ok...not really...
  15. sixone90

    Got Roger's Davis Cup bandana and wristband!

    Is it rare? Pics to follow
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    New string! Tecnifibre Ruff Code

    Septembre 2011 : Tecnifibre is launching a new string ! The "Ruff Code" is a monofilament polyester with some crazy advantages ... 1. Extended durability 2. Superior tension maintenance 3. Exaggerated spin! Have a look of what they say about it ...
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    Andy Murray rouse by 'burglary' racket
  18. sixone90

    Roger's MB Commercial
  19. sixone90

    Federer changed butt cap

    While watching the Federer semifinal match I noticed that Federer's racquet had what appears to be a different BLX style butt cap (gold on black) than what I've seen on it previously (black on gold). I know P1 has said before that they just use whatever butt cap they have available, but I just...
  20. sixone90

    Federer's shoe @ India Fine Art Gallery
  21. sixone90

    K90 Grip size - L4 to L3

    How can I make my K90 from a 4 1/2 to a 4 3/8 while maintaining a leather grip?
  22. sixone90

    Green Rafa PE 3.3

  23. sixone90

    Bad string job, less durability?

    I normally string my KBlade Tour with Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 16 in the mains and Luxilon ALU Power in the crosses @ 54/52. On average I play once a week and this string set up lasts me about 6 months. I normally get my racquet at strung my local tennis shop but they have since jacked up the...
  24. sixone90

    BLX90 + RPM Blast?

    Anyone tried this combo? How does it play?
  25. sixone90

    TW interviews Federer

    Saw this interview just now, seems to be back from 2008.
  26. sixone90

    Video of Blue Vapor 8 It's a little darker than I like. It's pretty much navy.
  27. sixone90

    Pics of Nike Rafa Armada bandana + AO Photos

    Alright I just got back from my trip to the Australian Open in Melbourne. I live in Sydney and this is the first time I've attended the Australian Open so I was super excited and took lots of photos so I'll upload them in a few batches. Also managed to get the free Rafa Armada bandana from...
  28. sixone90

    Buying tickets to the Australian Open

    When buying tickets for the Australian Open, there are only 2 ticket options available each day, the 11:00am session and the 7:00pm session. But when checking the Schedule of Play, 3 matches are to be played under the 11:00am bracket. Which matches am I eligible to see? All of them or only 1 of...
  29. sixone90

    Photos from Rally for Relief

    I just finished watching rally for relief. Had lots of fun. Took lots of photos. Stay tuned will post them up tonight when I get home.