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    WTB adidas barricade 5, 6.0

    Looking for these shoes especially in red or black. Size 11-12 will work but 11.5 is best. Thanks!
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    Babolat pure storm tour similar to pure aero vs?

    After looking long and hard to find more pure storms as I love the racket I feel as though I need to switch. They are becoming harder and harder to find new and I don't like buying used. This leaves me with one opinion. I have tried out Wilson as well as babolat and haven't found anything I...
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    Asics gel res 5 vs gel res 6

    Is it just me or do other people think the fives are better than the sixes. They seem to have more support and overall feel comfier right out-of-the-box. Do the Sixes have a break in period? Might be looking to stock up on the 5s before they are gone.
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    PCT+ vs PST

    Hey guys. I have been using the pure storm tour for a couple years and love them but I may possible switch it up. How does that racket compare to the Pure control 95+? I love the Pure storm tour but need two more and they are hard to find now. Thanks for any help.
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    Anyone know where I can get a Wilson Super 6 racket bag?

    Looks identical to this in any color. Thanks in advance.
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    It says PM are disabled for this user

    Do you have to reach a certain amount of posts before you can PM people? I tried using the search engine but nothing came up.
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    WANTED: tennis wristbands

    Looking for either premier wristbands or the cotton ones from pre-2009. email me if you have anything I can trade other wristbands or apparel or can pay. Thanks
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    any new premier wristbands soon?

    any new colors besides the ones you already have on the site?
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    What is this nike vapor?

    Look at these I found at Ross for 45. Never seen or heard of em before. Defiantly an interesting shoe. The gray is suede. Any info?
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    Are all of the babolat pure storms the same?

    I currently use a babolat pure storm tour gt and have two of them. I looked them up to buy a couple more and found some 2008 model pure storm tours. Everything seems the same; weight, head size, etc. are the 2008 and 2011 babolat the same besides the paint job? Even the 2006 orange babolat pure...