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  1. AMGF

    Grapplesnake Irukandji

    I play mostly with gut/poly strings and tried a lot of great strings to use as a cross. The problem is that even the best gut/poly will notch over time and you lose some snap back and spin. I decided to give the Irukandji a try because I believe a flat string actually makes sense. This string...
  2. AMGF

    Just curious to know what string has got the best spin score by TW's playtesters?

    I looking to to try something new and was looking at the results from TW playtesters. I tried to find what string got the best score for spin and the highest I found was the RPM blast with 97. Is it the string with the highest spin score?
  3. AMGF

    Will there be a review of the Tecnifibre Tour Endurance 15 Pack Bag?

    I'm looking for a new bag and think this might be it. Thanks.
  4. AMGF

    Adidas SoleMatch Bounce

    I want to give this shoe a try. I'm usually a Asics 9-9.5. Should I go 9 or 9.5 with the Adidas?
  5. AMGF

    Adidas SoleMatch Bounce, anyone tried it?

    Saw this on TW but there is no review. From the looks it reminds me a bit of the Asics Speed2. They look light and comfortable without the SpeedFF rubber upper. Any info appreciated.
  6. AMGF

    Tennis bag with isolated water bottle compartment

    My last two bags (Nike Court Tech and Dunlop Performance12) had a dedicated isolated water bottle compartment. I am looking to replace my bag with one with such feature but can't find anything. Do you know if there is a bag out there with this? Thanks!
  7. AMGF

    Hard hitters: What would play similar to Poly Tour Pro but lasts longer?

    I hit hard with lots of spin. My usual set up is lux gut/4g soft poly. I had some Yonex poly tour pro from an old set up, I gave it a go in my VC98+ and it plays really well. I get even better spin and control than my gut/poly hybrid. But after 2 hours it lost most of its snap back and after 4...
  8. AMGF

    New Angell: ASL3!

    Because not everyone follows the Angell mega thread. Here is the NEW Angell ASL3 Some say it looks girly, but white and blue doesn't look girly to me. Sounds like a more comfortable Pure Drive from what I get from the info on their website and color choice.
  9. AMGF

    Lozt4eva is a great buyer

    Even if he is new on the forum, the guy is 100% legit! Thank you!
  10. AMGF

    Klip legend black gets sticky

    I’ve been using the black Klip legend for two years but it seems that lately the strings are not staying slick for as long as before. I’ve been using them in gut/poly combo and no matter what poly I use, the gut gets sticky and loses its snap back in around 6 to 8 hours. This makes it a very...
  11. AMGF

    Any chance to see a black VCore 98+?

    Just as the title say. Please let me know. Thanks!
  12. AMGF

    Anyone tried 4G soft as a cross in gut/poly hybrid?

    I'm looking for a similar string to alu power but that would be a tad stiffer and had good tension maintenance. It seems like the 4G soft ticks all the boxes but I did a search and I didn't find review for that combo. Let me know your impressions if you tried it.
  13. AMGF

    CosmosMpower is a great buyer/trader

    Just traded a frame with @CosmosMpower and this is a stand up guy that will do the impossible to make it work! Great communication. The frame was well packaged. A big thank you to cosmosmpower, I highly recommend him. I hope you like your new frame. Thanks!
  14. AMGF

    Minn hobbs great buyer

    Recently sold a frame to @Minn Hobbs transaction went smooth and easy. Thank you!
  15. AMGF

    Mark26s great buyer

    Had a smooth transaction with @mark26s great communication, thank you!
  16. AMGF

    FS: (2) Yonex DR98+ in Canada

    FS: 2x Yonex DR98+ Head Size: 98 Grip size: 4 3/8 leather grip Quantity: 2 Condition: one is 8.5 because the bumper has broken the other 9/10. Just the usual bumper scratches and some paint fading where the frame get mounted from re-stringing. Time Used: ~40hours each General Description...
  17. AMGF

    Wilson 6.1 re-issue 18x20

    FS: Wilson 6.1 18x20 re-issue white and red Head Size: 95 Grip size: 4 3/8 l Quantity: 1 Condition: 9/10 Time Used: ~20hours. General Description: Only slight scratches on the bumper from normal play. White grip has changed color a bit due to overgrip. Otherwise flawless. Frame had 2 string...
  18. AMGF

    Angell TC97 18x20 in Canada

    FS: TC97 18x20 27.5" Head Size: 97 Grip size: 4 3/8 leather grip Quantity: 1 Condition: 9.5/10 Time Used: ~10hours. General Description: Used for a short time before I moved to Yonex, usual bumper scratches otherwise like new. Racquet had 1 string job. It now has full poly MSV co-focus. Price...
  19. AMGF

    Angell TC95 63 RA in Canada

    FS: TC95 63 16x19 Head Size: 95 Grip size: 4 3/8 leather grip Quantity: 1 Condition: 8.5/10 frama has a paint chip from hitting a ball basket while coaching. Otherwise flawless. Time Used: ~30hours. Racquet was used mostly for coaching, it had about 3 string jobs. It now has Gut/poly (klip/msv...
  20. AMGF

    New Vcore 98+

    Hi, any idea when this one will be available? Do you have any idea on the ra for this racquet? Thanks!
  21. AMGF

    Unbelievable more weight = less power!

    Believe it or not, the head of sales of a very large tennis store told me today that to have more power I had to buy lighter frames. That's why pros play with heavy frames, it's because they don't need power and why the old people play with light frames. He goes on to say, I've been helping pro...
  22. AMGF

    New Angell: Slazenger Pro Braided

    The newest Angell is a Slazenger. It's being discussed in the Angell superthread. But I figured not everyone goes there on a regular basis... Looks quite good imho.
  23. AMGF

    Yonex quality control...

    Is freakin EPIC! Bought a used one in the classifieds and 2 new ones from TW (sequential serial numbers). They all have the same exact weight, within 1mm apart for balance and 3sw points (measured manually TWU method). I didn't ask for the TW matching service. Maybe I just got lucky, but I...
  24. AMGF

    Wilson H22 vs Angell TC97 18x20

    I recently purchased a pair of H22s. I always have been curious to see how these frames hit and when I saw a couple of those for sale with almost the exact same specs as my tried and thrusted TC97s I just couldn't resist. So my TC97s are 27,5", 18x20, 340g strung and 360sw, my H22 are 27,5"...
  25. AMGF

    WTB Yonex DR98+ 4 3/8

    I'm looking for 1 or 2 Yonex DR98+ L3. Can trade as well, I have a lot of interesting frames laying aroung gathering dust.
  26. AMGF

    Is there a new Ezone 98+ coming in?

    I'm wondering if there will be a successor to the DR98+ and when would it become available?
  27. AMGF

    PVAR great seller

    Just bought a frame from @pvar frame was in much better condition than advertised, came very well packaged in buble wrap and was shipped promptly. Highly recommended!
  28. AMGF

    FS Wilson Ultra Tour in Canada

    Racquet: Wilson Ultra Tour Grip Size: L3 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 97 Condition (x out of 10): 8 because of paint chip otherwise 9+ *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 15hours *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): some usual scratches on the...
  29. AMGF

    New Angell K7!!!

    From the Angell website, coming soon: Brand new for 2018, the Angell K7 is the perfect combination of style and substance. Constructed from a unique Aramid and Carbon fibre matrix, the K7 is a master of power and touch. As the material of choice for most bullet proof protection products, Aramid...
  30. AMGF

    How is accuracy measured in your racquets review?

    I've watched the video reviews that use Playsight and I am wondering how is the accuracy measured? Thanks!