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    Stringing @ Del Ray

    I will be attending the ATP tournament at Del Ray during the day session on Friday. Never been before and looking forward to it. Does anyone know where the stringing room is at Del Ray? Wondered if anyone on here strings at that tourney? @drakulie maybe?

    Help identifying a Wilson racket

    I played in a tournament this weekend and was watching some of the other matches and saw a very strong 4.5 player using a Wilson racket I had not seen before. Sorry no pics. But it was mostly silver, with some yellow at 3,9 and maybe same at the bridge. Don't recall ever seeing a racket...

    Best Practice for rotating 4 rackets?

    I typically only have 2 rackets of the same Brand and model at one time. I am not a frequent string breaker and 2 rackets more than serve my purposes. Recently I went back to a racket I used in the past and after playing with it for a month I decided I REALLY like it. So I purchased 2 more...

    Raven Klaasen real racket?

    Watching the mens doubles from Miami today and noticed Raven Klaasen playing with an Head XT Instinct MP paint job. Did not see any lead in the hoop so I am assuming this is a paint job. Anyone know what racket he is actually playing with? Strings and tension as well?

    FS: 2 Head Graphene Radical Midplus

    Racquets for sale Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Head Graphene Radical Midplus Grip Size: 4 3/8 (L3) Quantity: 2 Head Size: 98 Condition (x out of 10): 9 out of 10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 10-12 Hours each *General Description...

    Head Graphene Instinct MP - 1 piece stringing?

    Just wondering if the Head Graphene Instinct MP could be completed with 1 piece stringing? This racket has shared holes (never owned a racket before with shared holes) and was wondering if there are some alternative methods out there that might allow 1 piece stringing? The standard ATW will...

    FS: (1) Babolat AeroPro Drive Plus (2013), 4 3/8, 9/10

    Babolat AeroPro Drive Plus (2013) Grip 4 3/8 1 available Head size 100 sq inches Condition 9 out of 10 6-9 hours use, purchased new on 5/19/2015 Racket is in nearly new condition couple very minor blemishes on the bumper guard. See pictures attached. More available upon...

    2 Head LM Radical MP + extra grommets

    Two Head Liquid Metal Radical Mid Plus Condition 9/10 Grip Size 4 3/8 Additional Grommets: 4 sets standard grommets 3 sets Capped Grommets (Microgel Prestige grommets) Rackets were extremely comfortable and I liked the feel but I found I needed a little more power. Both rackets...

    Prince 5000 volume

    I have a Prince 5000 machine that I bought very gently used. Awesome machine - love it. Have one question - when it reaches the proper tension it emits a beep. Anyone have any knowledge on how to adjust the volume of the beep? Seems I would need to get into a programming menu, system...

    choosing a new stringing machine

    So I have had a klippermate for awhile and it works well, but I am ready for the next step. I string for my self and a couple others, and it varies but its no more than 5 others. I have decided I want an electronic stringer and I am curious for input on which one. I have about 900 to...

    Electronic Stringing machine

    Looking for something in the $600-$700 range. Right now its either something in this range used or the Eagnas route. I thought I would post in here before exploring my options any further. Thanks

    First time stringing Black Code and Tour Bite

    Decided to try some of the newer 'soft' polys that will give me a little extra spin. So I am stringing up some Hybrids of Black Code 18 with Prince Topspin And Tour bite 18 with Prince Topspin Currently I have Klipper Soft Kevlar 16 as my mains and Prince Topspin strung at 59/64...

    Best Name of a stringing business????

    What is the best name of a business that does racket stringing that you have heard of? Going to start small and run it out of my house. Open to ideas: Would like something catchy and not too bland, something with some zip to it! My name is Tony and I am Italian is all I got besides...

    Sharapova switcing to an Ozone?

    Searched for a thread but they were all about her switching to s speedport black. on here facebook page is shows her practicing in Toronto and the fram looks like an Ozone not a speedport prince. Not enough of it for me to be 100%. Just curious is anyone knows what she switched to or if...

    TW and Prince Hybrid Tour ?

    I have several Prince O3 Hybrid Tours and want to purchase several more while they are still available. The ones I have already give the recommeded tension at 60 +/- 5. My friend also plays with the same racket and recently purchased one and the recommended tension is 56 +/- 5. I...

    Addition for Shoe finder?

    First off the info on the TW site is awesome, between your reviews, the play testers and the viewers feedback you can get a good sense of the product from real people. Question - would it be possible to add arch support into the shoe finder? For me I need a medium or medium plus arch...

    2 Prince Ozone 4s

    1 - 4 1/2 8/10 shape Purchased Brand new from TW and only used about 10 times. 1 4 3/8 9/10 shape This one was an unused Demo - It has the faint word Demo in light red on one side of the throat. Only been used a handful of times - in excellent shape. $110 plus shipping each...

    Have you ever purchased a fake racket?

    Thread about finding cheap rackets has raised the question. Have you ever purchased a racket on an auction site and received a fake racket instead of what you expected? between my doubles partner and I were are 11/11 for getting the real thing. I think alot of people here use the auctions...

    Help leading up a racket

    I have searched for this and seen threads about lead but none that seem to address my issue. However if I did miss a thread then a link is much appreciated. I currently play with the Prince O3 Hybrid Tour. I like the weight and feel and my partner describes my shots as heavy. However I lack...

    Prince Ozone 4

    After demo-ing what felt like most that TW had to offer for Demos I finally settled on the Ozone 4. I had an older Prince Precision 770 that I definitely played too long. They were 8+ years old and time to go. Playing Demos are tough because you never know where the string tension is and...