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  1. Wander

    Cant we all just enjoy the tennis ?

    If you just want to enjoy the tennis, don't come to TTW General Pro Player Discussion forum.
  2. Wander

    AO’20 QF Men’s Singles: (3) R Federer (SUI) vs Tennys Sandgren

    Not really. Ovechkin could pass Gretzky's goals record but no-one will ever get close to his points record. That one is not, and never will be under any threat.
  3. Wander

    When you think about the Big3 in 25-30 years, which player besides them will you remember the most of this era?

    I don't think this is really a fair assessment of Dustin. maybe in a different era, like the 70s or the 80s, his set of skills could have made him a top player, but his talents were never the right ones to make him that in today's game. His baseline game is simply not solid enough. But obviously...
  4. Wander

    Will Tennys Sandgren win a Slam?

    Better at Slams for sure, but Stakhovsky won 4 250 titles and managed a peak rank of 31. Sandgren would do well to beat that and crack top 30. I'm pretty sure this year will be his best chance.
  5. Wander

    I have a sad feeling about tommorow

    My first thought is that you must be out of your mind. Thiem going through both Nadal and Djokovic to win a hard court slam?? You really believe that? Yes, he could beat Nadal on a good day, of course. He's done it before (although never in a BO5). But winning the tournament would still be a...
  6. Wander

    Will Tennys Sandgren win a Slam?

    I think his odds of getting past quarter-finals are slim. Obviously he should have made the semis here (by virtue of some good luck - including facing a hobbled Federer - to be honest) I don't actually think it matters much that he lost this Federer match because he would've been destroyed by...
  7. Wander

    Who wins Thursday? Federer or Djokovic "Poll"

    On top of which you displayed excellent expert analysis on why there is "no way" Federer can beat Djokovic right now. Very confident. Well founded. Solid prediction based on evidently elite level knowledge of the sport.
  8. Wander

    2019 US Open Women's Final - (8.) SERENA Williams vs. (15.) BIANCA Andreescu

    One of the worst slam final performances in recent memory.
  9. Wander

    Djokovic losing bad for Federer?

    Djokovic retiring and losing is only a shame because it would have been awesome to get an another Fedovic GS match back to back.
  10. Wander

    Djokovic losing bad for Federer?

    I can't believe anyone took this clown post seriously.
  11. Wander

    What is it that Stanimal has over Djokovic which Roger and Rafa don’t have?

    You might as well ask, what is it that Rafa and Roger have that Djokovic doesn't have over Stan
  12. Wander

    Pure admiration

    There is a portion of the fan base that is offended by anyone who doesn't have him as their favourite player, but of course it is a whole lot of insanity. The fact that these people are vocal here is probably because being active on a forum kind of selects for a higher than average portion of...
  13. Wander

    Pure admiration

    Okay, I understand it if your post was aimed at people who make nasty comments. The post just made it seem like it was directed at all fans of Federer. (y)
  14. Wander

    Another tough Slam for Novak

    I don't know how you are twisting this so that Federer had it "the easiest" when: -Federer played equal most semi-finals against the big 4 -Federer played equal most semi-finals against the big 3 -Federer played the second most finals against the big 3. -Federer played the second most finals...
  15. Wander

    2019 Wimbledon SF - [1.] Novak Djokovic vs. [23.] Roberto Bautista Agut

    I've seen enough. Straight sets to Djoker.
  16. Wander

    Thiem serve vs Wawrinka serve?

    Yes, I would still give my vote for the better serve to Stan, because I think he's been a worse player off the ground as of late. Only a thought, but I wonder how accurate Thiem is on serve. Perhaps he just doesn't hit the spots quite enough to be an "elite" server.
  17. Wander

    Thiem serve vs Wawrinka serve?

    I believe stats point towards Wawrinka being marginally more effective on serve.
  18. Wander

    All the men's Wimbledon QF players are 28 or older

    Zero post 1990-born players in the final 8. The only three younger than 28 to even make the final 16 were Sandgren (27), Berrettini (23) and Humbert (21) and the only two true youngsters folded with no resistance to Roger and Novak. May I offer that this is an absolutely pathetic display by the...
  19. Wander

    Zverev overrated?

    What do you mean "progress"? So far what we have seen has been regression. Doesn't mean it won't get better again, but he doesn't look like a future Grand Slam winner right now.
  20. Wander

    Nadal's Multiple Majors on all Surfaces will never be repeated

    It will happen again sooner than you think and it won't be a big deal because whoever achieves it will be 'merely' a mid tier ATG.
  21. Wander

    Rafael Nadal's volley encyclopaedia

    Nobody has claimed these things. The only statement I am making is that he is better than the tour average as a response to ClayQueen's "No one can come up with any proof of Federer being a competent volleyer. "
  22. Wander

    Rafael Nadal's volley encyclopaedia

    The ATP doesn't have **** for stats. But Tennisabstract has something. In all his career charted matches (431 have been charted so far), Federer has played 12463 net points, winning 70% of them vs. 68% tour average. This despite the fact that he comes to the net more often than the tour average...
  23. Wander

    Rafael Nadal's volley encyclopaedia

    Stats indicate that Roger is a very competent volleyer.
  24. Wander

    If Tsonga had a backhand.....

    He's always been like that.
  25. Wander

    Let's Face It: Someone Besides Nadal Already Betterer Than Djokovic and Federer at Roland Garros

    I don't really believe in these "achieved by this age" - comparisons. ;)
  26. Wander

    Let's Face It: Someone Besides Nadal Already Betterer Than Djokovic and Federer at Roland Garros

    Not yet, but after Nadal retires, and he has a free route to win RGs, sure.
  27. Wander

    Roland Garros is Big3/4's best Slam

    7 is a number arbitrarily chosen by you to be the cut off point for a concept that has no strict definition.