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  1. jhick

    What should I string with?

    Snapped my trusty old syn gut strings last night that I've been using for about 5 years since switching over from full poly after I was dealing with a bad case of TE. I had picked up some Babolat Origin on sale and also was just gifted a set of ALU power. Initially I was planning to string...
  2. jhick

    New Shoe Recommendations

    Hello...I've worn out my last pair of Asics Resolution 5's which have really helped my feet and knees in the past. Looking for a replacement but tried my sons Resolution 7's (we have simlar size feet) and wasn't as much of a fan. They actually were fitting tighter than the Res 5's. So I guess...
  3. jhick

    Stringing business

    Hi, I have a 12 yr old son whose expressed interest in learning how to string racquets. I've had a cheap Klippermate drop weight that has served me well for close to 30 years. These days, I just string my own and my boys racquets, but back in college and post college I used to occasionally...
  4. jhick

    My Son's Racquet String

    Recently I got my 12 yr old son a new Babolat Aeropro 19 and he likes the racquet but telling me he's not fond of the string. The racquet was part of a junior deal from Babolat that came with choice of string, bag, 2 shirts, and hat. The string I purchased was Babolat Addiction...
  5. jhick

    Racquet suggestions

    Hi, I currently play with an old Head liquidmetal radical OS but as I get older (turn 45 this year) and starting to realize I could use some more pop on my strokes. I just demoed a Pro Staff 97 and while I really liked it for topspin ground strokes and serves & overheads, I didn't like it that...
  6. jhick

    Another Overgrip thread

    Hi, I am currently using Yonex Supergrap and like it for my own use. However, my son has used it and wears it out quickly, so I'm running through these grips fast. Is there a grip similar in feel (semi tacky), that lasts longer? Suggestions? Thanks.
  7. jhick

    New Racquet for my son

    My son is 8 (will be 9 in August) and has adjusted to a regulation (27") sized racquet. He is a big Federer fan and thus he has wanted me to buy him a WIlson Pro Staff racquet. But after demo-ing those racquets I've finally convinced him that the racquet is too heavy for more money...
  8. jhick

    Tennislink website

    What happened to the website? I used to be able to look up historical scores/results going back to early 2000's. Now only the last 2 years are available. Anyone else notice this recent change? :confused:
  9. jhick

    Best Shoes for stiff knees

    I've been struggling this year with some knee stiffness and ankle soreness. My current shoes are starting to fall apart so I'm thinking of getting some new ones. Any recommendations on some good tennis shoes? Thanks.
  10. jhick

    Stiff knees

    Since turning 40 last year, I have been dealing with more muscle stiffness, especially in my knees. When I slightly bend my knees (such as when I go to serve) or running around the court, I have pain and while it's not unbearable, it's not comfortable either. Because of this, I feel like I'm...
  11. jhick

    ******* Road Trip

    The first leg of the trip my family are hoping to drive from Rochester MN to Indianapolis. Looks like it will take a little over 8 hours according to the map. I’m wondering if I should bother at all with Chicago or just bypass by taking southbound I-39/51 through Bloomington and catching I-74...
  12. jhick

    RIP Harmon Killebrew
  13. jhick

    USTA 4.5 High School Player 3-Star

    Does anyone know what the self rating rules are for high school players who are 18? One of the teams (not the one I'm on) is trying to find out if a guy who hits with our group can self rate at a 4.5. He is a 3 star and looks like he has verbally committed to Washington U (St. Louis) D3 next year.
  14. jhick

    Any PT fans here?

    Can't get enough of them. One of my favorites of late:
  15. jhick

    Help with new racquet recommendation

    I am looking for a new racquet after one of my old original Wilson skunk racquets (made in the 90's) accidentally cracked while playing recently. My experience is that once I find a racquet I like, I don't change often. While testing and demo-ing(? ) new models, I've noticed that many of...