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    All racquets have suddendly increased about $30! Why is this???

    because we are all a bit delusional. I've hit with the Goran Prestige, a bunch of the newer Prestige, Graphene etc and it's not better than the older prestige. I've hit with the 6.1 Pro Staff Classic and a ton of Pro Staffs and they aren't noticeably different.
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    What former player's status on GOAT and ATG lists would be changed most by adding one particular win to their resume?

    Lesson learned don't do stupid stuff to turn a crowd of 10000+ people against you Mcenroe in 1984 cruising and did something to ignite the crowd against him Hingis French Open against Graf, Graf had the chink in the armor there and Hingis was rolling. She kept complain over 1 line call...
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    Slinger tennis ball machine

    Look at the video looks like only one wheel and the ball is squeezed between the wheel and the metal plate. I don't know if they are just happy with the millions of dollars they got, minus the cost to get these out or if they are going to disrupt the tennis machine industry.
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    40 and over how to win with four courts

    That's almost an afterthought with 1D being the tiebreaker, I'm not keen on the rules but after a 2-2 tie, does it go down to sets, games, game %, and if somehow that happens to all tie out it's 1D winner? That's so far down the list I'm not sure anyone can account for that.
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    anyone playing with blackout at lower tensions like 40ish?
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    Slinger tennis ball machine

    The video looks like it's going to be a crap product. It's only one wheel/then the ball is press against a metal plate. Lobster, Tutor, Silent Partner, every other company uses 2 feeding wheels for speed/spin. If one wheel was better they would have saved costs, weight, the machine would run...
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    Serves going long by a few inches. Lead tape to pull serves down? At 12 or 10 and 2?

    I'm not looking for serve advice, especially on tt forum. Even pros miss long often.
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    Slinger tennis ball machine

    I'd like to see a review of these with those who have owned a lobster or tennis tutor. This thing looks slow and looks like it'll break pretty quickly.
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    Serves going long by a few inches. Lead tape to pull serves down? At 12 or 10 and 2?

    I probably serve around 50% or less 1st serves. Most of the misses are long by a few inches. Where do I put the lead tape to help this? 12 or 10 and 2?
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    Do pickeball lines on tennis courts bother you?

    where is that? that's a huge facility
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    What do advanced doubles hand signals look like?

    what do you use for the signal to fake poach
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    Low Tension Club under 40lbs

    the ball flys all over the place
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    Broke MonoGut twice in one set. Done with this delicate junk.

    Manually prestretched it, strung in the mid 40s. Actually strung it on the cross, because it was too delicate in the mains. hit an overhead right in the sweetspot broke 2 center cross strings. Previously I broke 2 or 3 of them just stringing it. And one I broke the it strung in the mains...
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    Black Friday Sale - High Speed Video Camera

    Is this better than an iPhone X?
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    More control and less movement with multifilament string?

    yes I was stringing it slowly and even when complete, I've hit with one perfectly fine for awhile and one that was a new string job, hit a hard overhead in the middle of the sweetspot and the string broke right in the sweetspot. I did like the string but not worth the trouble.
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    More control and less movement with multifilament string?

    I strung zyex monogut at 52lbs and it it broke on me 3 times halfway through the string job. Only string that has been that fragile
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    Why Agassi, one the greatest returners of all time, struggled with Sampras serve?

    because the guy with the ball makes the first move and the other guy has to react and if your delivery is that good everyone has trouble with it.
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    Multi or Multi feeling string that doesn't fray? Or a Poly that feels like multi?

    is there a color that is better the black or white?
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    Commentators during Fed-Djok SF said Fed was no longer doing some of the off court things the elite players do. Thoughts?

    I can't even imagine what their body must go through in a 5 set match against the best in the world. Good for him, maybe save his body for wimbledon or the USopen
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    1HBH takeback/backswing: Straight arm or bent arm?

    this is correct, if you are late you're elbow is the weak point (if your grip is strong enough) not only is the shot bad but a bent elbow on the backhand is a recipe for tennis elbow
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    The BS about famous coaches posted here

    Coach is one thing, miracle worker is another
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    The BS about famous coaches posted here

    at Indian Wells I once shouted to Steve Johnson to hit a topspin backhand. How do I collect on my coaching fee?
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    What's your favorite leather grip?

    ha sometimes ignorance is bliss,
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    What's your favorite leather grip?

    No love for Gamma? I just get that because it's cheap on amz, got no complaints
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    Nadal to chair umpire "You don't like the good tennis"

    Should be like in basketball if over the 24 second clock you forfeit the ball. Player should forfeit the point once you go over the clock, it shouldn't be subjective either. It should be obvious yes or no rule. The umpires if done correctly should have just been tough about this rule from the...
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    1HBH takeback/backswing: Straight arm or bent arm?

    straight arm is the future imo for both sides. It keeps you locked in so there is never a chance of bent elbow at or near contact which makes for a weaker shot. Imo straight arm and strong more extreme grip. Look at Grigor his is a slightly weaker grip and bent and he hits it poorly because...
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    Chinese Ball Machines

    no way . as someone said just get a tennis tutor or lobster they are built like tanks
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    Best string for Wilson RF97 autograph?

    Heard a lot of good things about VCT 16 I might try it in a cross