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  1. Keendog

    The beauty of pendulum take back ( forehand )

    WTH are you calling me out for? This thread is the definition of the blind leading the blind. Post #123 curious old forehand, you would be mad to say this style isn't working better for him and he thinks he has a better feel for it. Talk about loops and ATP pros all you like, doesn't make a...
  2. Keendog

    The beauty of pendulum take back ( forehand )

    I think this is the best forehands I've seen you hit @Curious Tsitsitpas uses his left hand to change grip and thats about it. Getting tired is hosh tosh.
  3. Keendog

    The beauty of pendulum take back ( forehand )

    Utter bull. Don't watch Tsitispas then
  4. Keendog

    Artificial Grass with Sand Surface...

    Never used to like it cos the old buggers would slice low on it over and over but used to it now. They are good and quick, soft on the knees compared to hard court and when it rains you can often still get out there as soon as it stops. Also easy to maintain compared to clay, clubs just cannot...
  5. Keendog

    Best Way To Wipe Gunk Off Of a Racket?

    Warm soapy water, no solvents no abrasives, unless you like that raw carbon fibre look...
  6. Keendog

    Time i takes to learn to play well

    Ouch, now that is a low blow
  7. Keendog

    Time i takes to learn to play well

    Bit rich coming from a Vanhalen fan in 2020
  8. Keendog

    what is best tennis book you like?

    The blurb just sounds over the top self help stuff. Like The Secret crap Oprah viewers lap up
  9. Keendog

    what is best tennis book you like?

    As in a good read or did you actually make changes in your life from it?
  10. Keendog

    Heavy racket serves

    Youre doing it wrong
  11. Keendog

    4.5 to 5.0 path for women

    I won't tell you it's impossible or possible, but what it looks like is beating and somewhat dominating every person you play now in 4.5. So what will help you do that? First thing should be a dominating serve that gets you lots of free points. As you age chasing down balls becomes less viable...
  12. Keendog

    Tennis does not change. 100% of Vic Braden's Tennis for the Future (1977) applies in 2020

    I think if you watch Kyrgios his timing is basically start with weight on back foot and move forward from there, as opposed to most players start with weight on front then shift to back foot then front foot again
  13. Keendog

    Tennis does not change. 100% of Vic Braden's Tennis for the Future (1977) applies in 2020

    That is exactly what vic advocated, hitting the ball at the apex. While John says many players may be rushed by that it is better than the other extreme you see sharapova etc in an ultra high toss or alternatively, up together and pause in trophy which he explicitly said wasn't good. Kyrgios is...
  14. Keendog

    Please critique my strokes!

    I think OP checked out
  15. Keendog

    1HBH takeback/backswing: Straight arm or bent arm?

    He is saying it is a semi western, the v between his thumb and first finger is sitting right on the edge of bevel 2 and 3. Some people call this strong eastern
  16. Keendog

    RF97a molded handle and weight

  17. Keendog

    RF97 Hybrid set up ideas

    So right now have VS Gut 16G mains and 120mm Alu Power crosses, marketed as Alu Power Feel. Feel plays like rough but a bit more consistent through its life and less notching into the gut. With 16 gauge gut gives it a little more control and a little less lively than 17 gauge. Was strung at...
  18. Keendog

    Wilson RF97A

    I have a thread on this I'll bump if I can find it
  19. Keendog

    Wilson RF97A

    Alu Power soft holds tension better than other Alu strings I meant. TWU has the stats. 4G hybrid sucked in this frame for me, had to cut it out. As did PTP hybrid. I liked those in other frames though. Tried Alu, Alu Rough, Alu Feel and now about to try Alu soft
  20. Keendog

    Jhreamer's Progress Thread

    WTH that serve hurts my shoulder just looking at it, but probably not as much as it must hurts your nuts! Please don't follow through between your legs, that is not a good idea.
  21. Keendog

    How to do this FH shot

    Is he playing hopscotch? I've never seen anyone hit like that, probably the worst shots I've ever seen on youtube
  22. Keendog

    Wilson RF97A

    Alu Power Soft is better for tension loss and isnt stiff as old harry (4G)
  23. Keendog

    18 x 20 racquets and 1HBH advice.

    Try lead at 3 and 9. Most obvious thing between those racquets assuming there isn't a glaring technical deficiency is probably stability and OHBH is sensitive as there is not a lot behind the racquet and only one hand holding it stable.
  24. Keendog

    Please critique my strokes!

    Hey mate this is what I think in general. Erratic balls often means the full racquet face is not facing where you want the ball to go for a very long time throughout the swing. Yours appears to go from face pointing down to forwards to windshield wiper very quickly which would give you a very...
  25. Keendog

    Return of the return

    Exercise: Whenever you practice serve make sure you finish the motion by catching the racquet in your off hand and doing a split step every single time. Soon it will become habit and you will ball watch less
  26. Keendog

    Working on my FH (video 2020)

    They showed a stat on the broadcast they were averaging 2 feet over the net, this was for supposed flat hitting into the wind where the commentators claimed nadal was flattening the ball out more into the wind. So still a fair bit of margin. I think Wilander might be making a comparison to how...
  27. Keendog

    Good videos

    Well, nothing!
  28. Keendog

    Good videos

    You're starting to sound like Curious... 8-B