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  1. flyinghippos101

    Will SABR ever catch on for the rest of the tour?

    I remember everybody being particularly excited when SABR bursted onto the scene in 2015 for being so novel, but effective. I also wondered to myself if a shot like this could ever be a surprise shock tactic employed by the rest of the tour beyond just a niche group of players with the strong...
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    Best and Worst Big 4 Match-ups?

    Delete Mods plz
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    Best and Worst Big 4 Match-ups?

    Based on my incredibly subjective opinions on tennis, here are my takes on the Big-four match-ups. Best Match-ups Federer - Djokovic As a whole, I think Fed-Djok is the most intriguing rivalrly simply because of how closely they match up. This means overall a fairly high level of play (albeit...
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    Obviously Roger's form has a lot to do with that beard he's rocking, ala 2005. Discuss
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    Why are Federer Fans still disappointed?

    I almost feel like its a cliche at this point to have to continually remind us Fed-fans this: Federer has 17 GRAND SLAMS, the most of all male players in open-era history and is arguably one of the most competitive players in history for his age and the fact that he made TWO slam finals this...
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    Best Non-Big 4 Player when they're "on" (Minus Stanimal)

    Besides Wawrinka, whom we all know and love as Stanimal when he engages beast mode, who's the second best player when they're zoning in not part of the "Big Four"? My most obvious choices would probably be Tsonga, Berdych, and Monfils in that order. Tsonga has scored big wins against the...
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    Tennis at Correctional facilities

    Not sure if this has been shared already, but a cool video showing how tennis is used for recreational purposes for rehabilitating inmates
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    Murray win never win against Murray again

    Murray has become the new Nadal for Murray. He will lose to him every time from now on. He'll have his occasional triumphs, but more often that not, Murray will lose to himself and disappoint his fans on every occasion. Yes, I know what you're thinking; I'm half joking/half-not. It's getting...
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    Who was more awful? Cilic or Murray?

    The most lop-sided WTF RR I've ever seen. True, Djok and Fed beasted their matches. But Murray and Cilic were equally lousy and had they played their normal levels would have made the matches far more competitive. But now the question remains: who was worse in their match?
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    Moving to Berlin during the Summer! What to expect?

    Hey TT'ers! Haven't been on in a while due to a really busy semester, but since then I've managed to find an internship in Berlin! I'm really excited, but I have no idea what i'm getting myself into, specifically the neighbourhoods and housing. My internship is in Kreuzburg, and I'm...
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    Japan Open Final: Raonic v. Del Potro GRUDE MATCH SHOWDOWN

    We all know what went down in Montreal; let's hope we see Delpo channel that inner giant fury so we get a good match, or a beat-down. I'm fine with both. Thoughts? Opinions? The soapbox is yours ladies and gents. PS. I'm also aware I spelled grudge wrong. Don't hate
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    Worst Year for Grand Slam finals in the Past 10 Years?

    I know I come off as whiny, but to be frank this year's crop of grand slam finals have been not-so-great. But at the same time, they're been preceded by slick grand-slam semis. Lumping this year's finals as among the most uninspiring in the last decade would admittedly be premature, but the US...
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    The Communal Music Sharing Thread

    I was just going through some random indie james on a couple of youtube playlists studying. And I figured since we already had that rap thread all about disparaging music, why not counterbalance the negativity with a more positive thread about sharing good music with each other? Feel free to...
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    Fed-Tsonga WTF Final

    whoops; scrap her mods
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    Getting into law school?

    To all TT lawyers, I'm a first year university student and have for years been really interested in doing something in criminal law after uni. I was just wondering, what should I be mindful of in the coming years to maximize my chances of going into law school and how can I build a good base of...
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    Rate the quality of this year's slams finals (from 1-10)

    Australian Open Final: 3 Some decent rallies and was competitive up till like 4-4. Then Murray decide to just completely check out mentally after blowing that one long rally on his game at 5-4. From there it was just him moping around and being a baby. Easily the worst slam final of the year...
  17. flyinghippos101

    How many more matches till Rafa figures out Novak?

    Nadal seems to have no answer to Djokovic and hasn't been able to crack the Novak puzzle all year. Nadal looked like he was coming out with something different against Novak at the beginning of that US Open match but then he just got thrashed :? How much longer can we expect this streak to...
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    Djokovic's MTO, how much did it effect the match?

    A good match overall but you can't help but feel Nadal's momentum he had going into the set was totally disrupted by Djok's medical. Sure according to the tournament director, it wasn't against the rules but Novak certainly didn't look injured by the last few games.
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    Murray today: I was impressed.

    Not gonna lie, Murray showed a lot of fight and for that he deserve mad props. Sure he had his usual implosions in that first and second set that cost him the match but to empty the tank to take that third set and forth it to the third was very... "un-murray" like. I also thought saving those...
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    DJOKOVIC VS. NADAL #6 : ~-The 2011 US Open FINAL-~

    Well, it's official. I think this may be slam #3 for Djokovic this year but hoping for Rafa to pull out the win. So for the 6th time this year, I shall be cheering for the Vamossinator.
  21. flyinghippos101

    Player you want the most to make a final push at Slams?

    For the most part we're beginning to witness the main guys of Federer's generation start their downward spiral as they reach the twilight years of their career (Fed included) Watching Davydenko play Fish and getting bageled, its kinda sad seeing once great players becoming a shadow of their...
  22. flyinghippos101

    Federer out, Tournament is Djok's to lose

    Tsonga played lights out tennis and absolutely crushed Fed in the third. Interesting to see how far he goes this tourny, but now the entire championship is Djok's to lose now that his side of the draw is now open.
  23. flyinghippos101

    Top Newcomer of the Year (So far)?

    This year so far has been a good one. The younger guys have finally began making their move into the top echelon of players and we're getting a glimpse of what's to come in the near distant future. At the moment I can think of four guys that have so far made the most progress Milos Raonic (CAN)...
  24. flyinghippos101

    Is Nadal's 2011 thus far equivalent to Federer's 2008?

    The parallels between Federer's 2008 and Nadal's year so far are very striking; assuming Nadal does not win the US Open which is a very good possibility. The most obvious similarities I can think of include: - Both men dominating the previous season and was going into their respective years as...
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    Djokovic is dismantling Nadal's legacy

    Even if Djokovic finishes up with slightly less grand slams than Nadal, say 8, he has beaten Nadal in so many finals it will be impossible to claim Nadal is the better player, much less the Greatest Of All Time. Kind of proves 2003-2007 really was a weak era too, as soon as Djokovic came into...
  26. flyinghippos101

    What the French Open did for Federer

    At this moment, Rafa seems to be in a prime position to take his 6th French in four sets against Federer. Rafa I feel has benefited a great deal from this tournament; he's shown that the real champions find ways to win even during their worst days and today, his convincing performance is to be...
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    Rafa and Tony

    Do you think the partnership is helping Rafa or should he fire Tony and move on?
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    University Discussion Thread

    I thought since there seems to be a good congregation of people around the same age on the forums (seniors) , I thought it would be a good thread for discussion on University, admittance, future plans, applications, etc. etc. Might be even a good reference thread for future prospective uni...
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    Your opinion on players changing nationalities for more funding?

    I remember listening to a discussion between a few tennis analysts during Raonic's run at the AO about Greg Rusedski and players changing nationalities in general. It's not a foreign concept, we already had a handful of players opting to do so, mainly to receive better funding from a different...
  30. flyinghippos101

    R. Berankis V. M. Raonic

    Clash of the up and comers. Who's gonna win this?