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  1. jhick

    1st USTA 4.5 match experience and post match bliss

    It's good to learn to play doubles as you age. I guess the transition of going to doubles was a bit easier for me as I played it in high school and college and my game (tall lefty with a good serve, aggressive style who likes the net) works well in doubles. Even so, there was an initial...
  2. jhick

    Who is Jessica Simpson?

    Pretty sure she's not related to O.J. :unsure:
  3. jhick

    1st USTA 4.5 match experience and post match bliss

    I should add that since having kids I mostly play doubles. I can keep up with most college kids in doubles, but at my age (46) I would have more trouble hanging with young guys in singles.
  4. jhick

    1st USTA 4.5 match experience and post match bliss

    Yes. I've played 4.5 for over 20 years now, briefly getting bumped to 5.0 in the late 2000's (then was able to auto appeal back down to 4.5 after 1 season). Before that I played D3 on a weaker college team. Would have been #1 my senior year but our program got cut in the mid 90's due to title...
  5. jhick

    1st USTA 4.5 match experience and post match bliss

    Here is a link to the questionnaire. We had a 4.5 a few years ago who played at Gustavus (a D3 college powerhouse, typically top 10 nationally ranked). He wasn't in their top 6 so he played on their JV squad...
  6. jhick

    1st USTA 4.5 match experience and post match bliss

    I don't know what the official rules are specifically for recent grads of D2, but just because you're D2 doesn't automatically make you a 5.0+. Within any divison, there are weaker college tennis teams, and depending on the circumstances (where the player played in the lineup or perhaps he...
  7. jhick

    Do pickeball lines on tennis courts bother you?

    In college, some of our courts were used for pick up floor hockey. Also skateboards and roller blades.
  8. jhick


    Do you start your matches with the chant "We are Farmers, bum, badum, bum, bum, bum, bum"?
  9. jhick

    1st USTA 4.5 match experience and post match bliss

    First match ever in USTA, or first match at the 4.5 level? What is your tennis background? Did you play college?
  10. jhick

    I play Division III college tennis, AMA

    QFT. Large majority of D3 players are 4.5 (with some 4.0's on weaker teams). Top guys are 5.5s, but those are usually guys who could have played D1 but chose D3.
  11. jhick

    Things you read on TT that you don't see anywhere else

    "Axel Geller will be top 10 in ATP tour, just remember that." - Nostradamus
  12. jhick

    ITA Indoors

    Delusional much? The tree hasn't been feared in many years by top teams at least. Stanford women are a different story. Maybe you should put your chips in that pot and stop with the nonsense about the men's team which is an afterthought each and every year.
  13. jhick

    Big 10 Tennis

    I indirectly know of this kid. Played one year as a 7th grader at my alma mater and mom has played USTA with my sisters.
  14. jhick

    I'm not a professional tennis player. Ask me anything!

    De Minaur disapproves.
  15. jhick

    I'm not a professional tennis player. Ask me anything!

    Breadstick will suffice
  16. jhick

    Men vs women play rating.

    In my experience, a 4.5 woman is typically a half level lower than a 4.5 man. Usually women are not used to the pace and serves that you see at the 4.5 male level. However, this does not always hold true as some women are better than others at handling pace and spin.
  17. jhick

    Martina Navratilova .vs. USTA adult male. ?

    Perhaps there is not much difference in service speeds, but I've played in a couple of wood racquet tournaments and serves and overheads are by far the toughest shots to transition to. Wood totally neutralizes my normally dominant shot and double faults go up quite a bit. Baseline ground...
  18. jhick

    Martina Navratilova .vs. USTA adult male. ?

    My opinion just from anecdotal evidence is that for the most part, there is not a huge difference in ratings between regions. With that said, regions that have larger participation have an advantage purely because they have a larger pot to pull from, thus more depth and opportunity to create a...
  19. jhick

    Martina Navratilova .vs. USTA adult male. ?

    I don't have as much experience as you, but when I played at nationals at 4.5 in '09 and we won it all, almost all of the teams were very evenly matched. We had a number of 3-2 nailbiter wins.
  20. jhick

    Martina Navratilova .vs. USTA adult male. ? sister is a high level 4.5 and looked up her UTR and she's a 7. She's pretty much exclusively plays 9.0 mixed so maybe that has something to do with the scoring algorithm.
  21. jhick

    Huge Congrats to Lloyd Harris for his first ever ATP Final !!!!

    I was watching the semifinal last night. Was hoping Tommy Paul would win but good results for both of those players. Interestingly, I looked up the current rankings and Paul (90) and Harris (91) are ranked right next to each other. Both of them had to get through qualifying as well.
  22. jhick

    What are your other fave sports and hobbies?

    Piano Golf Bowling Occasional Basketball, Softball or Volleyball (just pickup games) Board Games Spectator Sports Fishing/Hunting
  23. jhick


    Huge Rush fan. The obsession started in High School in the late 80's. Presto was my first album...I think it was on cassette tape. I can't tell you how many times the 2 set CD Chronicles was played during college. La Villa Strangiato became a favorite instrumental.
  24. jhick

    NCAA Football 2019: Season 5 of The Clembama Duopoly

    Was pleased to see my Gophs put on a pretty complete game against Auburn yesterday. Everything was working except for a couple of turnovers and the long kickoff return which kept Auburn from getting blown out. WR Tyler Johnson had a massive game and spectacular TD reception in the back of the...
  25. jhick

    Retirement location

    Are you talking about the same island that was recently devastated by Hurrican Dorian?
  26. jhick

    Quick look re: Christmas

    Yep. Pretty much every Holiday started off from Pagan traditions (minus the Thanksgiving that celebrated in the USA). Then Christian ideas were mingled in to make it more palatable for pagans. Based on the John the Baptist's birth it is believed that Jesus's birth did not occur on Dec 25, but...
  27. jhick

    Manager ruining things

    Ha Ha! Office Space is the first thing I thought of when reading the OP initial post...specifically this scene