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  1. pcpshortbus

    any upenn players out there?

    wondering if there are any upenn players on here? im going up to stay at the campus for a month and was wondering if anyone knew any places to hit or players to hit with. i am a good player (dont know how to rate myself on the number scale), but i play mens opens and a few futures in south florida.
  2. pcpshortbus

    anybody know the specs of the prince cts synergy 24 mid plus (oldschool stick)

    like the title says, does anyone know the specs on the racket? the racket only lists the string pattern (14/18.) and the suggested tension range for the racket (50/65). it is obviously a mid plus, but does anyone know any other specs than what i listed?
  3. pcpshortbus

    can the babolat competition duffle bag fit rackets?

    i am looking to buy a new bag and i am looking for something with more room for clothes and shoes than a normal tennis bag. i am now using a wilson super six kfactor ltd edition white bag. i came across the babolat team line competition bag...
  4. pcpshortbus

    fix the handle on a racket?

    i got an old racket from my coach and it is used up a bit. the only problem that i need to fix to make it playable is that the handle is missing the butcap completely. it is not that the butcap itself is missing, but as if it had been sawed off. the grip is a bit shorter than what it should be...
  5. pcpshortbus

    fed shoes

    looks like there are some more of federers shoes up on the bay... the limited editions RF ones. somebody bought a pair for $900!
  6. pcpshortbus

    04 safin adidas shirt

    looking for the 2004 adidas shirt marat wore at madrid. it is white with the three stripes down the back and by the collar. email me if you have it at
  7. pcpshortbus

    head flexpoint prestige

    will the head flexpoint prestige go on sale with the arrival of the microgels? i am particularly looking at the midplus. thank you
  8. pcpshortbus

    lesson pricing

    a friend of mine asked if i could start giving him lessons on a weekly basis. i play juniors and train about 4 hours a day. i know what good technique is and i know what the right shots to take are and i can definitly communicate them well to this person. how much do you think would be a good...
  9. pcpshortbus

    new atp apparel

    hi tennis warehouse, i was wondering if there will be any more of the atp logo t shirts in green in a size other than small or 2x large? im looking for a medium... thanks in advance
  10. pcpshortbus

    retro tennis shoes

    yeah i just got some old school shoes there so cool... nike air zoom courtposite for 40 bux at a tennis shop. anyone have (most likely had) any experience with these shoes?
  11. pcpshortbus

    white k factor bag

    federers been using a new k factor bag in white they look real nice and seem to be the new version of the old ncode limited edition bags. im not sure how to post images but you can see a couple of rough pictures of them on getty images if you search roger federer
  12. pcpshortbus

    Adidas Men's Winter YOC Polo

    are you guys gonna order some more of these? i wear a medium in both the shorts and shirt and was wondering if you guys were gonna get some more of these cus there arent any in my size. thanks a lot
  13. pcpshortbus

    new wilson string

    sorry if anyone has already asked or mentioned it, but is super spin a new string? i went to my local tennis shop yesterday to get some new shoes and saw it so i decided to get it. itll be strung today so if it IS new, i can put a review if you guys want. thanks
  14. pcpshortbus

    anyone know where i can find these shoes?

    like the title says does anyone know where to find these shoes?
  15. pcpshortbus

    fed up with shoes breaking!

    does any one know any really really really long lasting shoes? dont recomend the barricade IV cus those just broke in a week for me... anyone know of any good shoes for durability?
  16. pcpshortbus

    mi adidas

    i vistited new york last weekend and when i was there i got some mi adidas... there customized barricade 4s. i got them in silver orange and black... im really excited lol. please dont flame im just excited to have shoes no one else will have!
  17. pcpshortbus

    xbox 360

    man these look pretty cool and im thinking of getting one... anyone have one? whenever i look at something like a sidekick or an xbox for fun i always end up wanting to buy one and cant stop thinking about it for like a week or until i get it lol... any experiences with the system?
  18. pcpshortbus

    nike air zoom revive

    has anyone tried out these shoes? how do they feel? are they comfortable? doe the soles actually last or do they break fast? the last pair of nikes i got lasted less than a week and i want to make sure these dont do the same thing... thanks!
  19. pcpshortbus


    so i was looking at the torrent thread by psamp14 and i already asked the question but i want to ask it again... are torrents legal? i dont like the whole limewire downloading free music thing and i dont want to download torrents if they are illegal. i want to get some match clips and stuff...
  20. pcpshortbus

    aardvark tennis

    anyone ever been there? i stopped by there last week and i got 10 pairs of dri-fit shirts cus i didnt have any (i normally use cotton nike shirts but their too small now)!! i really like that store because of the fact they have all the older shirts from 2 years ago that look really really nice...
  21. pcpshortbus

    aardvark tennis

    anyone ever been there? i stopped by there last week and i got 10 pairs of dri-fit shirts cus i didnt have any (i normally use cotton nike shirts but their too small now)!! i really like that store because of the fact they have all the older shirts from 2 years ago that look really really...
  22. pcpshortbus

    federer roddick time

    what time do federer and roddick play? is it already over???
  23. pcpshortbus

    lotto raptors black/green

    why doesnt tennis warehouse carry these anymore? are you able to order them? how do the sizes compare to the adidas barricade 4s?
  24. pcpshortbus

    where can i find the lotto raptor

    im looking for the lotto raptors in black and green but i cant find them... any one know of a store near miami that i can find them at?
  25. pcpshortbus

    andy roddick serve (yes i know its been posted)

    i know how you can tell its fake after seeing the other video posted... its his racket hes using something like the aeroblast its hard to tell cus the picutre is so bad but its definitely not the pure drive...
  26. pcpshortbus

    federer loosing steam???

    it seems like to me that federers been slacking a bit. he dropped a lot more sets this tournament than he has in most of his others, got a little angry in his matches and just doesnt seem like hes playing as good as he was a year or two ago... anybody agree? i know that he is #1 in the world...
  27. pcpshortbus

    clements stencil

    im watching espn2 and clement is playing murray but i was wondering why clement has a head stencil and then a smaller head stencil near the throat of the racket... if it was for the strings wouldnt the bigger one already be advertising it?
  28. pcpshortbus

    bob and mike bryan using technifibre???

    i was looking at the thread about major and clicked the link ( and as i was looking through the roster of players using technifibre... bob and mike bryan are there! the funny thing is in the picture they are using wilson rackets. whats up with...
  29. pcpshortbus

    best wilson strings

    what are some really good wilson strings, not including gut, that you guys would recommend? i do prefer durable strings because i pop them a lot, (i pop enduro pro in 3 days at the most) but im not too concerned about that because i am getting the strings for a really good deal. thanks a lot...
  30. pcpshortbus

    string hybrid suggestions

    right now im using enduro pro and sometimes enduro pro/sensation. im looking for a new hybrid with good feel and that is durable. enduro pro right now feels mushy and like theres no feel. any suggestions?