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    Let's discuss tennis and menstruation

    I'm still fairly new here and I'm not sure how many women frequent these boards. I'm curious to know how women feel playing tennis at various phases of their menstrual cycle. Is there anything you do to counteract the negatives? I'll start. I'm 41 and I play 2-4x per week. I play about 30%...
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    Advice on rec tennis doubles etiquette

    Fairly new poster here. I'm a 4.0 woman in my 40s looking to play my first mixed doubles round robin tournament tomorrow evening with a social tennis group I just joined. My experience was playing high school tennis (varsity, doubles then singles). In that experience, I played to win and never...
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    Backhand change after disc injury?

    I've read a few of the old threads about lumbar disc injuries, but am looking to see if there is any new insight. I'm two and a half months out from my injury and very slowly getting back into tennis. Have done PT and saw a physiatrist. PT doesn't know much about tennis, so I'm posting my...