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  1. scf

    Our friend Jason Jung reached QF in New York

    Great achievement! Outplayed high ranked players in 2 sets and now in QF vs Opelka. Good luck Jason! :)
  2. scf

    isospeed xchange hybrid

    isospeed is offering a hybrid packaged as a set or in a reel It's a package of cream and black fire. I was playing black fire full bed for some time now (a reel is almost finished). And decided to cream it a bit :) I know there are many users of cream in some form it. And I never played it. So...
  3. scf

    What DT are you playing with?

    I just received the ERT-300 and measured my TC100 strung with Yonex Poly Tour Spin 1.20 at 22kg. Play time is about 8 hours. Unexpectedly for me ERT showed the DT of 24. Unfortunately I didn't have the device during fresh string job so don't know the initial DT. Anyway, what DT are you normally...
  4. scf

    Protected ranking

    This article says that some players got into main draw because of protected ranking. Best of them are ranked in second hundred at best right now. What is protected ranking?
  5. scf

    TWU database and elasticity

    I want to find the most elastic poly strings in the strings database. But can't figure what parameter or a group of could reflect the elasticity? I guess one of them is Impact Tension Change - must be lower. Though a string could loss on impact less because of its stiffness. So probably the...
  6. scf

    Starting clamp. How important is it?

    I'm totally noob in stringing. Just have done some reading/watching and ordered a stringway ML100 with flying clamps. The thing is not clear to me is do I need an additional (starting) clamp? I guess that it's not a must, but can make the job easier. So what do I miss if I don't have it? What...