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  1. Jonnyf

    UK TT racquetaholics and tennis bums

    I think that's just the rule mate, don't think I have a memory past 1am on new years.
  2. Jonnyf

    2010 Olympic Games

    Just woke up to a pretty cool text from my dad, telling me about his night out with the GB sliding team :D He got to play with amy williams gold medal and swapped rooms with Adam Pengellie :)
  3. Jonnyf

    Glasgow -- what is good for?

    I'm glaswegian..I'm from glasgow..Lived there for 18 years but as of September 09, I spend a lot of time in Aberdeen, where I go to Uni. It's hard to say, there's Troon for the beach, that's under an hours drive. there's also scenery everywhere. I'm useless at explaining these things...
  4. Jonnyf

    Review of the Wilson Ksix One 95 18*20 CLASSIC paintjob

    Can anyone tell me the stringing instructions for this racket?
  5. Jonnyf

    Glasgow -- what is good for?

    Em, you can certainly see some costal areas- Troon for example, or scenic areas-pretty much anywhere..within an hour or 2 of Glasgow, where would you be flying to...Glasgow airport or prestwick? If it's prestwick..then you're actually on the coast at troon already. You should try find your way...
  6. Jonnyf

    2010 Olympic Games

    Horrific footage of the lugers death and well, a truly terrible event. Participation in the event would probably have been one of the happiest of his life, what a shame. Anyway, my dad's going over to work in the olympics next week, he works at all of them now.
  7. Jonnyf

    Glasgow -- what is good for?

    And my family one of the towns next to Motherwell. My best mate's from Motherwell...They don't really eat them there reality. ;)
  8. Jonnyf

    Glasgow -- what is good for?

    I really hate to ruin this for everybody....but we don't really eat these...Ever. I've certainly never had one, and I could count the number of people I know who have on one hand.
  9. Jonnyf

    roddick and GT

    When he won the US open in 2003, his racket was 310g unstrung with a 32.5cm balance. was told that by someone who had worked with his rackets.
  10. Jonnyf

    Glasgow -- what is good for?

    On behalf of all Weegies.....Thanks lads. :P Glasgow's alright, best night out in scotland-you can e-mail me if you want to know anything about Glasgow/Dundee/aberdeen
  11. Jonnyf

    Yonex Srd tour 90 review

    The SRD Tour 90 really is an amazing racket to hit with, obscenely gutted I cracked one of my 2 when just hitting with a mate. Certainly a great racket to have in the collection. Does your brother still use them, or do you think you would be able to get one from him for yourself?
  12. Jonnyf

    Meaghan Is a fantastic seller

    Thanks so much for the racket, It was sent very quickly and packaged very well. Thanks mate!
  13. Jonnyf

    Review of the Wilson Ksix One 95 18*20 CLASSIC paintjob

    That's very unusual, I've been ordering from that site for years, it's one of the UK's biggest sites and it's very, very successful. Never had a single problem with them before.
  14. Jonnyf


    A friend of mine just got terms/sponsorship with GUNNVS, I heard that they are taking applications for terms/sponsorship, has anyone heard anything about them? Some of the designs look pretty awesome....
  15. Jonnyf

    Review of the Wilson Ksix One 95 18*20 CLASSIC paintjob

    Can someone please e-mail me the name of the place that has these. Thanks so much forrest.jonny @
  16. Jonnyf

    question to those say pros apply only the new paintjob to their racquet.

    A lot of the time members of the forum have either held, or own certain pro's rackets. Which kind of let's them see that they're not what they say they are. I even own a few, some of them aren't even subtly different from the racket they're supposed to be.
  17. Jonnyf

    Best 'Epic Fail' or similar pics.

    Wow, you just linked to a video of an event...I was at ;) That's good ole' Ibrox there ;)
  18. Jonnyf

    Tsonga Racquet Change

    Aero throat's a dead give-a-way tbh. Don't know how anyone could think it's the kobra over apd's.
  19. Jonnyf

    AO SF Murray v Cilic

    Ouch! that's pretty harsh :P I think this forum could do with an influx of scottish people.
  20. Jonnyf

    AO SF Murray v Cilic

    Batz? is he a Scot? there's more of my kind?! :D
  21. Jonnyf

    AO SF Murray v Cilic

    Love it how that shot in the last game was so obscene...that Murray's celebration was pretty much standing still in awe.
  22. Jonnyf

    TRP(Troll rating program)

    No you're not. You're obviously not the GOAT troll, you're nowhere near as good as anybody. In fact, you should just retire :P
  23. Jonnyf

    No more powerpads for Fed?

    Exactly, It's a prop left there that shows up everytime they use a certain camera angle or 2. Sometimes there's an AO tennis ball under the strings.
  24. Jonnyf

    Djokovic to Sergio Tacchini

    Pfft, That's even offensive to 17 year olds, it's more likely to have been 5 year olds. Who would design that crap? It's hideous imho
  25. Jonnyf

    Anybody in Aberdeen (UK)

    Hi, Just moved here from Glasgow for Uni and was wondering if there was anyone here from Aberdeen that fancies a hit?! Cheers, Jonny
  26. Jonnyf

    Where Is Your Car From?

    Hey mate, I'm 6'6-6'7 and surprisingly fit in it fine! A lot of it's because I can get the seat right back and down...Slightly harder fitting in when I've to move it forward when I've got a mate in the back! It's one of the last batch of '06 ones I think.
  27. Jonnyf

    Favorite tennis shirt of all time?

    Once saw these for sale in a Lotto shop in Italy, was so tempted to buy one, purely to own
  28. Jonnyf

    Pro's Racquets and Wilson

    I think when you've made £57 million on court alone then you don't give a flying f... whether Wilson gives you a bit more money to change off of what you've used to make all your previous money. Honestly, do you think Fed's that desperate for the money?
  29. Jonnyf

    Marin Cilic v Bernard Tomic

    Not forgetting that Kendrick is also an alright player-and not just because of his 5 setter against Nadal at wimbledon a few years ago.
  30. Jonnyf

    Marin Cilic v Bernard Tomic

    Isn't he a follower of Oscar Wegners technique on the forehand where you "find the ball" before accelerating, it's why it looks so disjointed. The theory is that it'll correct itself and look more fluid later.