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    I think I'm one of the most legit posters here...

    What goes through a person's head to make such a stupid thread like this?
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    If Novak do this one thing, he would get media's love instantly

    What are you talking about? No one gives a **** where he’s from. Most people who don’t follow tennis as closely as we do don’t even know where he’s from. His issue is not his nationality.
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    One of the scariest levels on a Grass Court

    Why would you agree with that viewpoint? You would be an imbecile to believe that.
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    GOAT Exhibition Match?

    This one by miles
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    Federer News

    Press conference at 4:15. Walkover announcement incoming. We all knew it was coming. Oh well. I'm numb to being disappointed by him at this point.
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    Federer not on practice schedule today

    I don’t look at people’s usernames. For all I know I’m calling the same person an a*shole in one thread and a kind gentleman in another.
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    Federer not on practice schedule today

    Who has made excuses? And I don’t think anyone is even saying that if he doesn’t withdraw that he would lose because of the groin injury. He has little chance of winning because of his poor form this tournament.
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    2020 Australian Open SF: Novak Djokovic [2] vs Roger Federer [3]

    I really want this match to happen, even if Fed gets slaughtered. But I have a very strong, bad feeling he’s going to announce a withdrawal today.
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    Federer looking good

    Looked great. He was in that orgasmic free flow that is the best thing to see in all of tennis. But it still doesn't matter. He can still take a turn for the worse at any random moment.
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    The Value of an Olympic Gold Medal?

    It has different subjective values for each player, but it has zero value as far as applying it to a player’s achievements since zero points are awarded for winning it. There’s no arguing around that either.
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    Federer News

    It never disappeared from his shoes, did it?
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    Is Djokovic's game more fluid than Federer's?

    This has happened several other times as well. It wasn’t a freak occurrence.
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    Game Over for Jack Sock

    Knowing how things seem to go for our boy Sock, he will be divorced in six months.
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    Thiem cements himself

    Boggles my mind how a person can have a series of thought processes that leads him to come to this forum, click to create a brand new thread, and populate it with the worthless words that OP did. Thinking those words is one thing, but actually coming to the conclusion that others will want to...
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    Roger Federer - KING of heartbreaking losses. Every year toughest loss from 2000.

    What nonsense. The whole point of discussing tennis and any sport is to either discuss the past or discuss the future by using what happened in the past.
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    I am back, in full flow...

    Never heard of you, and it’s pretty sad you think enough people do to warrant creating a thread about yourself.
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    Will we ever have a movie about the big3?

    I wouldn’t watch a tennis movie even if Scorsese directed it. Drives me ****ing nuts seeing the camera cut three times to give the illusion of the actor hitting the ball. And their form is always horrid. It’s unwatchable.
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    Anyone feel sorry for Bautista-Agut at the Laver Cup?

    Do people not understand what an alternate is?
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    Do you believe the Laver Cup matches are scripted?

    Post a video going from normal to crying.
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    Say what you will about the French Tsitsipas.

    I don't get it. What's a French Tsitsipas? Am I missing something?
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    Federer Fan Mourning Thread

    After this Wimbledon/US Open combo, I feel like I've finally given up after all these years into being really emotionally into Fed fighting to keep winning slams. I mean, I will always root for him and think he's the GOAT personally, but I feel like it's actually nearing the end for him -- and I...
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    Djokovic Must Be Fined, No Way Around It.

    They look much smaller in person. There's no way in hell Djokovic weighs more than 170.
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    Federer will not win US Open 2019

    And considering he went deep and still hasn't won in ten years, it's even more supportive of why he won't win.
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    Federer will not win US Open 2019

    Wow, what a bold, provocative prediction. What would ever make you say such a thing?
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    Thiem skipping Tokyo 2020 to vulture yet another 250 tourney

    Good for him. I enjoy an exhibition every now and then; but it's still an exhibition, and no one should be criticized for not putting in valuable time and effort into an exhibition.
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    Federer has never beaten a Wimbledon champion in the Final. Why?

    /thread And beat former 2x champion Nadal in the SF last week.