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    Tennis spy

    I thought this article was interesting. Do we need or already have something like this in tennis?
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    New WTA Players council
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    Ryan Harrison Qualies

    He got smoked in first round of Qualies today. he lost 1 and 1.
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    Bad League Coordinators

    I would love to hear stories regarding this topic.
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    Adding team after season starts

    Has anybody ever heard of adding a team after the season has started? Is there something written that forbids it or allows it?
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    Sinclair Broadcasting Group

    Did not realize they purchased Tennis Channel. Not Happy
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    Black shoes

    Does anybody have any problems with black shoes being too hot during the summer?
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    The worst match of all time?

    29 year age difference. Krumm; no winners in three sets.
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    Women's Doubles Final

    Great win for Hingis and Mirza. Hingis tennis IQ is off the charts. If she only had Murguruza's body type. should have on ESPN instead of ESPN3
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    interesting read
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    Tiebreaker comback

    Tiebreaker comeback I saw this for the first time ever. A player was up 6-0 in the second set tiebreaker and proceeded to lose the next eight points and lose the tiebreaker 8-6. has anybody else experience or witness this before. I was stunned to say the least.
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    Cost to be a Pro
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    Navy Tennis

    check out the roster. Good luck versus Texas.
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    IPFW Tennis

    Another loss for college tennis.
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    Don't play Pro Tennis

    Great article on Grantland. I would say ypu have to be in top 128 to make profit playing tennis
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    Tennis training at home

    My apologies if this has already been posted. Wow!! It will be interesting to see how far he goes.
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    18 racquets

    I was at a tennis store near my office and I asked if the Wilson 98s was in stock. He said no, a family purchased all 18 racquets. I have never heard of anybody spending that much money on racquets ever. The player that uses the racquets is a highly ranked junior in the state. C'mon 18...
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    Wilson NXT Tour 17

    I just got the strings installed about a ten days ago in my Wilson Blade Team at 54lbs to alleviate some shoulder issues. I have played about seven hours since the new string was installed. The problem is the strings are moving all over the place. Is this what I should expect with a softer...
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    Washington DC area

    If you are visiting the Washington DC area, I may be available to hit. I have been able to hit while on travel and I just want to return the favor. The people in Lansing, Indy and Baton Rouge have been great. one week notice is preferable. My email address is
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    tennis in Columbus Ohio April 20-23

    I'll be in the area, and I'm looking for 4.0-4.5 to hit with.
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    FS 3x Volkl DNX 10 mid/98

    Selling: 3 Volkl DNX 10's 8/10 condition 4 1/2 grip shipping paid for by purchaser Please contact me at for questions and offers.
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    FS (3)Volkl DNX 10 mp 4 1/2 8/10

    All racquets are 4 1/2 two Racquets are strung with BIG BANGER POWER ALU and one is strung with Babolat hurricane. $90 each plus shipping Payment by money order issued or certified check issued by a US bank only. Contact me silentkman @ yahoo dot com
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    Volkl tour 10 mp Gen 1

    I'm looking for a new frame with a 4 1/2 grip. Any info would be appreciated.