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    Nadal has shot at No. 1 this week

    Correct me if I am wrong but Thiem has more hard court titles then clay last year, pretty stupid to say a guy who won a masters and two other titles on hard in a year is a non hard courter
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    If Novak do this one thing, he would get media's love instantly

    Dont really care about strangers. Plus I enjoy when the hostile crowd gets disappointed
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    If Novak do this one thing, he would get media's love instantly

    Didn’t say that just prefer not share the good feelings, also it feels great to be around so many disappointed people when you are happy. The best part of all is that it happens so often.
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    If Novak do this one thing, he would get media's love instantly

    I love that the crowd is against him and that he is “unpopular”. Makes is so much sweeter when he wins. I would hate to be Fed fan having all the bandwagon fans cheering him on because they don’t know better, I also love chinese with a swiss flag painted on their face
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    Revisiting the debate: Serena Williams vs Steffi Graf

    I cant believe how racist tt contributors are. These results are outrageous. Serena is ahead not even close. Seles is not a case of what if, she would have caused Steffi not win at least 5-6 slams and that is conservative. The most likely scenario would be Steffi winning a couple more. I cant...
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    5 Reasons Djokovic Will Shatter Federer’s Records

    This looks more like a list of reasons he wont break the records. I dont think the tour has had so many good young players coming through in a while. This AO had some fantastic matches
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    Who is the favorite for RG this year?

    This dude is an epic troll, loves the jinx thread
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    Today convinced me that....

    epic trolling, Tennis looks pretty good right now
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    If Djokovic didn't retire against Roddick at AO09...

    Also Martin was trying to stuff his serve up
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    If Wawrinka manages to win slam #4, do you think many would prefer Stan's career over Murrays?

    Great thread it really exposes the crowd on this forum. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it’s crazy, I think Stan needs 6 to be ahead with his current resume.
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    Nadal not so nice

    The article mentions him too, besides Nadal gets off the hook in general because he plays the “not too good english” card. What he does is very premeditated in general, and this is usually missed
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    Nadal not so nice

    I think what you wrote here misses the point. I do agree about the time between points, and I definitely did my share in that regard. At the AO final last year I was in the stands yelling at Nadal, every time he was trying to slow down the server which happened many times. I am really glad this...
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    Nadal not so nice

    Just because it is happening this way doesn’t make it something that shouldn’t be criticised. They ***** themselves out and they choose to do so.
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    Nadal not so nice

    Both Rafa and Fed come across as pathetic
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    Nadal not so nice

    Pathetic that even though they have more than they could possibly spend they behave like ***** to make a little bit more
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    Nadal not so nice

    Pretty damning article
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    Australian Open Number 8 - The Impossible Dream of Novak Djokovic !?

    Who gives a f$&k about tennis, how he mugs Fedal fans off so the snowflakes need a safe space to curl into a ball
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    Kyrgios - "My motivation levels are pretty low most of the time..."

    He is a loser, RBA, smoked him. I guess he didnt get too motivated to play for Australia. And Davis cup he pulled out, I remember Lleyton not being able to walk after a davis cup much.
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    Is Rafa burning himself out in this ATP cup right before the AO?

    Preparing excuses. So soft, AO is Rafa’s to lose. He is number one
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    Best zero Slam season?

    Most enjoyable is when Fed has one of fhem
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    I sense a shift in the TIGER debate as Djoker sets aim on Rafa

    How can Fred be the middle child in this scenario is beyond me
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    This clip makes me feel sorry for Djokovic

    Remember to teach your children to hate the english
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    As an old school tennis fan who loved Sampras, Becker, Edberg, Lendl, Federer etc tsitsipas is the man for me!

    I find their on court behaviour terrible. Their game is boring too, they just whack away like wood-choppers, when it goes in it goes in
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    Exciting times in tennis coming up?

    I am making a call that next year, at this stage, looks exciting. On paper and results-wise the last 3 or 4 months point to it
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    Exciting times in tennis coming up?

    Medvedev, Zverev, Tsitsipas, Thiem, with a sprinkling of the big 3. Could be a GOAT year in 2020. Thoughts?
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    Bold prediction. Federer, Nadal or Djokovic will NOT win a single slam in 2020.

    I agree almost but nadal is a lock for fo. Draw depending, he could win 2-3. Fed is cooked, and Djokovic needs to tweak his game a bit.
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    I really hope Nadal never plays this "tournament" again

    He got the year end number 1 what else do you want? he didnt deserve to make sf on what he did out there