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  1. king of swing

    What to do when you see a guy slap a girl really hard

    and you're actually a dumbass :/ good post, exactly what I was going to say.
  2. king of swing

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    man your late. Im her age and speak her language... sorry just looks like you old timers cant keep up ;-)
  3. king of swing

    Post pictures of your desktop "setup"

    hopefully switching to the ubuntu 9.04 soon
  4. king of swing

    Mac vs Windows [Merged]

    whatever guys. Ubuntu PWNS YOU ALL!!!!!!! :D Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope FTW
  5. king of swing

    **official Dunlop M-fil 200 Club/thread**

    Ive got both... I would deff. say the mfill 200. It feel soo much more solid than the lm rad. It pancakes much more than the lm, probably becuase of the wieght. Volleys are unbelievable, and serves are like a scapel, and to me it seems like there is more spin... idk why, but thats my feeling...
  6. king of swing

    **official Dunlop M-fil 200 Club/thread**

    Im using just using one slazenger og on the bare pallet. I love playing like that :D I wouldnt know about the ag200 tho, never swung it :(
  7. king of swing

    what happened to danny?

    Were you boarding in the nevada's? Yeah you do look skinnier.... but also reallly ripped. did you happen to toss in some roids to your diet? :D
  8. king of swing

    **official Dunlop M-fil 200 Club/thread**

    So I got this baby for 15 bucks. Yup it was a steal. My friend bought two apdc for a hundred bucks so he was willing to let this off for 15$. Im switching from a LM Rad. This thing is so much nicer. The wieght of the thing really crushes the ball. and it is alot more arm friendly than the...
  9. king of swing

    So my mother had a heart attack...

    Ill be praying. I almost lost my dad this time last year.... It was a heart attack too. He spent a couple weeks in the hospital, got a pacemaker, and he just got back his job last month.... He was almost gone that first day. The doctor had to super chill him, basically bring him down to 90...
  10. king of swing

    Roddick Pulls out of Dubai: Disagrees w/ UAE's Peer ban

    im impressed with andy. Andy Roddick isnt the first person in tennis you think of to stand up for moral principles. Im very proud of him, deffinitly respect him more
  11. king of swing


    was that you in the new ex03 review? or did you take Roddick up on his regimen? lean, meaner and more ripped. :D btw: those ballistecs dont look as bad as I thought they would.
  12. king of swing

    Best Cell Phone Company

    ohh. i was leaning toward Verizon but its apparently required to get email and web if you get blackberry's.
  13. king of swing

    Best Cell Phone Company

    Hey guys would you mind chiming in on which company you like best? me and my sis are trying to make a discion and im just wondering what the wonderful folks at ttw have to say.
  14. king of swing

    What Do You Get When You Have a 4.0 Hit with a 5.5?

    wow. Tony is amazing, sounds like a gunshot on his forehand
  15. king of swing

    FS: Two Volkl DNX 10 Mids 93 sq in. (4 1/2 grip)

    is that 80 shipped for both?
  16. king of swing

    AG100 review

    :( no prob. I am looking foward to the 4d review. I've swung it a couple times now and its a very nice stick
  17. king of swing

    AG100 review

    yeah I figured, but it sure would be a nice review
  18. king of swing

    AG100 review

    are you guys ever planning to review this racket? I know there is plenty of good reviews, but it would be nice to know what chris and the gang think of it ;-)
  19. king of swing

    New Babolat Pure Drive and Babolat "R" string

    did you happen to see a name on the new babolats? or are they just going to be called pure drives? Look like bobablot is trying to get into the pro red code buisness w/ a red poly
  20. king of swing

    Dunlop 200 4D 16x19 comments please

    yup I put it up as my background :)
  21. king of swing

    Dunlop 200 4D 16x19 comments please

    ^^ those are amazing pics... i might even put them up as backgrounds
  22. king of swing

    Actual Head Sizes of Various Racquets (detailed analysis)

    I have got to say that is the most inventive use of AutoCad I have ever seen. How did you say you scaned those rackets? just on a regular flat-bed scanner?. Oh and there is a program with the AutoDesk, where the instructor signs up and the students get a free copy of any software for free for...
  23. king of swing

    Favourite Posters?

    Drakulie/NBMJ :D supermario lendl and federer fan craig clark J0llyroger oh and Tokyopunk and Fedace allways make me smile They are deff. some of the most interesting posters here. especialy the drakulie and NBMJ conflict
  24. king of swing

    What month were you born in?

    august! the first one here too
  25. king of swing

    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    I stand in amazement
  26. king of swing

    Hi thar

    ^^ its kinda sad that you 1. Started a thread that is completly useless (doesnt get your post count up and doesnt "stick it to the man"). 2. You actually know that this train thing was a web meme ( I didnt) and you talk in webspeak. ie. the "lrn2internetsplz"
  27. king of swing

    TT singles meet their TT Valentines Here:

    Valentines day was created to occupy the time of the masses! It was created to make men suffer! And women insanly jealous of everything! ... who am I kidding I am as much of a sap as the next guy. haha ;-)
  28. king of swing

    Hi thar

    That good for you but guess what...... This thread is now about TRAINS (bullet trains to be specific)!!! (sorry to whoever started the who "train" thing but I couldnt resist!)
  29. king of swing

    the new wilson sampras bag ! >>>>>>>

    Crazy. Im going there next year. what are you majoring in? are you on the team there? you like it? haha ok ill stop with the questions.
  30. king of swing

    the new wilson sampras bag ! >>>>>>>

    I live in schiller park actually. right by O'hare. I go to East Leyden high school. Yeah, palatine schools us every time... we do have long matches with them though. I remember last time we played them, once I was finished with my match I played a challenge match and did some seve practice...