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    karl vich is so old that he was drinking nadal's primordial soup for energy sustenance. there was so much energy that he grew to 6 foot 20 and began serve-botting bombs on the developing creatures of earth thanks 4 reading
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    Physicist Brian Greene blew my mind

    why does being something of a realist need a "however"? QM interpretation seems to still be a wide open book. just about every flavor of philosophical foundation has been in, and continues to be in the mix. sean carroll has been spamming his fondness of the everrettian interpretation on his...
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    Physicist Brian Greene blew my mind

    didn't einstein propose the concept of a quantized electromagnetic field? i thought einstein was the one who highlighted entanglement as an implied feature of QM to the oblivious copenhagen orthodoxy at the time? he seemed like he had a lot of good contributions and critique to the development...
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    Scary virus from China

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    Computer is sometime freezing up ??

    fact: coronavirus has mutated into a level 5 computer virus and is now infecting computers across the flat earth. it is advisable to watch some youtube videos on metal forging and to learn to create a homemade forge and smelt your computer in it to destroy the virus. the precious metals can be...
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    How old would you like to live to be?

    420 years
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    FO2020 Python Script

    if 'feder' not in choices : CIA.reported
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    Are you superstitious with outfit and performance of your favourite?

    there are some things that will always be true in this universe
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    you can find mathematical or numerical significance in any date. that means you have to celebrate and party every day
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    Unbelievable Chinese email

    #include <stdio.h> n=1; int main() { while(n=1){ printf("b"); printf("a"); printf("n"); printf("\n"); printf("n"); printf("a"); printf("d"); printf("a"); printf("l"); printf("\n"); } return 0; } thats why they pay me the...
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    Scary virus from China

    how many more ppl does the virus have to infect b4 ATP finally BANNS nadalph???
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    Guy does Nadal, Kyrgios & Murray impersonations

    careful, mods deleted the thread i created with this video. better watch your back
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    Do vibration dampeners really do anything?

    it's pretty obvious they do something. you can hear an audible difference with and without one. many people can feel a vibration difference with and without one. vibrations on the string bed are changing in some way and to some extent due to the dampener. whether buying a djokovic smiley face...
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    yes tied with fedr. poll is reporded thanks
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    A Horese named Nadal

    ⬆️ thats rafal ⬆️
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    Dimitrov onesie?

    dimitry grabbing the first thing off the thrift shop shelf
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    Roger Federer is the greatest of all time according to l'Equipe

    hell yea shltpost sundays, right here on tt forum
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    this backhand reaches on 4,5 level

    orange man good
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    What's with the Hand wave in front of the Face gesture?

    the bottom is just calc 3 busy work. rogi's hand motion is a complex wave function described through hilbert space that has to be renormalized to avoid infinities. they have top people working on it
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    What's with the Hand wave in front of the Face gesture?

    also what with the deal with the net in the middle of the court? it just seem to get in the way of the ball. also what the deal with the spaniard grunter fella? it just seem like that guy should be banned or penalized 15 slams
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    Nadal: "Sometimes people from some countries don’t understand tennis"

    its no secret to the stadium management that nadal is a pyromaniac, frequently setting stadiums on fire after he looses in them. they employ a fire department crew to douse the flames after each nadal match so we should ask ourselfs, where was the nadal during these australian fires thanks...
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    what if a tennis company comes out named "King"? chessmate, prince