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    Rethorical question: Would Fed defeat Djokovic at 2009 RG?

    Kohlscreiber beat Novak in straights at RG that year. Then again, Haas just about took out Fed in 4th Rd iirc, but Fed likely played tight vs. Haas since Rafa had been put out by Sods. I’d say Fed would’ve won.
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    A Sad Realization for a Thiem Fan

    and thiem got chokey on some returns —bh and fh—late the match.... it’s not only his bh dtl execution but also his shot selection issues. He hits it when he’s behind in the score when it’s not exactly clicking and that’s not smart.
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    Who is the favorite for RG this year?

    Uhhhh... you mean the player who served him breakfast products in sets 1 & 3 in Rome Final 2019 LMAOROFL. Insert facepalm meme here.
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    Who is the favorite for RG this year?

    Hilarious post.... now back to reality.
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    Nadal's draw is the easiest one yet.

    I don’t see Nadal’s draw as easy in the very least. PCB in 3rd rd could, and I emphasize “could” take something out of Rafa, & then either K. Khachanov or Kyrgios could do the same—-Kyrgios always dangerous, unpredictable, and very talented whereas a KKhach matchup would/could be extremely...
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    What do you tell yourself in a match when the going gets tough?

    DANIELSON!!! Sandah floor. Paint fence. Wax onnnn, wax offfff. Focus power into one stroke. First learn balance, then learn fly. Your opponent, beginner luck.
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    Is Djokovic 2007 and 2008 season overlooked

    Fed would’ve won imo with his variety and youth. Look at what happened in 2011 when Novak was a machine....
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    Is Djokovic 2007 and 2008 season overlooked

    correction: I was referring to the 07 IW Final betw Rafa & Novak
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    Is Djokovic 2007 and 2008 season overlooked

    Novak 08 was darn good, as we have well established and just happen to fall short against Fed and Nadal on the big stages with the exceptions already noted, some of which were the AO semi over Fed, Novak’s unbelievable run in Canada Masters, and his WTF win. Novak’s win vs. Nadal in Miami was...
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    Is Djokovic 2007 and 2008 season overlooked

    That Hamburg semi where Novak and Rafa played for the No. 2 ranking may have been 2008....
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    Is Djokovic 2007 and 2008 season overlooked

    Although things REALLY changed after the clay season among the top three at the time, but iirc, the Hamburg 2007 semi between Novak & Rafa was literally for the No. 2 ranking..... Cuz I remember being nervous and then elated at Nadal’s masterclass in that match, eventually going on to beat Fed...
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    What are ex-Barricade users using?

    I’m hardly a supreme example of an ex-barricade user given that I used the 3’s for a while and loved em but was not super happy with the 4’s. I went to Nike Ballistics until they pooped out. Last nt I ordered some Diadora Speed Comp 5 AG’s— though Is try em out. I did use and grew to love...
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    2002 & 2020

    The spirit of the OP kind of strictly aligns with a convo I had yesterday on the court. My hitting partner and I were basically agreeing that there are many different real contenders plus a few wild cards and then the LostGens who are still around... conventional wisdom perhaps would suggest...
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    Thiem and the case of being so close yet so far.

    Thiem now has the game to majors imho. As a Nadal fan, I admit that the scheduling at the 2019 FO favored Rafa. Had Thiem been fresh, it could’ve gone to 5. Thiem’s recent huge indoor wins, seeming to have Joker’s number, and the quality of his play also support the idea that he is ready...
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    2009 AO Nadal.....

    Yeah, Djoker beat Murray (who had the edge near the end) 7-5 in the fifth of 2012 semi with 1 day of rest and then Nadal in that marathon.
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    2009 AO Nadal.....

    Really appreciate the vids here. It takes me back to that time when you weren’t sure if Nadal would conquer la pista dura. The physicality and “video game like defense” as someone put it was extraordinary as well as his ridiculous prime quickness. This match does indeed put on display...
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    CORRECTION: I’m thinking big here I realize....
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    While I’d love to get that second AO & reach 20 at the same time, another channel slam would tickle me fancy, which would give Rafa 3 majors in all surfaces. The way he’s been looking lately on the faster surFACES, his chances down under and at SW13 may rival his chances for a 14th French...
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    sick timing of those ferocious fearhands in video.
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    After finding/reading this thread quite a bit, I started using Kev/Zyex high differential setups almost 3 years ago. As a big topspin, heavy hitting 4.5 full poly/copoly user for almost 10 years with a Babolat APD, I developed some serious tennis elbow (due mainly to self-taught strokes &...
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    The YE#1 race and potential RR tanking

    hate to say but agreed nadal won’t take chances if there’s any doubt with abdominal strain. After all, serving on this surFACE is paramount to his chances to win matches. very disappointing.
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    Closest current equivalent to James Blake?

    The main common denominator I see between Shapo and Blake is their tactical approach ( at least thus far with the 21-year old Shapo). The OP sought to identify an modern day “equivalent” to the James Blake game and didn’t specify whether or not he meant stroke production or tactics. I happen...
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    Closest current equivalent to James Blake?

    As a few posters said, Shapo for sure, despite being lefty and having a heavy, big spin type fh, has basically the same purely offensive tactics. I’ve honestly likened Shapovalov’s game to Blake’s for a while now. No willingness to play D, no plan B, same basic pace of shot, when on can be...
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    Rafa's grunt length: Did I imagine this?

    Slamless Souza & Ferrer have much later and longer grunts... Oh wait.
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    Nadal-Thiem vs Nadal-Medvedev

    interesting matches to compare. both epics that involved comebacks and same stadium, but like others said, 1/4 vs. a final makes last night’s final much more significant. That there was a bagel set should in no way, shape, form, or fashion detract from his epicness imo. Nadal wasn’t playing...
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    This final is shockingly bad to watch. Tennis will die when Federer retires. Everyone will just watch his highlights on YouTube.

    I disagree with the wood rackets part, banning polys for pros would do wonders for the game. Baseball banned aluminum bats and golf banned some equipment too but I don’t know/recall what it was.
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    Is Medvedev the best mover among guys over 6’3?

    Paire is good call. Nick Kyrgios is 6’4” and rather agile. both more agile than Medhead. Medvedev’s range and consistency coupled with his anticipation allows ‘em to gobble up court. Safin at 6’4, I thought, was very quick, talented, and freakishly athletic, but injuries and low motivation...
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    Flexier alternative 2 Pure Drive w/ same specs?? Please advise!

    Thanks for all the suggestions. He went with the Clash 100 after I sent him that one, a Prince Beast and a Beast with the ports. Seems to like it.