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  1. pabloJD

    Comparison of men's singles Slams by country

    Russia has 4 (2 Kafelnikov + 2 Safin)
  2. pabloJD

    Date Krumm beats Stosur...LMAO

    Well, I don't know about Sampras, but we have Thomas Muster trying a comeback now. He's 3 years older than Kimiko, but he is a former #1 and GS champion. He's compiled a 1-6 record so far and is #985 in the rankings:
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    two tourneys at once

    That rule applies for all level of tournaments, but Surbiton and Queens were not played on the same week of the calendar. Quallies are generally played at the same time as deciding rounds of tournaments from the previous week
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    Harder to Achieve? Grand Slam Final or ATP Masters 1000 Title

    And Sebastien Grosjean. Other GS finalist with no Masters 1000 title: Arnaud Clement.
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    Gaudio playing BA Challenger

    Gaudio's strikes are intact. His backhand is still great and his forehand has also been very good this week. Really fun to watch. On the down side, he's double faulting and foot faulting a lot. And he's noticeably slower. Zeballos-Gaudio in the final tomorrow.
  6. pabloJD

    Should GS champions be eligible to play at the championships without reaching top 8 ?

    Yes, and that has become redundant with the new points scale. If you win a slam, you get 2000 points and the current #20 player, Tommy Haas, has 1780 points.
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    Is Del Potro the biggest hitter of all time?

    Joachim Johansson has HUGE forehand and serve, altough his backhand is not as powerful as Del Potro's
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    Whos the next upcoming superstar?

    I have hopes for Federico Del Bonis (pictured in my avatar). Top 250 at 18 years old.
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    US Open Qualifying Tournament

    It seems that Mardy Fish is out and Rui Machado is in as a lucky loser.
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    US Open Qualifying Tournament

    It must be a good one then :cool: I've been using it for about a year but I'm not posting very often lately It's time I change it , anyways
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    US Open Qualifying Tournament

    Yes, but there are players with protected rankings. In this case, Chela and Pavel.
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    US Open Qualifying Tournament

    The original cut was #102, and ended up being #108 after withdrawals. Thomaz was #117 (that was before adding the 250+12 points from Gstaad - you were right, Love Gome, he got those 12 extra points for qualifying for the main draw) ... 100 Cipolla, Flavio ITA 99 101 Odesnik, Wayne USA 100...
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    Name miss-pronunciation

    Seems wrong. That would be Rafeiel Nadal or something like that in Spanish.
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    Who are your favorite players outside of the top 50?

    Fognini, Monaco, Gulbis, Baghdatis, Schwank (but he's playing horrible right now)...
  15. pabloJD

    How many of the top 100 could you identify?

    89 from the top 100. I wouldn't recognize Sela, Lu, Devilder (although I saw him play against Hartfield), Garcia-Lopez, Phau, Zverev, Minar, Andujar, Reynolds, Granollers and Istomin. In fact, I have just seen a picture of Istomin for the first time.
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    IW women price money bigger than for men

    Yes, the money is about the same (about $5K difference). I also prefer men's formula (for money AND for points too).
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    What is the ATP doing with Davis Cup ranking points?

    Yes, of course you're right about that. But since 31 Dec 09 is not even a Monday, I don't know if that's very reliable. The ATP Rulebook is not very clear about that topic (at all). The idea I'm getting of it is that the DC result will be a permanent result that will go up and down after each...
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    What is the ATP doing with Davis Cup ranking points?

    I guess points from Davis Cup final will fall off the week after Paris Indoors the following year, just like the masters cup, so they will last 49 weeks. Then they'll be replaced the week after that year's DC final is played. So, DC final could decide the year-end #1. But it's just a guess...
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    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

    1999 Davis Cup - Venezuela vs Argentina Guillermo Cañas (70) was leading Maurice Ruah (171) 6-3 6-3 5-0 and ended up losing 3-6 3-6 7-6 6-3 6-3. That was tough.
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    Least career titles for 1st time GS winner?

    And Jan Kodes, French Open 1970.
  21. pabloJD

    Memphis 500

    You're right! Didn't remember that one. They lost to Brzezicki/Calleri 76 63 in R1.
  22. pabloJD

    Memphis 500

    Almost! This one wins by an inch: Surbiton, Great Britain June 4-10, 2007 First Round Wayne Arthurs/Samuel Querrey (AUS/USA) d. Juan Martin del Potro/Ivo Karlovic (ARG/CRO) 6-4 7-6(3)
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    Performance Ratings

    That is impressive!
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    Top 10 ranking changes as of QF

    Updated list: 1 ( 1) Nadal, Rafael 12980* 2 ( 2) Federer, Roger 11000* 3 ( 3) Djokovic, Novak 9010 4 ( 4) Murray, Andy 7360 5 ( 5) Davydenko, Nikolay 5030 6 ( 9) Roddick, Andy 4510 7 ( 6) Del Potro, Juan Martin 4350 8 ( 8] Simon, Gilles 4170 9 (15) Verdasco, Fernando 3480* 10 (11)...
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    Top 10 ranking changes as of QF

    You're right about Soderling and Ferrer. I gave them points from one round earlier. I think Gonzalez is OK. He loses the points from AO AND Viña del Mar.
  26. pabloJD

    Top 10 ranking changes as of QF

    I get Tsonga at #13... 1 ( 1) Nadal, Rafael 12980* 2 ( 2) Federer, Roger 10520* 3 ( 3) Djokovic, Novak 9010 4 ( 4) Murray, Andy 7360 5 ( 5) Davydenko, Nikolay 5030 6 ( 9) Roddick, Andy 4510* 7 ( 6) Del Potro, Juan Martin 4350 8 ( 8] Simon, Gilles 4170 9 (15)...
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    ATP 250: Qatar Open (Doha) Jan. 5-10

    I wonder why this tournament is ATP 250 instead of 500, with such players in the draw and $1,049,000 in prizes. If Murray defends the title, he'll still lose 250 points in the rankings.
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    Post pics of the WORST fashion here.

    This is my favourite from Bethanie
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    Roddick Pulls Out With Ankle Injury

    Players take $50,000 just for being alternates. The participation fee is $50,000 for 1 match, $75,000 for 2 matches, $100,000 for 3 matches. In round robin, they get $100,000 per match won. Then, $300,000 for winning SF. And $600,000 for winning the final.
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    Who is best/worst at Challenges

    That's not really true, because players challenge some calls even when they think they're correct but they have a very slight doubt. So it's not 50/50. Ljubicic used to win a lot of challenges (and matches too)