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  1. WildRevolver

    If 40-15 had happened against Nadal, is the narrative the same?

    First off, I have always felt that 40-15 gets talked about way too much. I don't see it as a legacy altering moment at all. With that said, the narrative, at least on TT, is that Fed choked hard in that game. It's always bothered me that nobody gives Djokovic credit (and I'm hardly a Joker fan)...
  2. WildRevolver

    A part of me really likes the idea of Rafa and Roger finishing in a tie

    ...and leaving the GOAT discussion to the eye of the beholder. The argument will rage on by both fan bases: Rafa with the head-to-head, most dominant surface, winning h2h at AO and FO; Fed with more USO, AO and Wimbledon championships, etc. In a way, I can't think of a more fitting end to the...