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  1. WildRevolver

    Chris Fowler is a blathering fool.

    I can’t stand Fowler. He’s an ass who either lets his bias ruin moments or he gets bored with a match after 4 games and defaults to the Big 3 debate with Mac.
  2. WildRevolver

    I'm ready for Nadal to be the Greatest

    I agree on the athlete part, but this argument will never reach a consensus -- and I kind of like it that way. It's taken me years, but I like Roger and Novak now. Rafa is still my favorite athlete I've had the pleasure of watching in real-time (Muhammad Ali is still #1), but these three guys...
  3. WildRevolver

    AO court speed is absolutely ridiculous

    This place is never happy with the surface of any event. Did you guys ever compete in sports? No field, arena or court is the same. You get there, you adapt your game and go. Best man wins.
  4. WildRevolver

    Djoko second serve!

    He won 69 percent on his second serve. To me, Nadal has to fix that if he will ever beat him off of clay again.
  5. WildRevolver

    Nadal News 2.0

    So Nadal hurt himself a week before the AO?
  6. WildRevolver

    Nadal News 2.0

    Djokovic won nearly 70 percent on his SECOND serve. That has to change.
  7. WildRevolver

    When it's all said and done at the ATP Cup

    Okay, but how about 2 USO’s?
  8. WildRevolver

    Djokovic takes MTO for elbow during ATP Cup doubles

    Remind me, is this the same elbow he had surgery on? Or was that a different part of his arm?
  9. WildRevolver

    Nadal's kits are GOATY af :D

    More green, please.
  10. WildRevolver

    Nadal to lose RG and win W/USO?

    How is his clay dominance cracking? Because masters events going to best of 3 sets instead of 5 giving others a prayer? Well, the FO is still formatted in a way that forces someone to beat him in 3 sets. Nothing I saw last year or the year before looked like cracking. Ask Fed.
  11. WildRevolver

    2019 ATP Final RR: [2] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Roger Federer

    It's a tennis match. Unforced errors happen.
  12. WildRevolver

    2019 ATP Final RR: [2] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Roger Federer

    Wow. Who the hell can beat him when he's playing like this. Incredible. Go Rog!
  13. WildRevolver

    Rafa is interesting with back against the wall

    Using top spin to a righty’s backhand against the rules now?
  14. WildRevolver

    Favorite poaster of each fanbase?

    Nadal: WildRevolver
  15. WildRevolver

    If 40-15 had happened against Nadal, is the narrative the same?

    First off, I have always felt that 40-15 gets talked about way too much. I don't see it as a legacy altering moment at all. With that said, the narrative, at least on TT, is that Fed choked hard in that game. It's always bothered me that nobody gives Djokovic credit (and I'm hardly a Joker fan)...
  16. WildRevolver

    Top 3 of each shot

    It’s amazing Rafa ever won anything based on the OP’s assessment.
  17. WildRevolver

    A question for the Maestronians

    Not sure what you saw. He completely outplayed Djokovic that match. Novak never won a set without a tiebreak.
  18. WildRevolver

    A question for the Maestronians

    I’m 100% Nadal but appreciate Roger. However, blowing 40-15 in that situation is akin to losing a one run lead with one out in the 9th inning of baseball. Unlikely to happen, but far from extraordinary anomaly.
  19. WildRevolver

    A question for the Maestronians

    40-15 gets talked about way too much around here.
  20. WildRevolver

    Fed's Wimby Story

    Definitely. Looks like his foot slipped as he came down, preventing him from breaking up the impact. Btw, as a huge Bret fan, WM 9 still pisses me off. Thanks for nothing, Hogan.
  21. WildRevolver

    At least 1 Grand Slam should be on a fast indoor court like Laver Cup's

    I thought LC played like a slower surface than the USO.
  22. WildRevolver

    Medvedev reaches 5th finale in a row. Has this feat been done before by non-slammers?

    Except it wasn’t and instead was quite entertaining.