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  1. skraggle

    RobFL: Quality seller in all respects

    Seller not only hooked me up with a killer deal, but the communication was seamless and the shipping timely. Could not ask for more. Thanks RobFL!
  2. skraggle

    Prince Warrior Oversize Discontinued Permanently?

    Hi TW- Just wanted to see if you will be bringing back the Warrior OS, or if the ride has finally ended. Appreciate it...
  3. skraggle

    Guardian: Flawless deal

    Great guy to deal with. Items exactly as promised, well packed, shipped same day payment sent. Thanks Guardian!
  4. skraggle

    WTB: Volkl V-Engine Mid

    Hey all- Looking for a few extra Volkl VE mids. Any grip size ok, although 3/8 and 1/2 better. Let me know what you have and what you are looking to get for them. Please note: Will need to be shipped internationally, and I will of course be absorbing all additional costs. Thanks! skraggle @...
  5. skraggle

    Prince Warrior MPs 1/2 grip

    Hi all- My rapidly aging self is moving to the comforting ease of the Warrior MP, so I am looking to pick up some additional backup frames (have a pair currently). Seller must be willing to ship international. As a point of reference, these sell for $79.00 new at TW... Thanks!
  6. skraggle

    Doyle Overman is terrific

    Doyle made me a great deal, shipped it fast, and described the stick perfectly. You can't go wrong with a seller this good!
  7. skraggle

    Favor to ask: Can someone take photo of writing on Lux M2?

    A friend gave me a couple of sticks to string for him and a reel of Lux M2, but something feels off about the string. If possible, I would appreciate someone taking a picture of the lettering on a confirmed real set of M2 so I can compare the two. Thanks, skraggle the favor asker
  8. skraggle

    Red Baron great to deal with

    Sold him a stick a while back. No waffling, just asked a few questions and pulled the trigger. Fast pay, great communication, my kind of buyer!
  9. skraggle

    FS: Wilson Backpack bag

    Hey there- Selling a nice shape Wilson backpack. 8.5 easy. It's very a tasteful solid light black/grey color, and has a lot of compartments and such. Well built. Can provide photos. $15 plus actual price shipping takes it. Paypal only. skraggle @
  10. skraggle

    FS: Yonex Ultimum RD ti-80 5/8

    7.75 condition. Comes with new grommet set. $30 plus actual price shipping and it will be in your hands soon. Paypal only. Thanks! skraggle @ yahoo .com
  11. skraggle

    Gamma Ipex 7.0 MP 5/8 $20

    Stick is in 8.5 condition. $20 plus actual price shipping shipping makes it yours. Paypal only. Thanks! skraggle @ yahoo .com
  12. skraggle

    FS: Prince Pro Team 100 six pack

    Really nice condition. One of the highest quality bags I've seen. $30 plus actual price shipping and it's yours. Paypal only. Thanks! skraggle @ yahoo .com
  13. skraggle

    FS: Wilson Six Pack Red

    Nice shape. I'd say 8.5. Has heat insulation lining. I especially like the wide racquet compartment with 2-sided zipper flap. $20 plus ship. Paypal only. Thanks! skraggle @ yahoo .com
  14. skraggle

    FS: Prince Warrior MP 5/8

    Racquet is an 8.5+. No scrapes or dings, just a little dingy like all Warriors get. $35 brings it home. Ship actual price through Priority Mail. Thanks! skraggle @
  15. skraggle

    FS: Alpha Viper Balance Beam

    $15. Nice shape, well designed, half price of new one. Will ship actual cost via USPS Priority mail. skraggle @
  16. skraggle

    Kot Bigemot: Great to trade with

    We did a string swap, and he communicated great, was more than fair on the deal, and shipped quickly. Looking forward to dealing with him again...
  17. skraggle

    Don S: None better

    Don responded quickly, shipped even faster, and rated the stick very conservatively. All in all, one of the best transactions I've had here on TT, and after more than a hundred of them, that's saying something. Thanks, Don!
  18. skraggle

    TT Doofus Awards

    I see some pretty ridiculous statements posted on these boards, and I think they need to be saved and studied for generations to come. Think of it as the Darwin Awards where they only thing that dies is dignity. When you find an idiotic comment (and no, this post doesn't count), paste it here...
  19. skraggle

    Tour 10 Gen II mid?

    Does this racquet really exist? Or have the fumes from the plastics factory below my apartment finished their grisly task? Pray tell, good fellows!
  20. skraggle

    Nice deal with Pro_Tour_630

    Racquet came as described, shipped next business day, and deal was nice and fair. Thanks again, MC!
  21. skraggle


    Grabbed a couple of luscious sticks from this gentleman. Communication was immediate, deal was more than fair, shipping was super fast, and sticks were as described. Very pleased and you will be, too.
  22. skraggle

    FS: Gamme Ipex 7.0 MP-5/8-8.75

    Nice shape Gamma Ipex 7.0 MP. One small run mark on head, otherwise very clean. $30 plus ship. Paypal only. Thanks!
  23. skraggle

    SOY78: Excellent seller in all respects

    Serge responded quickly, shipped fast, and sent a stick that was better than described. Can't imagine a better deal. Thanks!
  24. skraggle

    FS/FT: Yonex Ultimum RD Ti-80-5/8-7.0+

    Selling a Yonex RD Ti-80 in fair shape. I'd rate it at 7.0+. Chips and scuffs, some of which will be fixed by the included new grommet. 5/8 grip. $40 plus shipping. Will also work trade for Volkl Gen 2 sticks and grommets. Paypal only. Thanks!
  25. skraggle

    FS/FT: Prince Warrior MP-8.75-5/8 grip

    Selling a Prince Warrior MP in great shape. I'd rate it at 8.75. This is a very maneuverable stick and is particularly good for serve and volley. $50 plus shipping. Will also work trade for Volkl Gen 2 sticks and grommets. Paypal only. Thanks!
  26. skraggle

    FS/FT: POG OS single stripe w/bumper-8.75-5/8

    Selling a Prince POG OS in really sweet shape. I'd rate it at 8.75, which is hard to find condition for a stick that's been around this long. This is the first-gen single stripe with a 5/8 grip, a short bumper, and a more open string pattern. The heavy topspin this thing generates is insane, but...
  27. skraggle

    FS/FT: Wilson Prostaff Largehead St. Vincent

    Selling one Wilson Largehead Prostaff in good condition and a 5/8 grip. I'd rate this 8.0, with just a few nicks here and there and scuffs to the headguard. $30 plus shipping. Will also work trade for Volkl Gen 2 sticks and grommets. Paypal only. Thanks!
  28. skraggle

    FS/FT: Prince CTS Graduate 90-5/8-7.0

    Selling a Prince CTS Graduate 90 in good shape. Wear, scuffs around head, but very solid and ready for a better player. Too heavy for me, but KILLER topspin and great feel. $40 plus shipping. Will also work trade for Volkl Gen 2 sticks and grommets. Paypal only. Thanks!
  29. skraggle

    Sweet deal with AlohaCinco

    Grabbed a couple sticks from him that were rated 8.5 but were much more like 9.0. Packed well, good communication, cool to do biz with. Thanks!
  30. skraggle

    F/S: Dunlop Aerogel 100 5/8-9/10

    Selling a very clean Aerogel 100 in a 5/8 grip. Freshly strung with Gosen 16. $55.00 plus shipping. Paypal only. Feel free to ask questions or request photos. Thanks!