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  1. TW Staff

    2020 Wilson Tour Tennis Bag Inquiry

    A new "Ultra" Bag launched, but it is the same as the previous "Tour" Bags. Wilson Ultra Blue 9 Pack Bag Michelle, TW
  2. TW Staff

    Any news on new TF TFights?

    JeffG, Nothing official from Tecnifibre yet on our end. Brittany, TW
  3. TW Staff

    PT57A Re-Released?

    Stay tuned for a launch in the next couple months! :p Brittany, TW
  4. TW Staff

    Over grips

    bigdaddy, Maybe the new Dry Grap grips that launched at the end of last year? Thanks, Brittany, TW
  5. TW Staff

    Wilson Clash Tour/Pro models 2020

    atatu, Yes, Wilson is making a running change this year, from Tour to Pro. I checked our stock in our CA warehouse and for the most part, we have all Tour labelled racquets. However, I would recommend calling in to place your order and letting the customer service rep know you are looking for...
  6. TW Staff

    Tennis Warehouse Quarantine Check-In: Best Pro Tennis Matches that Made History (According to the Lefties)

    ➤Listen: ➤ITUNES: ➤SPOTIFY: ➤STITCHER: What else would...
  7. TW Staff

    New head speed racquets

    Sorry for the delay! Review is now live: Brittany, TW
  8. TW Staff

    Question for Michelle: Replacement for Wilson Pro Staff RF 97

    @callaway, Nice! Hope you find a winner! I also have never really been a huge Prestige fan myself, so I know the feeling. It definitely took some time to come to terms with the fact that I was really appreciating everything the racquet was doing for me and my game and I've started to come...
  9. TW Staff

    Hi TW. question about asking to buy on an existing thread.. please read

    danbrenner, I can definitely clarify. All posts regarding buying/selling of tennis equipment must be made only in the Classifieds section (this includes profile posts). You can not post in a thread in the racquets forum asking some to pm if they have a racquet as we would consider that (buying...
  10. TW Staff

    Question for Michelle: Replacement for Wilson Pro Staff RF 97

    @callaway, Great question, and I'm hoping I have the answer for you as I've been hitting a bunch with a racquet that feels like an "easier" version of the RF97 (to me). All of the racquets you mentioned are great and have more feel and a flexible, thinner beam -- so if that is something you...
  11. TW Staff

    Völkl Socks

    1stVolley, It looks like the last time we carried Volkl socks was in 2018. It looks like Volkl does not make them anymore. However, I will look into it and pass along your feedback to our buyer. Thanks, Brittany, TW
  12. TW Staff

    Rafa shorts

    We have ordered several colors wristbands: royal pulse, ghost green, laser orange, sunblush, laser crimson, laser crimson headbands: royal pulse, blackened blue, laser crimson, laser orange However, I don't know if/when these will arrive. Thanks, Tiffani, TW
  13. TW Staff

    Rafa shorts

    @Babolast - I don't think so. Thanks, Tiffani, TW
  14. TW Staff

    Question for Troy: New Pure Aero VS and Current Pure Strike.

    @Karma Tennis, The Pure Aero VS is definitely worth considering. It definitely plays more like a Pure Aero/AeroPro Drive, with added precision, and added ball feel. Since he is accustomed to the feel of the AeroPro Drive, the Pure Aero VS would likely be and easy transition, while gaining added...
  15. TW Staff

    Rafa shorts

    There's a Cage 4 color also releasing on the 8th...
  16. TW Staff

    Playtest Deadline

    Hello jangotango, The deadline has been extended. You are on time! Thanks, Jon
  17. TW Staff

    Rafa shorts

    Yes, we actually have those in stock right now, but they are scheduled for an April 8 release. Thanks, Tiffani, TW
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    ICYMI: Bethanie Mattek-Sands Shoe Playtest

    @Tennis sprew, She gets her shoes from Tennis Warehouse. :) Definitely hasn't been wearing Fila shoes (nor apparel). She has her own line with Lucky in Love and then wears the shoes she likes best and playtests them just like anyone else would, so she is picking the best option for her...
  19. TW Staff

    Solinco Confidential stats?

    Hello Addxyz, The Tennis Warehouse University Professor has updated the database. It's the 16/1.30mm. Jon
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    The Little Giant (Danielle Lao) Proves Her Aspirations On and Off the Tennis Court are Anything But Small

    TW: Spotify: Stitcher: We check in with Southern California's very own Danielle Lao to see...
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    ICYMI: Bethanie Mattek-Sands Shoe Playtest

    Enjoy! TW Staff
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    TW Europe okay?

    @jelichek Yes! TWE is good and we've all been in regular contact with them! Many employees are working remote as there are pretty severe lockdowns in place in Europe as well, but they are still doing just fine :) I think what you are noting is the fact that they don't often pre-sell anything...
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    Best Sellers

    A_Instead, A best selling racquet would be a racquet that has some of the most units sold within its brand and sometimes within the family of racquets. There isn't a specific amount that has to be sold to designate a racquet as a best seller if that makes sense. Thanks, Brittany, TW
  24. TW Staff

    For Brittany: will you make the switch?

    Jonack, Great question! The Pure Aero VS was definitely one of the racquets that I was playtesting that stopped me from automatically switching to the new EZONE 100 update. It definitely wasn't love at first sight but the more I hit with it, the more I started to really see its potential and...
  25. TW Staff

    Head Lynx Review Video is down

    Hi GuttaPercha, Unfortunately our music license has run it's course on the video and we are no longer able to have it public. We hope to redo this content with a fresh take and post a new video soon. Thanks, Brittany, TW
  26. TW Staff

    Babolat Aero 112

    tennistiger, It does not appear TWE will be getting in the new Aero 112. However, I will follow up with their hard goods buyer and update this thread when I hear back. UPDATE: I heard back and they are not expecting an update at this time. Thanks, Brittany, TW
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    Great string deals happening NOW!
  28. TW Staff

    Yonex ezone 98+ 2020

    Maverick13, We have not heard anything official yet from Yonex. Thanks, Brittany, TW
  29. TW Staff

    VCORE 95 update?

    CiscoPC600, We have not heard anything yet from Yonex. If I were to guess, I would expect an update end of this year, beginning of next year depending on how things go. Thanks, Brittany, TW
  30. TW Staff

    Nike Men's Winter Heritage T-Shirt

    I would recommend sticking with your medium size. It runs slightly loose and long, but it is 100% cotton so I would allow for the garment to shrink a little bit in the wash. Thanks, Tiffani, TW