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  1. Cashman

    Is Djokovic superstitious about bread?

    Maybe this is common knowledge but I am out of the loop. I always knew Djokovic claims to be gluten intolerant or celiac or whatever, but I had never heard the story of his diagnosis: Does Djokovic really believe that being in the presence of bread products saps his bodily energy? If so that...
  2. Cashman

    Hot Singles In Your Area!

    How do you guys deal with extreme heat? I was scheduled to play a late afternoon match in 42°C (107°F) the other day. Apparently whoever set up the rules didn't think to put a heat rule in because it wasn't a daytime competition. I refused anyway and took a forfeit. What's the hottest your...
  3. Cashman

    How long is reasonable between a first and second serve?

    Someone chipped me about this the other night, and I was wondering what is reasonable. I know the rules say "without delay" but that's a bit vague. Because I S&V a lot in singles, I do sometimes tend to have a bit of a gap after hitting a fault. Firstly because I have usually started to follow...
  4. Cashman

    Playing Doubles Below Your Level

    So, I'm playing in a new competition and have been badly underranked. I'm expecting to get bumped up at the first opportunity on the basis of my singles results. Looking on the bright side, I am trying to take this as an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone in doubles and work on some...
  5. Cashman

    Di Minaur - Smartest Player on Tour? Just won Atlanta without facing a single break point in the entire tournament. Dropped a mere seven points on first serve all week. An incredible performance for a dude who has no weapons compared to most of the top 50. Every...
  6. Cashman

    Woodies vs Bryans

    Two teams, two huge Grand Slam hauls. Who were the better doubles team? Proponents of the Bryans point to their immense resume, having won everything there is to win on the doubles circuit and broken most of the Woodies' records. Proponents of the Woodies claim that doubles circuit was...
  7. Cashman

    Court Pace Index 2019

    I don't know if you guys keep an eye on this, but the data so far this year is pretty interesting: Masters events are showing much faster speeds than last season (indeed, faster than we've seen for a few years), I wonder if...
  8. Cashman

    Your Local Club

    Just thought it might be nice to see some shots of where people play. Here is my local club: We have about 30 members and I tend to play there about once a week. We have two courts. The eastern court (far side of the photo) gets more sun, so tends to play a bit faster. Unfortunately a root...
  9. Cashman

    Your Local Club

    Wrong forum, sorry. Reposted here:
  10. Cashman

    Most Memorable Davis Cup Ties

    With the DC format being bastardised this year, I was wondering what people's most memorable ties were. As an Australian it's probably two ties against Switzerland that stand out to me: The first was the SF in 2003 - Hewitt came back from a 2 set deficit against Federer in the first reverse...
  11. Cashman

    Does doubles get respect in your area?

    I have recently joined a new club, and there is a bit of an attitude amongst the better players that "serious doubles is for people who can't play singles". Whilst I generally prefer singles, I find it is hard to beat a really high-quality doubles match with a really good partner (although...
  12. Cashman

    Finding a Good Partner

    I'm curious about how you guys go about finding a new doubles partner. My regular partner moved away a while ago, and ever since I've had a lot of trouble finding someone I have good chemistry with. I've been subbing in local doubles comps, and sussing out opponents in singles, but it's rare I...
  13. Cashman

    Most superstitious player?

    Nadal doesn't walk on lines and fiddles over his bottles. Djokovic refuses to shower in the same cubicle twice and uses a vibration dampener. Federer is obsessed with the number eight.
  14. Cashman

    Teaching a One-Handed Backhand to Juniors

    I was having a conversation the other day and we got chatting about the above topic. How do you as a coach decide whether to teach a junior a OHBH? i.e. do you base it on the age of the child, their wishes, their parents' wishes? Or do you evaluate their stroke mechanics to see which backhand...
  15. Cashman

    Most Impressive Slam Achievement?

    Just curious what people think.
  16. Cashman

    Why was Adriano Panetta so unsuccessful off clay?

    He had a big serve and was a famed net rusher, executing well enough to beat Borg at Roland Garros twice in the '70s and take the title himself in '76. Many would say he was the greatest-ever practitioner of S&V on clay courts. Yet of 26 career finals, 24 are clay. Aside from a win in Stockholm...
  17. Cashman

    Should WTA Players Serve & Volley More Often? The article puts forward the statistic that women at last year's USO won 76% of S&V points compared to 48% of baseline points. I would probably like to see more detailed statistics...
  18. Cashman

    Buying a Good Woodie

    My grasscourt club organises retro woodie days every once in a while. Being a fairly old-school S&V player I've always thought it would be fun to play. However I need a racquet and I have no idea what I'm looking for. Basically, I want something that is decent quality without being especially...
  19. Cashman

    Replacement for Volkl PB Mid

    Have played with the PB 10 Mid for many years. I just love it - so stable and hefty, but easy to swing. Perfectly suits my game - strung with poly mains and multi crosses, I get great control on my serve and volleys. I was disappointed to see that it is out of production . Can anyone suggest a...