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    Federer vs. Mantilla 2003 Rome Final

    Has anyone watched this match in full? Did Mantilla just play an amazing match or was Federer off? I’ve never watched much of Mantilla before but I heard he was great grinder in his prime. From the clips I’ve seen his one hander looks beautiful.
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    ATP Miami Tournament Experience

    I’m looking to a book a trip next year to check out the Miami tournament in March. I attended Indian Wells this past year and the experience was amazing. I’d love to do it again but the wife and I can’t make those dates work this year. I know they just recently changed the venue but can anybody...
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    Why does Nadal struggle so much with journeymen on grass?

    Why is it that guys like Brown, Muller, Rosol, Kyrgios and Darcis have all smoked Nadal multiple times on grass while Nadal was in the peak of his career in his 20’s? What is it about his game that suffers so much on grass? Is he incapable of anticipating serves within 5ft of the baseline? The...
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    Nadal’s Gamesmanship with Out

    It’s unbelievable how many times Nadal points to a ball mark and says it’s out when in fact the ball is called in by the umpire after reviewing the mark. He’s got to be the worst on the tour for this. Have any of you ever seen Nadal walk up to a ball mark for a ball that was called in and...
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    Cuevas vs. Thiem

    I think this match has the potential to be a good one. These guys have had a fair amount of close clay court battles. Anybody think Cuevas can pull off the upset? Cuevas took him down in a close one back in 2015.
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    Tsitsipas Clay Schedule

    I just read that his schedule includes Monte Carlo, Estoril, Barcelona, Rome, Madrid and the French. Is it me or does that not seem like a ridiculous schedule? I know these guys want to maximize their earnings but taking the volume approach seems unwise. If he cuts back on volume he should be...
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    Indian Wells Attendance

    Got a week off work and was considering booking a last minute trip to Indian Wells for 3-4 days. I've heard it's one of the best tournaments in the world to attend. For anyone that has attended can you please give me some advice. Am I delusional in thinking I can get basic day passes this late...
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    Has Nadal retired more than any champion in history?

    We always talk about this guys fight but has any champ retired more than this guy? Cilic, Ferrer, Del Potro, Murray etc. Why doesn’t he get called out for this more often?
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    Wanted: 2015 Babolat Pure Drive 4 3/8

    Looking for a 2015 Babolat Pure Drive 4 3/8 or Pure Drive Tour.
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    Nadal's 2018 Wimbledon Draw

    I think most of the posters on this board are aware of Nadal's questionable draws over the years at some of his weaker slams. I just want to take a second here to analyze the players that most would agree are likely to trouble him at Wimbledon. In the top 20 Djokovic, Cilic, Kyrgios and...
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    The Federer backhand flick

    Insane compilation of the Federer backhand flick on the defensive. Nobody in the history of the game pulls off these kind of shots.
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    Federer's Genius on Clay

    I know the majority of the board is missing Federer's creativity on clay so I thought I would create this thread to highlight some of his best shotmaking on the surface. The Gulbis fake from 2010 has to be one of my absolute favourites. You don't see anybody else do this kind of stuff.
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    How underrated is Federer's Madrid 2012 blue clay victory?

    It seems like we don't hear about this victory nearly as much as we should. This was a a surface that nobody was familiar with and only Federer was able to show up and adapt. While Nadal and others were whining Federer just put his head down and went to work cutting through a very tough...
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    Current Lack of New Talent in Professional Tennis

    Despite of how amazing Federer is doing and how impressive it is how sad is it that there appears to be not a single all time great player between the ages of 20-30. Tennis is an international sport and yet we have a 10 year window where there is not a single great player. I find that extremely...
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    Nadal’s struggles with James Blake

    This was a great matchup back in the day. James dominated the early encounters and even when he was well past his best at the end of his career he always pushed Nadal to deciding sets. You can definitely see that James enjoyed teeing off on Rafa. What are your thoughts on why Rafa struggled so...
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    Nadal Gonzalez 2007 AO QF

    What a fantastic performance in this match. I haven't watched this match since it happened and going back and watching highlights reminded me how awesome Gonzalez played. A peak physically conditioned number 2 seeded Nadal was absolutely laid to waste. Just wanted to hear some thoughts on this...
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    Wanted: Federer Polo Size Large

    Hi, I'm looking for the following Federer polos in a size large. Australian Open 2009 Concord Blue Australian Open 2007 Light Blue Australian Open 2010 Light Blue
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    Are fast hardcourt results the best indicator of overall racquet skills?

    Just wondering if you guys feel fast hard court results are the best indicator of hand eye coordination, shotmaking skills and overall talent with a racquet?
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    WANTED: Federer 2009, 2010 Australian Open Polo Size L

    Hello, I am looking for the following two polos in a size large in excellent condition 2009 Australian Open 2010 Australian Open If anyone has one for sale please post the condition and price.
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    Federer Trophy Jacket French Open 2011

    Looking for the Federer Trophy French Open 2011 jacket in a size L or XL in the dark red color scheme. Will pay a good price. Thanks
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    Wanted - Federer Polo Shirts Size L

    Hello, I am looking for Nike Federer polo shirts size L in excellent condition. Please post what you have and prices. Thanks
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    Watching Nadal train in Mallorca

    I am currently backpacking around Spain and will be flying to Mallorca for four days tomorrow. I thought maybe Nadal would be training at home or taking a break seeing as how the Olympics do not start for awhile. Do any of you know his training schedule or whether he would be training in...
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    Is Nadal getting owned worse than Federer use to?

    Is Nadal getting owned worse than Federer used to? Is Nadal getting beatdown worse than Federer used to? It seems as if the Nadal Djokovic matches are becoming oftly similar to the Fed Roddick matches.
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    Fish vs. Tsonga

    Who's taking this one? I think Fish is going to step up and take it to Tsonga in 4.
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    The Cinci court speed is Amazing

    I'm just watching Blake play right now and the court speed is amazing. Blake's forehand is just ripping right through Fognini. There should be more tournaments played on this style of court. Does anyone know if they are using lighter balls as well?
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    Cincinatti Camera Angle

    Does anyone else love this view? It's a nice change.
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    Is Federer in god mode the only guy that can stop Djokovic?

    We've seen guys like Nadal, Monfils, and Murray get slaughtered like cattle and Djokovic seems to be toying with anyone else. Is Federer in god mode the only guy that can that can stop Djokovic from having the greatest season in tennis history? Just how great was Fed's performance vs. Djoker at...
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    How is the Montreal Court Speed?

    I havn't had a chance to watch any matches yet. I know Toronto is brutally slow but does Montreal look like it is playing any faster? Is it at all comparable to Cinci's speed?
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    Soderling vs. Hewitt

    Anyone think Lleyton might be able to pull it off?
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    Hard to penetrate the court with Wimbledon balls

    Great interview from Fish regarding the heavy Wimbledon balls and the difficulty in penetrating the court. This doesn't fare well for Federer should he have to play Nadal who will assume his typical ball machine routine. They should implement the French Open balls here. Q. What makes grass your...